Thursday, November 29, 2007

Challenge 38: Aquatic Ninja Challenge

The very first of the new characters has been released, and as promised it is a ninja! This character appears to be the one that was previewed earlier here. Amaya marks a new set of cards, so we should be seeing more ninja characters and items in the coming weeks.

Link to the COCAK guide is here. Although it is not a card guide, it should be enough to understand how to get the card.

RECENT UPDATES: Created Ninja Set with AMAYA

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BETA now open!

Big news today folks, first off the card game is now officially called Kongai. I personally was always a fan of Kongai, and liked it more then the other options suggested.

Second and more importantly, the BETA sign ups have started! If you click on the card tab located here, and then look under help us test, you will have the option of signing up for the BETA. I can't wait.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Challenge 37: Giving Thanks for Pirates Challenge

The most recent challenge is up! The Insignia is another one of the new items that are speculated to be universally allowed for all characters (thanks Focus). The COCAK guide is up here.

This challenge might seem hard at first, but just putting everything into crew and sitting at the top of the screen is all that is needed to get the card.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Universal Items

Through the ages civilizations have risen swiftly only to fall, leaving the ruined bones of their once great halls as proof of their former glory. However, some few relics were too powerful to fade away with their makers and can now be used by anyone strong enough to tame their power. No one knows where they came from or who may have crafted them, but they stand as the sole, potent symbols of long forgotten cultures. Some say they will still remain long after the stones of this era's greatest monuments have diminished to nothing but dust and ash.


Promo Cards

These are the Promo Cards that have been released. Two or more item cards can be used in the same battle but only one of a character card can be used. So having two Tafari cards is more just about collecting them all then being able to use two in the same match. Plus the promo cards always look cooler.



Im Back

Hey guys, I have returned from my extended hiatus, and boy am I behind! Ill be posting up the recent card updates I have missed shortly.