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          Kongregate Collective Guides is entirely community member-run, so we're always looking for some extra help with writing guides, detailed walkthroughs, exciting game reviews, and much much more. Here are some specific things we're looking for help with at the moment:

          Assistant Administrator
As an assistant administrator you'll work directly alongside me in managing all aspects of Kongregate Collective Guides. KCG has recently been re-launched and I need somebody reliable who shares the same goal as me of returning KCG to it's former glory. I would prefer if you have some past experience writing for KCG before applying but it's not a requirement.

          Guide/Walkthrough Creator
As a guide creator you will analyze various types of flash games and find the easiest and/or best method for completing the game (or associated badge[s]) and create an appropriate guide for the given game. Guides can me written out in article format filled with pictures when necessary, or in the format of a YouTube video.

          Game Reviewer
Why does everybody have to be a critic? Because people want the truth! As a game reviewer you will deeply analyze a game in various categories and give your professional unbiased opinion of the game in the format of a well-written, insightful, entertaining article.

          User Interviewer
Are you always the first to find out the latest gossip in the community?- Then this position might be the one for you. As a user interviewer you will find various members of the community, whether they be developers, moderators, or just well-known gamers, and give them an interview that can be both informative as well as entertaining to readers. Whether you want to ask them what their latest project is, or if they prefer ketchup over mustard is entirely up to you.

Contact me if interested:
Hokage4354 on Kongregate

or Leave a comment on this page.

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