Sunday, November 2, 2008

Splitter Review


Splitter is another physics based puzzle game. The objective is to get a smiley face ball thing over to some sort of hole thing. There's also one or two stars you can get with each level, which gives you something to aim for. In order to move the smiley, you cut the stage so that the smiley moves in the direction you want it to move.

Like the image above says, only wood and rope are cuttable, but stone and bricks aren't.

The game isn't hard to learn at all. The only control you have is through your mouse, and it takes about a minute to figure out how the game works. The game doesn't shove lots of problems down your mouth with each level; each level is short and sweet. You can pass by 2 levels if you find them too hard (I admittedly did that for one of the levels). Some of the problems, especially the later ones, force you to ignore conventional wisdom and try out some really wacky tricks

The game doesn't have amazing graphics. I mean look, there's only, what, 6 textures the entire game? Other than that, the physics are almost completely accurate except with the lack of friction. In some levels, especially the last, if you nudge the smiley-face thing it will continuously roll. I don't know if that's a bug, but it's probably the only flaw in the physics.

Overall, the game is pretty fun. The graphics are simple and not distracting, so the player can focus his/her attention on the game. The learning curve is pretty soft for the player, and the game gets gradually more difficult at just the right pace.


Gameplay: 8/10 - Great physics puzzles. Requires you to think outside the box to solve some puzzles.
Graphics: 7/10 - Simple but accurate graphics.
Replayability: 5/10 - Sure, you can go back for those stars, but there's not much else you can do after that.
Overall (not an average): 7/10 - Worth a look


One of the great features about Splitter is that when you finish a level, it saves your actions, which made it much easier to make walkthroughs.

Levels 5-13: Working on them right now. I didn't realize this feature was in until level 14, sorry guys :/

Level 14:

Level 15:

Level 16 (no star):

Level 17:

Level 18 (just missed the star):

Level 19 (takes a lot of tries):

Level 20:

Level 21:

Level 22:

Level 23:

Level 24:

Level 25:


hipcheck said...

for level 21 cut a little off the wood. Then cut the top two yellows.

hipcheck said...

added the video.

EsIeX3 said...


OkraJoe said...

Great game.

JaumeBG said...

To see a complete walkthrough to all the levels, click this

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