Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday Card Challenge: Necronomic Tomes R2

Ah yes, it is time again for our weekly get together. This week, the challenge is for Storm the House 3. Your reward for surviving 5 days in Normal Campaign mode is the R2 version of Necronomic Tomes.

This card is excellent at keeping a Vampire alive while putting your opponent at a disadvantage. I really love to use it on Ambrosia Thorn because it has the chance to proc on almost all of her attacks. It turns her into a real tank.

Now, on to the game. Surviving 5 days in Normal Campaign mode is not hard at all. Infact, I did it without buying a new gun (on my first ever try at playing the game). The big trick is to buy a couple gunners, a repair man or two, and upgrade your gun. It also helps to be a good shot heh. For most of you regular readers, this card should be easier than easy and won't take you more than 10 minutes. As for the rest of the game, it looks like hipcheck is working on a guide, so I won't step on his toes.

Tune in next week for another card, same Kong time, same Kong channel.



hipcheck said...

No go right ahead. I was just putting it out there for everyone. Please do a guide. The hard badge is tricky.

EsIeX3 said...

w00t, this is officially my 100th card :D

EsIeX3 said...

and please, put up the guide. I'm having trouble after day 7 :/

Yeknomssa said...

I don't have to work tomorrow, so I should be able to finish the game and have a walkthrough written up. We'll see how I do, lol, I haven't been playing games as much recently as I've been programming so much, but I do love these TD games where you get to shoot (notice I have the Balloon Invasion Impossible Badge).

btw, Congrats exiex3, 100 is a lot of cards, You've been around a while.

EsIeX3 said...


I think i've gotten a strategy up until day 12, but then I'm not sure about after that because i screwed up last game. Basically, you buy a shotgun as fast as possible, then you buy the quake tower as fast as possible, then you stock up on repairmen and quake tower reload. Worked until around day 12, but I screwed up because i wasted money on that damn automatic shotgun (don't buy it, it's total crap).

Allwise said...

Hi guys,
I've gotten to round 33 now.

Shotgun is a good fit for a long time for me, but tower-wise I have done it differently.
After getting the shotgun I wait untill I can get the money for a Tezla-tower. This takes out most of the grunts before they can attack while you can focus on shooting the cars. All the while I add gunmen each round. At least 1 each round, but more and more as you progress. By round 19 I have added in a laser-tower and a rocket-tower. This is when heavier units start to appear and the laser easily takes out the heaviest units.
At 19 I am up to at least 25-30 gunmen. This is when you start to see them be useful. From this point on I rely on them to take out all grunts and smaller units. They start to work as a very useful automatic chain-gun.
From this point on that will be more and more important. This means that I can get rid of the Tezla and put up a shield instead.
At this point I also have 10-15 repainmen to take care of most of the damage. 15 repairmen can handle the airstrikes. (since I have found no way to stop those).
from level 20 - 26 I got more and more gunmen, upgraded all towers. 60 gunmen takes out most grunts before they take a pace, and the upgraded laser takes care of tanks with some assistance. At level 30 I had 100 gunmen and 25 repairment. Full upgrades for all towers, and start to invest in Satelite-gun. (things are getting really slow at this point. The trouble is with the Walking Tanks which start at level 29 and more and more of them appear. They take a lot of damage and all the focus of the laser, and still they manage to lower my resistance more and more. I died at 33 while trying to find the best gun to take them down. 3 satelite-strikes and the laser works, but when 2 and 3 of them appear at once the reload is just to slow. And they are able to wear my defenses down. I'm going to try to switch the rockets for another laser-tower. see how that handles it.

Be warned, at 29 and beyond things start to get slow. Hit pause and turn of special effects. =)

Hope this gets someone further, so that they can assist me with the last 7 levels ;)


hokage4354 said...

Here's a Sparta mode guide I made:
(I can easily edit this in, but it's your guide so you can add this only if you want)

1.Purchase fan, place in middle, fully upgrade all stats for fan.

2.Place 2 flamethrower Joes around the fan and fully upgrade them.

3. Purchase as many snipers as possible.

4. Watch as all 300 Spartans are killed without you having to do anything.