Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Civiballs is the newest game with badges. The game consists in getting coloured balls into the baskets of the same colour by cutting chains. It's developed by King.com, a team of developers which also brang us such games as Splitter or AirBattle.

There are 3 different countries which have 10 levels each. You'll see these civilizations' architecture and sculptures too.

I enjoyed playing this game. I liked the graphics, the sound and everything else too. I also thought that the way you can be any 3 civilizations and you can start by any is great. But what I didn't like, was that it seems like a kiddies' game more than for a website with people from 13 to 50. There should be more action. The good thing was that this concept is new and hasn't been done before. I voted a 4 / 5.

Thanks to Tasselfoot we have 3 video walkthroughs to each one of this game's civilizations:

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