Friday, November 21, 2008


Almost forgot to do this :/.  Anyway, enjoy guys

Physical Defense: 2
Light Defense: 4
Dark Defense: 2
HP: 70
Innate Ability: 25% chance to disable the enemy item on each attack

General Use:
Phoebe is a fairly annoying character to play against.  She can lower the opponent's accuracy by using Deafening Crack.  Hamstring makes it harder for the opponent to change ranges.  It's guaranteed to hit, so sometimes, if the enemy's HP is low enough, you might as well use Hamstring.  Rapid lashes can be one of the most energy-efficient moves in the game.  It's really effective now since there aren't many characters with light defense.  Power lash is a huge threat that many enemies just want to get out of.  It's really important to watch for her innate ability when playing against her, especially for certain character like the Ninjas where the scroll is essential to good gameplay. 

Phoebe should be brought in at far to take full advantage of her range-dancing capabilities and Power Lash's threat.  Use Rapid Lashes at far, and either use Hamstring or Deafening Crack at close.  Try to get in a lot of attacks so that it's more likely that her innate takes effect.

Here's a small chart showing how likely it is for Item Lash to take effect

1 attack | 75% chance of nothing disabled
2 attacks | 56% chance of nothing disabled
3 attacks | 42% chance of nothing disabled
4 attacks | 32% chance of nothing disabled
5 attacks | 24% chance of nothing disabled
6 attacks | 17% chance of nothing disabled

Suggested Items:

Herbal Remedy:  She has fairly low HP.  Using this will let her survive a bit longer.  She's also a decent range-dancer because of Hamstring.
Sharpening Stone:  Combined with Power Lash, the opponent has a ~47.5% chance of getting stunned or killed.
Stoneheel Totem:  Okay, I will admit, I've never tried this before.  In theory, this should really help drain the opponent's energy when used in tandem with Hamstring.

Notable Matchups:

vs Andromeda:  This is another fairly lopsided matchup.  Andromeda will almost never win this matchup.  The only range that Andromeda can play at is far, and Phoebe beats the hell out of Andromeda at far.

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