Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A new writer, konquake ( the old quake )

Hey!!! It's me, quake ( on kongregate, konquake ) and first of all, thanks to all the writers of this site to bring me the opportunity to write some articles of games.

Now I should present me, I am Iván , A guy of 16 years of Madrid, Spain, who loves the games and other stuff like computers, programming ( I want to learn ) and I just to help you the most I can.

Well that's all for today, If sometimes you see in this text some mistakes or something, just talk with me, I don't bite ( Probably my english isn't the best ).

Have a nice day and good gaming! =D



JaumeBG said...

¡Hola Iván!. XD. Deberías poner un link a tu perfil y cada vez que pongas un link a Kongregate, añade /?referrer=konquake , así ganarás puntos por los que se hagan una cuenta nueva. Yo ya he ganado 40 o 50 puntos poniéndolo.
¡Que te vaya bien en el blog! :P

Anonymous said...

No gracias, yo se lo regalo a cualquier miembro de kongcf, yo ya no quiero conseguir puntos, asique quien quiere que ponga su link que me lo diga.

No thanks, I'll give as a gift to anu member of the kongcg team, I don't want get points on kongregate, saying that, anybody who wants her name in the link just tell it to me.

JaumeBG said...

Ayuda en formatos HTML.
Help in HTML coding.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hokage4354 said...

Anonymous, your comment was removed for inappropriate content.

deftonesjunkie3 said...

welcome, quake. look forward to your posts.