Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bunny Invasion: Easter Special

Play it here!

Hello! Today we talk about this new game, Bunny Invasion: Easter Special, the new game of GPStudios. The game is a kind of shooter where your objective is survive all the waves to kill the final bunny. In this game you will find a lot of different enemies who want to kill you, but you and you're assistant are prepared to defend and kill him.

- Nice graphics
- Simple
- Trophies system ( 28 trophies )
- Guns and Upgrades
- Some bosses and 60 levels
- Cut Scenes along the game

- Repetitive sound
- No theme
- Maybe need more bosses
- Easy gameplay

I make some tips to the players to beat it easily:

- First of all, try to full upgrade the strength Of your initial gun, The .45 Colt and ( Optional 1 level clip size or more and reload )
- Second try to upgrade Scavengers to level 3 or 4
- Continue buying the Scorpion Vz.61 ( If needed because you don’t have money, you can buy Ruger MP9 or MAC-10 ) [ You should be about wave 17 or something, maybe more ]
- Try to upgrade the sub machine gun ( strength to full and 2 or full upgrade clip size )
- Finish the upgrade of Scavengers
- Level up the Assistant to level 3
- When you have money, buy the Steyr AUG and try to upgrade strength clip size and later reload.
- Now upgrade the Assistant to level 5 and aids, Myxamatosis, RAGE and Fortify Motel to level 3
- Keep the cash for a few waves and buy the XM134 Mini gun and upgrade strength
- Now just upgrade all you can, first aids and myxamatosis, later RAGE, Fortify Motel and later Builders ( Aren’t so important )
- Kill the final Boss easily

I recommend not to buy all the guns because you lose all the money and maybe have problems.

And a few videos:

First Boss Walkthrough

Second Boss Walkthrough

Third Boss Walkthrough

A last tip, Enjoy the game ;D

That's all for today, have a nice day!,



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Now the game gets badges!