Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Card Challenge: Phoebe R2

This Tuesday brings with it Zilch. Its a fun dice game that's rather addictive. If you win 3 games, you'll be rewarded with the R2 version of Phoebe (most likely along with the easy and medium badges).

The game itself is rather like Yatzee but with 6 dice. You get points based on what you roll. Once you have 300 points, you'll be given the option to bank the points and end your turn...or you could keep rolling and try to get a better score. Be warned, however if you don't score any points on a roll you get a Zilch and your turn ends. 3 Zilches in a row and you lose 500 points. Since the game is random, I can only give you some tips on how to win some easy matches:
  • Unless facing a third Zilch, keep going if your score is under 500. The risk is well worth the reward.
  • Along the same lines of the above tip, keep in mind that you get a free roll if you use all your dice. This can lead to very high scoring turns, just kow when to bank.
  • Always use the least dice possible to make the most points, this gives you more dice to rol and thus more chance to get more points.
Now, about Phoebe. She's a character that may take a few tries to get used to, but she has some of the most versitile attacks of any of the amazons, and most deninitleythe best innate ability. First, lets talk about Item Lash. With an innate 25% chance of disabling an opponent's item on attack, you can nullify annoying items almost reliably. Her attacks are nothing to scoff at either, all of them above speed 5 and most of them cheap. Her Power lash move is like other power moves of the amazons with a chance to throw the oppoent out of the battle (one of my more favorite happenings). Even though she's somewhat of a long range character, she has 2 great attacks that work up close. Deafening crack can save you some damage by making it harder for the opponent to hit you; Hamstring can cause your opponet's move cost to go up by 20 energy, this helps keep opponents right where you want them.

By the way, there's a Loot Ticket challenge going on. Play some Last Stand 2, and if you can collect 3 survivors, you'll grab yourself a chance to win an XBOX 360 and a copy of Left 4 Dead.
Lots to do this week, so get to it!


EsIeX3 said...

Most versatile? IMO anex is more versatile than phoebe because Anex can actually deal damage at close. Phoebe can hardly deal damage at close range and those close-range moves are meant for her to move far. Most people usually don't let Phoebe get a Power Lash off. Her real move is Rapid Lashes.

Yeknomssa said...

I agree with your point. I use Anex a lot, she is a great character. i suppose what I should have said about phoebe is that she's an excellent set-up character in that she can make a troublesome enemy not so fearsome.