Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Last Door – Chapter 2: Memories [Walkthrough]

General information
Memories is the second chapter of TheGameKitchen’s episodic horror point-and-click adventure The Last Door. If you haven’t played the first chapter (The Letter) yet, do it! You won’t understand most of the story if you don’t. (And check out my walkthrough of the first chapter if you get stuck.) Chapter 2 features a little more adventure game puzzle logic and a little less backtracking. I try to do things in this walkthrough in an “ideal” order to keep backtracking to a minimum. That’s why some actions won’t make much sense at first.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dynetzzle Walkthrough

          Ever thought you had to fill in dice nets as a puzzle? No? Well, too bad, because that's exactly what you will be doing in this game! If you get stuck, the following guide will take you through this puzzle game named Dynetzzle by vishnuvp and earn the Spatial Brain-Bending Badge worth 15 points in the process.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Last Door – Chapter 1: The Letter Walkthrough

General information
“Headphones and dark environment recommended,” the game tells you in the beginning. Listen to that advice; it’s worth it! The Last Door by TheGameKitchen is a simple yet creepy little horror point-and-click adventure, heavily inspired by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and Howard Philipps Lovecraft. Its strong point definitely is the creepy atmosphere, thanks to some good writing, great music, excellent sound design, and pixel art which leaves more to the players’ imagination than it shows while still being explicit when it needs to.
           Of course, you can do most of the tasks in another order. But I tried to keep the backtracking to a minimum, and there is still a lot of it!

Classic point-and-click adventure: Left-click somewhere to make your avatar go there. (Prepare yourself for some seriously slow walking.) If an object is usable, the cursor changes when you move the mouse over the object. A magnifying glass mean you can look at something, a hand means you can use it or pick it up. Most stuff is only usable after you have examined it, so don’t forget to click some things twice! Your inventory is displayed in the bottom of the screen. To advance in dialogues, just click anywhere in the game screen.
          Also, there are some “accessibility options”: To enable a dyslexia-friendly font for in-game dialogue and descriptions, press 1. If you do that, the letters are “clean” and not pixelated, which makes them easier to read, but they don’t fit into the game that good anymore. You can add written descriptions of sound to the game by pressing 2. To go in and out of fullscreen mode, simply press 3.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Alter Ego [Parallel Levels Review]

          You ever try to draw the number six with your hand and make clockwise circles in the air with your leg at the same time? As weird as that may sound, Parallel Levels by Komizart will bring you that same feeling as to when you try to heavily multitask- But in a much more enjoyable way! Control your character, or rather characters, in this multitasking puzzle platformer as you navigate through the course(s) in order to reach the end(ings). You see, as the game progresses you will control more and more characters in their own separate levels, but as you control one character it affects them all. While one action in one section of the level may result in victory, you may very well end up facing a certain demise on another section of the level. Get ready to put your thinking caps on because this game will have you scratching your head in each level of this exciting new adventure.
          I had my doubts when I initially clicked on this game, I'm not going to lie. It only has slightly over 200 plays, and the developer's preloader in the beginning looked a little tacky. But then I noticed that this game was sponsored by Armor Games which means this game HAD to be of an at least decent quality. After all of the preloaders and what-not I was immediately sucked into this game. The very driving music started as I begun the first level and I found this game incredibly fun from the get-go. Any game that gets my attention so quickly isn't exactly your average flash game, I knew this game was going to be something special.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Here we go again... [Disposabot Review]

          And again, and again, and again... Don't you think that all those corpses, which are dismissed as garbage and thrown into the nothingness in other games, could actually be useful? If you don't, you'll probably have a tough time playing Unept's game, Disposabot, since dying is actually your friend in the game. A friend you'll meet at least once a level, since there's no way you're passing these ones without a help of one or more of your past selves. 

(So wait, I need to- but how do I- Dammit.)

         So, the story: you're a little blue bull-brick-thingy minding its own business, then suddenly you get abducted by a UFO controlled by a red umm... something-or-another, who is revealed to be "Dr. Nemesis", the founder of a company which creates all those rooms you despise in other platformers. I guess you know where this is going by now.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pew pew pew! [Battalion Commander 2 Review]

          This is Sergeant Lugo reporting in, enemies have been seen just a few clicks north of here. Battalion Commander 2 by IriySoft brings the heat in the form of a bullet hell action shooter game. Gain experience through playing the game over again to unlock upgrades, and collect coins along the way to purchase those upgrades. The more upgrades you have the longer you'll be able to survive on the battlefield. Rise through the ranks and complete missions to receive rewards along the way. Put on your boots soldier, and get ready for a casual yet very fun and fast paced gaming experience.
          I thought it was a bit odd that the game didn't have a tutorial level or instructions of any sort, but after starting the game you'll also find that instructions aren't necessary. Besides, there's no instruction manual for war! This game is very easy to pick up and play and has several features in it that make it addicting. The upgrade system, XP system, ability to complete missions, and collection of money all make you want to keep playing until you've reached the rank of Colonel. The fact that the game's difficultly curve works well will also make the gaming experience enjoyable as a whole.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Splat! [Action Dimension Review]

           Just when I was beginning to get sick of all of the "pay for more energy" and CCG multiplayer games, this game comes along to show me that not all multiplayer games reek of "get rich quick". Action Dimension by Odcaf brings fabreeze to the pungent smell left by the current multiplayer games on Kongregate. Create a character and roam around the world in this massive multiplayer action game. With paintball being the center focus of this game, you can also play soccer as well as hit the courts for some tennis! When you go to hang up your suit at the end of the day you can go on a shopping spree for your character, or just buy furniture for your fresh pad. Be prepared to get a few bruises in this sweet new multiplayer game, because the competition is fierce!
          This game is just darn fun, putting it plain and simple. It's a bit challenging playing paintball when you're first starting off, but running around and just shooting your opponents away is a blast! You can dodge between furniture and hunt down your foes in the most rewarding way possible. I guarantee you you'll have a blast-- you're able to switch between different weapons and even throw paintball grenades! As expected with any multiplayer game such as this, there can be lag from time to time. I found that the lag was actually the worst in Tennis mode and when you're just roaming around the shopping centers, though.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

No Shaving Cream Necessary [Hairless Adventure Review]

          We all have that secret desire to go on an adventure as a Vin Diesel-like bald guy- Well, don't we? In Hairless Adventure by RoshonFegan you get to move around tiles on the map in order to collect the stars found around each level. This game features ten challenging levels in which, as mentioned, you need to remove tiles from the map itself in order to solve each level. Fitting into the puzzle platformer genre made in Stencyl, Hairless Adventure is a bit above average from your average Stencyl-made game. Put that shampoo bottle away because you won't need it for the journey this game takes you on
          My first impressions of this game were relatively good- It's a simply made game that has a very direct focus (It isn't fluffed up with achievements or other game modes and what-not), and it's very easy to pick up and play. Even though this game only features ten levels the learning curve is actually quite good all things considered. By the time you come around to levels 5-6 you'll have a mild challenge and anything after that is quite difficult. A personal problem I had though is that I found the game became a bit stale after a while, considering new game-play elements are never added at any point.