Monday, July 14, 2014

The Valley Runes (The Valley Rule Review)

          It's been a while since my last review, hasn't it? Yeah, I'm sorry that you had to wait such a long time for a review, but I was kinda busy with 1.) procrastinating, and 2.) making posts for my brand new blog. Nonono, I won't abandon KCG; my reviews are here to stay, that blog will only contain ramblings about my homeland and other randomness. Well, later on, at least. But that's enough talk, let's get on with the reviews! Our next game up is Raiyumii's The Valley Rule, a platformer that takes everything related to physics, twists and turns them, and throws them out the window.

(Yes, the squares are just there to confuse you.)

          There's not much storyline to go with the game. For this part, I'll quote the description: "You are stuck “beneath the surface” and trying to find a way up. There seems to be only 1 giant door blocking your path." Now, here's the catch; the door can only be opened by activating the 4 runes surrounding it (thus the title of the review; I'm incredibly bad with puns, yes, I know that), with the triangles that can activate them scattered in 4 chests around the valley. And, of course, these chests are hidden in impossible places that require you to have near-perfect reactions, a sharp brain, and defiance of everything physics stand for.