Friday, February 27, 2009

Lock and Roll: Pilot

This is a post on a series that tries to complement music to 3 recent featured games. We suggest you play the YouTube video and switch to the game quickly. And of course, mute the game. The music choices is based on the intensity of the melody for the game's genre and if possible, the lyrics itself.

Cell Warfare

The Dragon and the Wizard


Bunny Invasion 2

Personally, I dig that. Wanna make out?
This game is the Last Stand with 60 levels of bunnies, shops, trophies, cutscenes, protecting the pub, and LOTS OF weapons.

Gameplay :( Unlike Last Stand 2 which at least feature a different tweak to its gameplay than just shooting zombies, this does not. While it is cool to kill bunnies and make PETA angry, the fun factor diminishes a lot. There are a variety of bunnies that do different attacks but they're slapdash copies of such enemies from other games, bad or good. The menus also are too flashy and they lag themselves. Its navigation in the menus are horrible and slow.

Graphics :/ There's nothing outstanding about the graphics. It's satisfactory but does not exceed that level.

Plot :( The obscene and ridiculous nature of the plot reminded me of Former President George W. Bush. Except for his vocabulary and grammar gaffes, the way he tells stories are similar to this. It copies Thing-Thing 4's disastrous plot into its own, therefore the plot is redundant and unnecessary.

Sound :( The only music they have is some random hip-hop music on the menu. During defending, Mr. Frost randomly says some random battle shouts with no music. At least, the guns have some sound effects.

Overall :( The game is terribly overrated. Storm the House 3 has much better features.

The Dragon and the Wizard

dis is hw my user lewks liek in ruenscape adn battleon zomg u paly?!?!
Part of the Difference Games series, the Dragon and the Wizard is based on Gandalf the Grey lookalike, Indiana Jones, and Eldest and you must spot the differences in the beautiful art game.

NOTE: I use smiley faces because rating through numbers require statistical mathematics which I really hate. :) - Good! :( - Bad :| - Depends/Neutral

Graphics :) Like all Difference Games, this features nifty graphics and the expression of Gandalf and the young kids are priceless. Its cuteness with its explicit details are fantastic.

Gameplay :( Like all Difference Games, you spot the difference. This includes a timer so if you do not finish it before time runs out, you have to do an extra picture to spot which is usually a laughable one. The differences can be small and big and you need to have a careful eye. The problem with all Difference games are that the graphics IS the gameplay (Also the reason why graphics come first instead of gameplay in this review). It's like an art exhibition but with gameplay embedded into it. The differences sometimes can be the same even played thrice. The code has some major issues on the timer too and it hinders its replayability. The gameplay itself is an obstacle for people who like to see art.

Sound :( The music is subpar due to it trying to follow the storyline. It's a very short loop and gets tedious very fast. Personally, "Journey of the Sorcerer" a.k.a The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy TV Theme Song actually does the job much better with its mellow starting and heroic chorus. It's also appropriately named.

i pwn
Overall :| It's artistically awesome and articulate in its emotion. However, this game does not deserve badges due to its inclined nature on art instead of gameplay. If you're into art, go ahead and play this game. If not, play something else.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Dinowaurs is an online multiplayer game in which you are a dinosaur decorated your way and in match you have to kill the opposite dinosaur to win.

Here you can make a new dino or edit it. You can also see your stats and your awards.

If you don't completely understand the game or need help with something else go here. There are three tutorials which are "Controls", "Mechanics" and "Practice duel".

Dressing room
Here you can edit your dino and put the equipment you want it to have. You can have suits, something on your tail, footwear, headgear and other miscellanous things.

Go here to change the game's default settings if your computer is slow or if you want the music quieter.

Here you can battle against other dinos across the internet.

Number - Name ---- Price to buy it ------ Price per shot
One. Cannon ---- 0 ----- 10
Two. S.A.M. ---- 300 ----- 40
Three. Castle ---- 300 ----- 40
Four. Cluster Bomb ---- 700 ----- 75
Five. Meteor Dish ---- 900 ----- 200
Six. Jetpack ---- 700 ---- 150
Seven. Law firm ---- 1500 ----- 125
Eight. U.S.S. ---- 1600 -----150
Nine. Flamethrower ---- 1500 ----- 150

In your villages you can buy weapons, heal yourself and change weapons.
You must attack your opponent's vilages by shooting it, then you can make it yours by pressing "E".

Unranked matches
You can play unranked if you just want to play for fun or to not lose any rating. You will not win DNA, stats or anything else.

Ranked matches
Here you play to get Kongregate's badges, to get DNA, stats...

More Dinowaurs
Go here for news, FAQ, comments, and other things about this game.

Show us your dino!
Leave me a comment with the link to an image of your dino and I'll put them here!
JaumeBG - Bloo

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Halo Wars Challenge

"Finish the Fight!"
The Halo Wars Sweepstakes is hosted in the game Battalion: Nemesis. Along with the sweepstakes, there's a hidden point challenge which is worth 10 pts.

The way to accomplishing the 10 pt hidden challenge is to play any stage (preferably the first tutorial) and completing it. After you complete it you will get the 10 pts, and a challenge will appear-accept it. The best way to win in this challenge is to camp in the mountains towards the top left part of the stage, and wait for your enemies to come to you. After you complete this little battle, the ticket is yours!
- Send troops to upper left mountains ASAP.
- When a spartan's health turn red, send him to the shore zone, directly above the mountains, to heal.
-When fighting, let the enemies come to you. Wait in the mountains for a chance to strike.
-Direct ALL forces to anybody on your base trying to capture it.
Video walkthough by Tasslefoot:

Electric Box Walkthrough

Well Electric Box got badges and we could have seen that coming a mile away. Here are pictures for all the levels except 1 and 2. But if you do not know how to beat those then get off kong!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Games with Reviews.

Just as sabercow posted a directory to all of out guides and walkthoughs, this is a directory to all of our reviews written by KCG team members.

Total Reviews: 91
if this needs updates contact me

Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 New Picks!

Last weeks picks: Distopix, Crow In Hell, Alpha Bounty.

The new picks:

Popopop: Have fun doing what you’ve always wanted to do! Set off wonderfully colorful chain reactions and pop all the balls to win each level. See if you can manage all 42 of them. The game doesn’t stop there though! Create your own levels using the level editor and rate on and play other user-created levels.

ClickRace: A silly little game to test how fast you can click a button 50 times. It’s not quite as easy as it looks though…

Divergence Turret Defense: Defend your base with turrets, you can upgrade them and make them more powerful, aim with your mouse to destroy enemy’s.

Elite Forces: South Osetia: Peace enforcement. Take a chance to fight as Special Ops in South Osetia during ‘8 days War’.
Try Overwhelm enemy using towers, units and hero.

The Virus Game: Ever wanted to be a virus?

PLEASE NOTE: Descriptions are directly taken from the game descriptions which is why some of them are extremely short compared to before.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cell Warfare Review

Another Generic Header screenshot, yay!

Okay, today I'm going to be reviewing a relatively new game that some of you may have played, called Cell Warfare. In this game, you play a cell which can shoot out small spikes in any direction. Your ultimate goal is to wipe out all other cells that attack you by, of course, shooting them! This time the review comes with ten percent more bad puns! :D

Graphics: (8/10) -- Pretty generic graphics. The menus and animation are both spectacular, but the character and enemies are really lacking in design. They are just circles. I know since they are cells, not much detail can be added, but look what HeroInteractive did with the cells in Microbe Kombat. Although, the cells in this game do have a glossy effect which makes them at least not COMPLETELY bland, but I still had to take off a couple points.

Sound: (6/10) -- Not amazing by any means. The music is pretty good, but I never get to hear the music over the horrible exploding sound it makes whenever I destroy an enemy. No matter how small the enemy, it makes an annoying noise which is twice as loud as the music. And trust me, you'll be killing a lot of enemies in this game; On my first try I killed about five-hundred. =|

Gameplay: (8/10) -- Pretty awesome gameplay, actually. And the awesomeness doesn't directly lie in the gameplay itself, but rather the multitute of achievements and "badges" available to acquire for doing different things. It's actually a lot like Amorphous+. And I mean A LOT. I wouldn't be surprised if Amorphous+ provided the inspiration for this game. There are a few really suspicious similarities which show evidence that this could be true, one of the first I noticed was that the purple cells divided into smaller cells after being killed, just like the Clutter in Amorphous. Still, great gameplay.

Difficulty: (7/10) -- Pretty much the same difficutly as Amorphous+, but just a bit easier. There is the survival mode which gets progressively harder as you go on, and it does get pretty hard. There are legions, just like "nests" in Amorphous, which get pretty hard as well. But that's not why I gave this such a high difficulty rating. This rating is so high because, again, of all the achievements obtainable. They are a good challenge, and require quite a bit of time. Not nearly as much as Amorphous, though. (Just as a note, a perfect ten on this score does NOT mean the game is "uberhard" it means it has the perfect difficulty.)

Controls: (10/10) -- Mouse and WASD keys. Need I say more?

Overall, Cell Warfare is a great game if you enjoyed Amorphous+, or if you enjoy games with plenty to achieve. And for everyone else, it's still at least worth a test drive.

About those bad puns I promised.....

"This game really CELLd me over!" (Sell, Cell. *rimshot* *cricket chirp*)

Well, I guess I'm off to go destroy some killer cells! I'll be here all week, in case that pun didn't blind you enough!
Play Cell Warfare

Dinowaurs Released

(Dinosaur by cpasley)

Click here to play Dinowaurs!
intuition finally released Dinowaurs, a game that has been long awaited for months and months. Although I've only played the game a few times, I can already make the statement that this is amongst one of the best flash multiplayer games you will ever play. I'd recommend checking it out while it's still new and fresh.
(Dinosaur by me.)
(After playing some more.)
This game is pretty darn hard. Every time I fight somebody they use a pretty good strategy that surpasses the one I'm using. I bought some items with kreds, but that's not even enough.

Don't Shit Your Pants Walkthough

Many of you know tasslefoot, as he is the creator of most of the video guides featured here. He's recently created an awesome guide for "Don't Shit Your Pants". Check it out below!

We've come a long way

KCG has come a long way since I took over way back when it was still KCCG but man I am just so happy and grateful for all the writers who have contributed to this site. Another big milestone has come our way as we have past 10,000 hits for KCG. This feature at the very bottom of the main page was only added a couple of months ago as well making it even better. Knowing how many readers are coming through gives us more motivation to put up bigger and better articles. So thank you everyone who comes and sees our little blog.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Games of "The Funny" Part 1

Let's face it. All of the big, badge-getting, heavy-duty games are very mainstream, and don't have those little 'tweaks' that make us laugh. (I'm not generalizing, there are of course some big games that do!) But behind the podium, behind the glossy cover-up there are a handful... pssshhh... a truckload of laugh-your-ass-off games.

Here are some of them:

Take Your Canvas Bags to the Supermarket
billyfred. That should really be enough. Widely known as one of the funniest members on Kongregate, it turns out billyfred owns flash... and has made a couple of games, too! Yes, some bad, but others good. This game was good. Really good. The sense of humor of billyfred, mixed with the catchy and bohemian "Take Your Canvas Bags to the Supermarket" song, this games makes it to the list of funnies games on Kongregate.

Super Ban Jude 1 & Super Ban Jude 2
Another case of an hysterical user making an hysterical game. Super Ban Jude is different, though. Besides just generally being funny, it pokes fun at many of the users on Kongregate... even admins! A gem, just like his other game "Let's Message Greg!".

Slug Designer 1 & 2

So maybe not the most "laugh-your-butt-off" game, but "Slug Designer" is definitely pretty clever, and definitely a fun little asset to play around with. Spawning more avatars than you can shake a slime-ridden stick at, "Slug Designer" and "Slug Designer 2" are up here in our Games of "The Funny" thread, and here to stay!

Tangerine Panic!

I know what you're whi-- saying, "But it got badges!!!!11! {insert whine here}". That's the thing, it got badges, yay! It's a good thing, really. Tangerine Panic is funny! You're a little stick-figure, running around dodging descending tangerines, yelling things like "OMG! WTF" and you LOVE it!

The Impossible Quiz 2
I almost puked when I saw how low "The Impossible Quiz 2"'s rating was. Okay, not so terrible, but I must say... The Impossible Quiz 2 is definitely a honking piece of buried treasure. I don't think I need to describe the humor of this quiz, it's apparent by even the loading screen. Made by Splapp, or Splapp-me-do (creator of many other amazing titles like "The Impossible Quiz 1", and "Badly Drawn Dawg"), Impossible Quiz 2 is... well... hilarious.

Stinky Bean Fling
Weasel, the famous creator of the Thing-Thing series takes his games to the next level, by making a gimmicky "fling game" for one of the minor characters in his series. Not really the most expected thing from Weasel, but hey... it's fun, weird, and maybe, just maybe... a giggle factory.

Clubby the Seal
Funny can also mean masochistic. This is shown in the game "Clubby the Seal" which follows the adventures of a seal seaking revenge on his frozen tundra home. Sick, twisted, and absolutely hilarious... Clubby the Seal is indeed one of the more 'nolstagia' scented games, having been around for quite a while. And yes... Kongregate was funny before you had an account!

So there you go! Part one of my Games of "The Funny" series! I hope you all enjoy playing through the awesome selection I've laid before you!

~ Marh (and yes... I said 'giggle factory' >_>)

Hokage's Picks

I present to you, the newest segment of KCG, Hokage's Picks! Very similar to "Greg's Picks", great games that haven't been noticed (buried treasure) will be mentioned here. Right now the three games here are "Distopix", "Crow In Hell", and "Alpha Bounty". These are some games that I've seen that are buried treasure, but there are plenty of others out there. If you see any games that you think should be featured, comment here, and I hope you guys like the new section. ;D


Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 2

Well here is a video everyone is raving about for The several journeys of Reemus chapter 2 by Tasselfoot.


Friday, February 13, 2009


I saw there were 7 people on at once today which is sometimes a lot and everyone but me was looking at the Mushroom Revolution guide. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's been following us and voting on our polls and everything. Support us by voicing your opinion here.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mushroom Revolution Walkthrough

Well we all knew that this was getting badges and my friends MrRubix and Tasselfoot were ready for them here is a walkthrough by MrRubix.

Some tips from me:
1. Use only pure thunders upgraded to level 6 to actually beat levels
2. For the Tricks of the Truffle Badge see the complete combination list below
3. Spend the skill points you earn on free accessories in hopes to get the angel doll for double score

I will update a little later as I progress and do better.

And here is a video by Tasselfoot:


Poll Results: How often do you feel Loot challenges should occur?

Every two weeks.
48 (43%)
Once a month.
37 (33%)
Once every two months.
5 (4%)
Four times a year.
4 (3%)
Other. (Spefify)
3 (2%)

As you can see, the category with the most voites with "Every week." with 48 (43%) of the votes. In my opinion, every week will leave Kongregate bankrupt. If they spent $500 and up on challenges every week, I think they'd just be destroyed. The second most, "Once a month." was the category I voted in with 37 (33%) of the votes. Thanks for voting guys!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Super Stacker 2 Walkthrough

Hipcheck here again with some more amazing videos by Tasselfoot. Him and MrRubix are the ones you can all thank for the lovely impossible badge. But these three videos will help a lot with that.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Quick Pick -- Bubble-Bot


Today, while scrolling through the lower pages of the "highly rated games" list, I came across a game called "bubble-bot". Thinking it was nothing new, I passed over it. However, the thumbnail caught my eye, and forced me to scroll back down to give it a play. What I discovered was a bit of a "buried treasure". It's nothing marvelous, but it's great for a few plays here and there. You might even come back to it one day.

Anyway, just wanted to point this game out to you guys. I'm not going into a full-length review, because I don't want to give anyone any predetermined opinions before they play it.

So, go play bubble-bot!

Death Dice Overdose

Death Dice Overdose is a funny little game where you have to collect all the Blue Pills as possible. Last as long as you can to get the maximum score you can to get badges or this weekly challenge card.

Basic controls:
Arrow Keys - Run or jump

Bathroom Cabinet Sampler (Easy 5 Pts.) 1,000 Pts.
Drugs Are Really Excellent (Hard 30 Pts.) 10,000 Pts.
Vanessa Voss (Card, playable at Kongai) 2,500 Pts.

Blue Pill: If you don't collect any you will die. The more you collect the better.
White Dice: You get 10 points for every White Dice you dodge, so dodge them.
White Man: This is your character.
Purple Box: Dodge these. If they touch you, you die.
Death Dice: Depending on which side the dice falls, you will get 3 Blue Pills, a spiked ball, etc.

Results of the Death Dice:
Spiked Ball: A Spiked Ball that goes through the screen from the left to the right which can kill you.
Explosion: A box that explodes after a few seconds of being on the ground. If you're close it'll kill you.
Extra Pills: From this box 3 to 5 pills will come out for your benefit.
Tornado: A Tornado will come out of this box, coming from the left of the screen. Thus can move you a bit but it doesn't kill you. It's jumpable.
Right Arrow: A lot of bullets are shot from left to right. You can dodge it by jumping.
Up Arrow: Makes you jump higher.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

KCG Comic #3

I present to you-our third comic! Concept art by hipcheck, this one is based off of the popular Kongregate game "Vector Runner", and the impossible badge of getting 30k points without getting hit once. Hipcheck just asked if I could revive his doodle, and this was the result.



Hey everyone, hipcheck here with another random game. today I'll tell you a little about Idlekips. Idlekips is another of kongregate's idle games but with something to actually do. In Idlekips you have a character that you can change by using your points. You get a certain amount of points the first time you load up depending upon your kongregate user level and amount of points, but after every minute of idleing you get 10 points. You spend the points to buy accessories for your character to make him look awesome. Also there are 58 achievements to get in Idlekips. 10 have to do with levels and another 10 to do with points. Then there are 20 to do with how long you play Idlekips with one achievement being to play for a year XD. There are also 5 secrets in the game which are extremely hard to find but a lot of fun to try and figure out. This is a great game if you just want to chat on kongregate instead of actually having to play a game. Try it out and try to find all 5 secrets and let me know because even I haven't found all 5 yet :(.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Games with Walkthroughs, Tips and Guides

Here is a list of all the games that have walkthroughs, tips and/or guides on KCG. There may be some missing but those can be added later.

Total Guides: 171


if this needs updates contact me

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Perfect Balance

Hey hipcheck here saw that there were 3 new badges and a card for perfect balance and Tasselfoot told me he did a video walkthrough so here is the link to get you the easy and medium badges.

And for the hard badge...