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New Writer Policy

Due to our never-ending problem with finding writers for KCG, we have revised our requirements for writers with changes that give you a lot of slack once you actually get accepted onto the team. The major change is that [drumroll] ... [/drumroll] there will be no activity requirements for writers on the team. One of the main reasons as to why we've lost writers in the past was because of activity issues. Now that we have a "come and go as you please" policy, that should hardly be an issue.

Of course- you still need to get accepted on the team to begin with, which isn't always the easiest thing in the world. Along with the policy change, I'm sending an open invitation to all retired writers who left because of activity issues to rejoin the team, free of testing. Anyone else who would like to join the team can contact me via whisper on Kongregate regarding it.

Thanks for you time, and happy gaming!

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KCG Now Supports ALL Avatar Threads!

Taking all factors into consideration, we will now be posting articles on, and supporting on the site via the front page, ALL avatar weeks and months, not just Rainbow Month. This should help raise the activity in these avatar threads overall, and encourage more participation than before. :D

For your avatar thread to be valid for support,
it needs to meet the following:

Your avatar week needs to have at least ten (10) active participants before we approve of it.
Your avatar month needs to have at least twenty-five (25) active participants before we approve of it.

Any avatar weeks that are deemed inappropriate by either Kong staff, forum mods, or KCG staff will obviously be exempt.

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Don't Shit Your Pants Guide

Here is my guide to solving your poop dilemma. It's okay, some people potty train a bit later in life. Really, it's normal.

Play the game here.
View my channel here.

Company of Myself Walkthrough

Here's a walkthrough for the game Company of Myself!
Play the game here.
View my channel here.

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Brotherhood of Knights

Little is known about the Knight Brotherhood; although the organization spans nearly every continent of the globe, its methods and true purpose have been kept a closely guarded secret for centuries.

Whenever the knights appear, rumors flow in their wake. Some speculate that without the knights watching over mankind, an evil darkness would envelope the whole of human society.

Rumors escalated when Rathbone began acting on his own accord, sometimes in conflict with his former knight allies. No one is certain whether Rathbone was ejected or if he left by his own free will, but a dark air seems to follow wherever he goes, and superstitious villagers have linked his appearance to locust infestations.




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Chaos Faction 2 [Game Review]

Chaos Faction 2: Level 2.3

If you’re looking for a game like Super Smash Bros Brawl, look no further than Chaos Faction 2, an intense fighter, beat em’ up game in which you go level to level fighting random people, to name a few are Monkeys to Zombies to the local bully, you’ll find yourself in countless different situations in this game. Chaos Faction covers 15 intense, unique campaign mission, each level awards you with new characters and weapons you can play as or use throughout the rest of the game (my favorite is the polar bear character!). Chaos Faction is a pretty simple game overall, but provides a fun and unique atmosphere throughout the entire game with different and entertaining levels each time, in one instance you may be showing off monkey from a tribe or protecting a construction site, either way this game is chalk-full of unique mission! My favorite part of this game may be the quick, action packed fights in each level, as seen in similar games (Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros Brawl, and other fighting games).

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Read More!

To help reduce the amount of space taken up by a single article while browsing through the site, you will now see a "Read More ..." under articles that are lengthy. The "Read More ..." is merely a redirect to that article's URL. This has been requested to be done time and time again, and now it's finally done. For you guys. :D

Oh- and if anyone is wondering, we DID change KCG's look completely for a short period of time. I decided to revert back because I want to hold off on that for a bit.

MARDEK RPG: Chapter 1

Table of Contents
A. Battle System
B. Controls
Walk through
A. Dragon’s Lair
B. Heroes’ Den
C. Goznor
D. Sewers
E. Soothwood
F. Crash Site
Miscellaneous/In-game Encyclopedia
A. Shop inventory
B. Treasure chest contents
C. People
D. Places
E. Artefacts
F. Bestiary

This is a walk through for the flash RPG known as MARDEK. The game is highly short and didn’t actually need much of a walk through but someone requested it. So here it is! It is the first chapter out of eight that was created by Pseudolonewolf. The walk through will be written as if we are playing through it for the first time. How to receive the badges, obtain all items, etc. will be covered in this walk through.

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Async Racing Guide

The easy and medium badges are pretty easily gotten, but here's my guide for the hard badge in Async Racing.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Creeper World Training Sim [Game Review]

Creeper World Training Sim, quickly tosses you into an apocalyptic world, many centuries into the future, when mankind has evolved throughout thousands of worlds, only to have an unknown enemy, crumble them into ruins, called the Creeper, this flood of enemies is relentless, hopping towards one planet to the next, like a massive disease and will stop at nothing to end civilization as we know it... Yet, there is some hope left, Odin City has the power to operate large machinery and power weapons effective against the flood. Despite these powerful forces Odin City has, the flood will eventually over power the planet and you are forced to take cover in a world yet not inhabited by the flood, nevertheless, the flood will only appear again, every day hoping for a safe haven, only to have your worst enemy appear every day, spirits are being crushed, how long can you hold out?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vector Conflict: The Siege [Game Review]

Vector Conflict is an intense 3D shooter set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic retro world. You are in control of the defensive systems for the vast SOTER underground bunker. You are the last line of defense for the survivors taking refuge below – protect them at all costs.

Though Vector Conflict: The Siege has no exact storyline, you appear to be in a post-apocalyptic retro world, in attempts to fight off the 3D enemies and save the small civilization, in your vast SOTER underground bunker. You being in charge of the large defensive systems, mainly the turret, although there are missiles and other explosives, to fend off the blitz of enemies, coming in all directions.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Secret Exit [Game Review]

Secret Exit is an addictive puzzle/platform game in which you must reach the hidden door in each level. This is a really, think-outside-the-box type of game, that reminds me a lot of Bart Bonte's games, such as Full Moon or Me and the Key, each consisting of the addictive flavor of uniqueness and originality, much like Secret Exit. In Secret Exit your goal is to reach a door, which in each level is hidden and can only be found by completing a small task or puzzle. As addictive as this game is it contains no story-line what-so-ever, yet, strange enough I never questioned that throughout the whole entire time I spent playing the game!

This a pretty smooth flowing game, with practically no stops due to difficulties. I guess the difficulty of this game can be addressed by your ability to come up with a unique answers to each riddle, it's all based on your capability to imagine the situation on a different level as something as you'd usually take it. Often the level comes down to one word in the riddle, which will inevitably be the decision between winning and losing! The levels overall, are extremely simple, and are practically impossible to kill yourself throughout the game, actually to be exact it is impossible to loose in any way!

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Epsilon (walkthrough)

Epsilon is a game by JorjEade which has been on Kongregate since 2008 but has just recently got badges. I enjoyed playing this game and the badges are pretty easy which made it even better. In this game you must collect all the orbs and you control time which allows you to stop and move something or go back and start again. Here are the videos made by myself which will allow you to finish the game and get the two badges and the card.
These videos should help you with the badges. Enjoy the game!

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Shopping Cart Hero 2 Guide

How to kill the Worm & Monkey (2 Mediums)
by mastermo666

Scoring 50k+ (Hard Badge)
by me

Written guide for 50k+ (Hard Badge)
by me

1. Have everything unlocked. Make sure you use the golden cart.
2. When starting off, don't press anything for the first sign, press it about half way for the second sign.
3. Face yourself upward so that you can gain the most height possible.
4. As soon as you enter lighter-blue skies after falling a bit, use your hang glider.
5. Do all of your air tricks consecutively in a fast manner (I personally did Up N Out > Superman > Up N Out Flip > Handstand), with handstand being your last trick.
6. Keep yourself going steady while holding handstand. Try to last for as long as possible, you're going to want to end up with something around 3000 x 5
7. As soon as your glide ends, do a pole vault followed by a flip when you hit the ground (Turns it into a 4000 x 8). Do a pole vault as many times as you can until you stop.
8. ???
9. Profit.

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Kongregate didn't do anything special for today. (April Fools!)

Aside from the clearly noticeable censor on a continuously growing list of words, the new Kongai cards were released today! Disquised as another "Kongai Launch" rick roll, our first new Kongai card of the 2nd generation is Starbuck, the Strapping First Mate in the game Mushroom Madness 2. Along with the release of the first new card, you're now able to purchase all cards from the Pirate set! The cost per card is 20 kreds, but is reduced to 15 kreds if you purchase the entire set together (You'll save 50 kreds, or about $5).

The word censors left and right are also adding to the April Fool's Day madness. Here's the current list of censors discovered by users: (Click here for an updated list)

Kreds Price Chart

     Since Kreds are becoming such a huge part of the everyday Kongregator's life, I thought I'd make a small article to help you make your Kred purchases as worthwhile as possible.

50 Kreds
Price: $5.00
Price per Kred: $0.10
Money saved: $0.00 or 0%

100 + 10 (110) Kreds
Price: $10.00
Price per Kred: $0.09(090909090…)
Money saved: $1.00 or 10%

200 + 25 (225) Kreds
Price: $20.00
Price per Kred: $0.08(888888888…)
Money saved: $2.50 or 12.5%

500 + 65 (565) Kreds
Price: $50.00
Price per Kred: $0.08(849557522…)
Money saved: $6.50 or 13%

1000 + 150 (1150) Kreds
Price: $100.00
Price per Kred: $0.08(695652173…)
Money saved: $15.00 or 15%

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Robot Wants Kitty (video review)

This is a video review of the game Robot Wants Kitty. In the review I say what I think of the game and I explain the badges a bit too. The review is not one of my best, but hopefully I'll improve in the next video review. Also, the volume is a bit low, so higher up your speakers! Finally, if you want to comment, comment in the YouTube video.

Monday, March 15, 2010

MagnetiZR Review

Futuristic laser manipulation? It doesn't get much better than this. MagnetiZR is a slick, smooth game where you use magnets to direct a laser to it's destination. It's sort of like being a futuristic traffic director, but much more difficult. As the game progresses it (obviously) gets more difficult, increasing in variety of tools and targets.

The game starts out on a 3D map, with a small upside-down triangle signaling you first level. It's all very polished, but as soon as you start the levels you'll realize it's less about the appearance, and more about the actual game.

On one side, there is a little laser. Without your direction, it will shoot directly to the end of the screen, missing your target completely. Your job is to use some of your magnetic tools to attract, repel and essentially direct the magnet to your target(s). You also have the job of making sure the laser avoids the walls, which will quickly absorb it, and block any direction the laser was going.

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500 articles- A look at then and now!

Wow, 500 guides, reviews, interviews, and even old KCCG posts that make up what KCG is today- it really is an accomplishment seeing how far we've come! For those of you who don't know, KCG was originally known as KCCG (Kongregate's Collectible Card Game), and only focused on the Kongai cards. Something many of you may not know is that this blog was originally owned and created by r3p3nt. Hipcheck soon joined the team and became an admin, followed by me. We've had well over 40 different people join (and many quit) the team since the blog's start.

As of right now, we have:
153 Guides
85 Reviews
29 Interviews

As for what's to come, only time will decide. We're trying to keep our writing team down to only the most dedicated writers. Even if you aren't that great at writing, a lot of dedication will go a long way. We're planning on hopefully moving KCG to a separate site one day, but that's pretty far off from now. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. :3

Cover Orange 2 Walkthrough

JohnnyKS1979's walkthrough on Cover Orange 2.

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Infectonator: World Dominator - How To Rule The World (Review)

Ever played one of those world domination games? I'm sure you have; the type where you start small and end up conquering the planet by either sending soldiers to capture land, or by infecting them with some deadly disease.

Let me put it this way:
Infectionator: World Dominator is a very unique game. It is a game where you are some sort omniscient being (an "infectionator", I suppose) and it is your job to dominate the world. Follows the title, I suppose.

Starting out in Africa and working your way up the country/continent food chain it's you're duty to use infections to create zombies and destroy the major towns within these regions. It's a pretty straightforward game, the only major gameplay tweak being that you get little "heroes" which you can get on certain levels. These "heroes" let you summon them on command, and they serve as zombies more powerful than the others.

The Kongregate Podcast with Adam and Katie

Two users have started a podcast for Kongregate and already have an episode up. You can check out the forum thread here if it interests you at all. I would probably recommend the podcast to anyone who likes Kongregate or even gaming at the slightest amount. They bring up a lot of cool things on the show- They're always awaiting e-mails at

A Fascinating Debate On Obscure Puns (ImmorTall RebutTall)

I'm not a philosophy major. But then again, maybe we all are. Because any one person can see the world if they open their eyes and look. But what takes real talent is to see the world looking back at you. ImmorTall (Produced by Pixelante) was a game I stumbled onto via the front page. When I first saw the game there, I had thought "Oh great.... Another 'Alien Shoot Em Up'". I decided it was worth a try anyways since it was on the front page(I didn't let the negative comments deter me, either). Without warning, this game hit me hard. More of a meta-game than anything, ImmorTall shines the light on some sensitive aspects of life. Its simplistic and minimalist style craft a tale worth experiencing. Since the game will take only a few minutes, any one can afford to try ImmorTall. Especially if you need a break from blasting aliens in the face with your worn AK-47. Since this is more of an artistic allegory than anything, this review will be different than my others. And for those of you who didn't like this game, give this a read; I'm trying to give an interpretation, more than a face value review.

Gameplay: 4/5 Does this seem high to you? It shouldn't. Only two buttons are needed to play ImmorTall, but there is a good reason for that. As humans, we're often times presented with clear cut decisions that can affect our life or the lives of others. Frequently we don't have much time to decide either. "Should I walk right and stop the tank shell, or shall I walk left to stop the soldiers?" can easily translate to "I can buy this, or I can save my money" or "I can help out at home, or I can leave to be with my friends". We can choose to do whatever we wish, but we're always faced with consequences, whatever they may be. You might lose a human in this game. Or you might save his life. You write the story, not the developer. But let's step away from the stage a bit. Our alien friend tends to be glitchy and laggy at times. I can't tell if this was intentional or not, but it bars this game from a perfect gameplay score. When we need to block a bullet, we can't always be there. The metaphor loses meaning if the player isn't given free will. At the same time, I can say that if the controls fail us, how is that not like an uncontrollable force in reality? We can't control everything. Nor can our alien. Although, he does get an adrenal boost when the tank fires a shell. So, too, can we push ourselves.

Visual: 5/5 ImmorTall has graphics that not only catch the eye, but work perfectly with the game's philosophical viewpoints. One thing that definitely needs to be noted is how the colors change in the background. When the alien crash lands on earth, everything is black and grey, painting a bleak and dismal picture. But as the girl approaches him, things begin to lighten up. The rays of hope shine through and, as spend more time with the humans, we find that the sky's colours will change to suit the mood and feel of each emotion. Have you tried to save all the humans? Have you let them all die? Watch how the settings change and find your own metaphor. Another important detail is that all the characters are in black. Every sprite is dark, as well as the land you walk on. Our characters and stage are cold as night, so we must too know that there is bad in everyone and everything. Finding the white goodness in each being is a matter of perception. Once you find something great in someone, be they from Earth or elsewhere, run with it. The Alien has a white blob in him. I didn't think of it as an eye.

Audio: 4/5 Audio is always one of the pivotal points for me in any game. First off, we have a mute button. So if you aren't liking the music or SFX, you can toggle it off. However, since this game is short and uses all it has to paint a picture, I recommend leaving the sound on. Something that struck me in this game is the noise that bullets make as the strike the Alien. They're musical, albeit sad. I think we can all draw a conclusion from this. Each bullet is a wound, but what difference does it make when you can't die? When you are immortal, why not throw yourself in front of every bullet? Because in doing that, we kill ourselves from the inside. We can't truly live our life for others, because then we give it up. Those who are "immortal" can throw away their life by taking on everything. Pay attention to the noises and music, and you will see what I mean.

Overall 4.5/5 One thing is certain by playing ImmorTall: You will gain nothing by taking it for its face value. Sure, to most this game was nothing more than a waste of 3 minutes, walking in front of tanks and soldiers. But if you stop and think for a minute about any one detail, you can see that there is more to this game than meets the eye. The greatest thing about a game like this is that everyone will interpret it differently. Maybe this game is a representation of something happening in your life. To me, I've never seen the phrase "You can't spend your life trying to please everyone." displayed so well. Don't play this game; Live it.

If you have any remarks about this game or have any personal questions about my interpretation or relating to this review, leave a comment below. And if you still think this game is worthless and boring, let me know. I'd love to prove you wrong.


Current Kongregate Score: 3.75

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^_^ (Sushi Cat Review)

I'll be completely honest with you here for a minute: I'm not the nicest guy in the world. At least when it comes to rating games. Hokage's been telling me to write for the site more, and to get geared into that "Writer mind-set", I've been reading some of my past reviews. I think "Brutally Honest" would be an understatement most of the time, so I want to change that. Forget turning a new leaf; I'm turning the whole tree. I'm going to be one hundred percent nice with this review. No foolin'. Sushi Cat (Gratuitously bestowed upon Kongregate from Armor Games) is without a doubt the cutest flash game I've played since... uh... Dark Cut...Yeah, that sounds about right. Sushi Cat a creative blend of casual gameplay, strategy and old-fashioned fun that can only be topped by my morning cup of coffee.

Gameplay: 4.5/5 The whole time I was playing Sushi Cat, I kept thinking of that one woman on "The Price Is Right" who was so excited to play Plinko that she nearly fainted in front of the cheering studio audience, grasping to Bob Barker's suit in an attempt to stay conscious long enough to actually get those chip thingies. So, what's the only thing better than classic day time television game shows? That's right. Kittens. Gaze in amazement as your kitten gobbles down raw fish bouncing to the crates below. The gameplay in Sushi Cat is that time-tested luck/skill mix that will have you on the edge of your seat, waving your hands and praying to the feline gods that this cat will fall into the 200 point crate on the bottom. I can't award a 5 here, sadly, because I feel like there could have been more done with the power-ups. The Dragon Cannons in stage 3 encourage the player to pay close attention to their skill shots, and anything that gives a little bit more interaction in cat movement is a good thing. With more ways to affect the outcome of a launch (A power-up that would make your cat float upwards would be neat. A balloon would be a great icon for it; Cats love to chew on those things), and some other minor tweaks, Sushi Cat would be arcade perfection.

Audio: 4/5 The music in this game is really something else. If you have it muted, take it off for at least a little bit. Since you are usually stuck watching your cat rebound off the same wall, you might as well have some good tunes playing. And Sushi Cat delivers. If I read the credits right, Run To Japan did the music for this game. Kudos to them. The sound effects aren't bad either, though I doubt they got a condenser mic and boom to catch the real sound of a cat gnawing on an onigiri. Authenticity is a good thing, people!

Visual: 4/5 This is where I'm torn. One on hand, a lush and scenic background would clutter the board, confusing the player into thinking that there are rebound platforms where there really aren't. However, I think more could have easily been done to make the game aesthetically pleasing. For starters, when we get to the third zone, we find our fat feline hero at a carnival. Why not add in pinball bumpers and bright lights, while having a black or dim background with stuffed animals hanging from a string? Maybe this is just me, but the stages didn't always seem to fit with what was going on in the storyline (Which was incredibly sweet, by the way). If this game gets a sequel, this would be a great thing to keep in mind.

Overall: 4.5/5 Sushi Cat is one of those few arcade gems that I think everyone should give a try. It has lots of appeal, be it cute, funny, or just outright fun. With no time limits or pressure (Other than a hungry stomach), this game is great for the casual flash gamer. There were a few moments where my cat would get so massive, it would get stuck in the stage. I had time to get up and use the bathroom once during one of the later levels while my cat was still running. I think the only thing keeping this from serious acclaim is the inability to affect a drop once it's started. I'll keep hoping this game gets a sequel, because it'd be so easy to make. And a level editor wouldn't be a bad idea either. Impress your friends with your cat bouncing skills on your own custom stage. As a final note here, I think adding in a list of bonuses would give the player a little extra goal to shoot for. Did you know? You can get serious points if you get a cat in each box in one level.

So there you have it. A "nice guy" review from a brutally honest dude. I feel refreshed and renewed! Like I'm some kind of...Sweetheart. Anyone for sushi tonight? ^^

This is DoctorAutopsy signing off, saying: Please think of the pet population. Spay and neuter your pets. They'll thank you for it.

Current Kong Score: 3.94

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Cherishing freedom above all else (excluding treasure, booze, women, fighting, and more treasure), the scurvy pirates sail the seas in search of adventure and glory.

One fateful morning, a violent storm blew Auger and his crew's ship off course. They sought refuge from the weather in a rocky cove of a small, uncharted island. It was there that they discovered an ancient treasure fiercely guarded by Ranec Vest, the ghost of a fabled captain from generations past.

Ranec challenged Auger to a pistol duel, to which the mortal captain emerged victorious. Bullet-ridden but otherwise still sentient, Ranec relinquished his treasure to Auger's crew, then accepted an invitation to join their ranks.




Wake the Royalty Walkthrough

Tasselfoot's guide on Wake the Royalty.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Sheep Home Walkthrough (All Levels)

My walkthrough on Home Sheep Home.

Larger chat!

If you like to chat more than you like to play, or if sometimes you prefer to chat than to play a game, here you have the "Full chat"! It's a 'game' on Kongregate in which there's just a chat. But this has already been created, so what's the difference? This chat is very big. It's large enough to occupy nearly all your screen and if you just want to chat it's more comfortable than a regular game's chat. This has been created by SavageWolf. These are the steps to be able to chat in a large chat:
  1. Download Firefox if you still don't have it
  2. Download Greasemonkey
  3. Click this link and download it
  4. Play the game "[chat]" and you'll be able to chat in nearly full screen
I hope you like it!

Click this to see how the chat is.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flood Fill Walkthrough

Here's my video walkthrough of Flood Fill:

Screenshots for addition help:

An interview with Kralis

User: Moderator Kralis

1) What is the origin of your username?

I got my username from an unhealthy addiction with Runescape. I was into ranged attacks and there was an armor set belong to the Burrow's brother Karils. I liked the name, so I changed some letters around and got Kralis.(It may be Barrow's, I forgot)

2) Who do you think is the funniest kongregator?


3) Do you have an absolute best friend on kongregate?

Yeah. Several. Ljrules95 and iwannakissthesun.

4) xxAchillesxx: noob or cool dude?

DAT DOOD IS TTLY KOOL. I love him loads.

5) Favorite celebrity?

I don't like celebrities. They're boring and uninteresting, and they annoy me tons. :P

6) What color underwear am I wearing?

None I hope! :P

7) Do you have a favorite kongregate game? (Excluding the battalion games I know you love so much XD)

I love MARDEK: RPG Chapter 2; even though i've only played it once. Dino run rocks, too!

8) Favorite Kong chat room?

The Red Bucket of course. The room I own! :D

9) Do you think Ljrules95 is hawt?

ppp, yeah he is sooper hawt, but not as hawt as the_squall.

10) What is your favorite animal?

I'd say the snake though i'm generally frightened of them.

11) Favorite sport?

Tennis. :P

12) Can you picture yourself 10 years from now, jobless, with only 1 hobby/activity: modding kongregate?

Reluctantly no.

13) Do you wish to stab me? *talks about Battalion games*

Yes! With a rusty blade! :D

14) What Kongregator would you rather marry: The big hunk o' man-Gryljams or that hawtness-old_brown_shoe?

Neither. :P

15) Last question...Did you enjoy this interview?

Yes actually. It was fun!

Hope you enjoyed my first interview for KCG!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 Differences

5 Differences is an amazing game made by the awesome developer Ivory, and it's his first game in the "X Differences" series. Complete with beautiful scenery, some humor and a melancholy mood, 5 Differences is one of the most interesting games on Kongregate.

5 Differences is an amazing puzzle made by the great developer Ivory, and it's his first game in the "X Differences" saga. Complete with beautiful background, some humor and a melancholy mood, 5 Differences is one of the most unique games on Kongregate.

Anyway, because many of us don't want to have to spend an hour staring at one level, badly wanting to hit our heads against a wall, here is a guide for if you're stuck at one part.

Each level has a certain amount of differences possible, though only five will be included. Here is a list of these possible differences, so you can find the ones

Level One

- The 'C' in 'Differences'.
- The man on the bench.
- The birds.
- One of the branches of the tree, in between the two upper branches.
- Top of the tallest building.
- The tree's shadow.
- The nearest line on the sidewalk.

Level Two

- The man in the yellow's sandals.
- The red and orange paint buckets.
- The man in the brown shirt.
- The green and yellow paint buckets.
- The lines on the sidewalk.
- The building closest to the tree.

Level Three

- The robot's claw.
- The robot's glasses.
- Part of the bushes, near the tree and almost directly above the sign.
- "The Grass" on the sign.
- The sun and the cloud.
- The very upper right tree.
- The third tree right from the stairs.

Level Four

Note: All differences are located on the sign (which happens to be a reference to the song "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead, by the way).

- The dot between "Park Area".
- "Be a patient better driver".
- "No more microwaved dinners and saturated fats".
- "No killing moths and putting boiling water on ants".
- "No bad dreams".
- "Trash bins are for park use only".
- "Pets must be kept on a leash".
- "Become fitter, happier, and more productive".
- "Keep in contact with old friends".
- "Never cry in public".
- "Not paranoid".

Level Five

- The third plant to the right at the bottom.
- The shadow of the bridge.
- One of the smaller dark gray rocks between the walking sign and the bridge.
- The dark gray rock in between the bunch of three plants and the bunch of two plants, again near the bottom.
- The rock in the bottom left.
- The grass at the base of the bridge.
- One of the tiles on the bridge.
- One of the two buttons on the top of the sign.

Level Six

- The sign next to the stairs.
- The shirt of the man with the light.
- The top left tree.
- Another of the top left trees, this time the color if it's leaves.
- The skinny tree right of the stairs.
- The shadow of the guitar player.

Level Seven

- One of the bases of the steel pillars.
- PM graffiti.
- The top of one of the buildings.
- The upper left cloud.
- The bottom of the red trail coming from the hard.
- The drips coming from the big splotch at the bottom of the heart.
- One of the buildings in the reflection, near the man.
- The bolt at the very left.

Level Eight

- The tile nearest to the tree.
- Cord coming from the tree, near it's shadow.
- Lines of the bench's shadow.
- One of the chords hanging of the tree, near it's upper base.
- The top of the very left building.
- The smallest cloud.
- The little... "thing" hanging off of the tree, near the tree's upper left.

Level Nine

- "On the soles of your shoes?" Right under the large "GOT DIAMONDS".
- The buildings over the got diamonds sign.
- The doors on the building with the number (the number depends on how many differences you have left).
- The bottom of the door near the hitchhikers thumb.
- The backpack behind the hitchhiker.
- The model behind the hitchhiker.

Level Ten

- The right stocking of the girl.
- The lock on the door.
- The top of the girl's umbrella.
- The tile above the door.
- The upper part of the long pipe.
- The window.

Level Eleven

- The third bird above the billboard.
- The buckle on the billboard.
- "... or don't".
- One of the pillars holding up the billboard, towards the left.
- A batch of bricks on the wall, once again near the left.
- One of the birds at the right of the wall.

Level Twelve

This one is a bit tricky.
To make it clear, the 'black' tiles are the darker gray tiles. Just so it isn't as confusing.

- The shadow under the man's feet.
- The batch of four tiles (three black tiles around one gray one) near the top.
- The black tile near the very left - center of the wall.
- The black tile nearest the man's sign, to the left.
- The black tile nearest to the left of the man's feet.
- The four tiles very near the two tiles mentioned above.
- The line of the sidewalk located very much to the right.

Level Thirteen

- The gray tile right of the window.
- The gray tile above and to the right of the window.
- The gray and black tiles to the very bottom right.
- The gray wall inside the house.
- The man's foot.
- The buttons on the TV.

Level Fourteen

- The arrangement of tiles under the window.
- The black tile barely visible to the lower right of the window.
- The black tile to the upper left.
- The pick-ups on the guitar.
- The base of the light.

Level Fifteen

- One of the stars directly above the sign.
- The star to the upper-right of the number on the horizon.
- The "soon" under "come back" on the sign.
- The tree to the right.
- The line on the road, to the right.

And that's all! Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough!
If you have any questions, or I missed something, just leave a comment and I'll respond as quickly as I can!

Dotville Deluxe Review

It's good to be king! Or at least, it seems like that would be the deal. In any case, Dotville Deluxe is a pretty original civilization game, starring a small... dot who has big plans of starting his own kingdom! Starting out as a mere civilian, you work your way up as your community grows larger and more powerful.

So the gameplay is pretty basic. You have the options of building, trading, build your army and overall attempt to do whatever will let your civilization grow. You can build farms, which increases food for dots and trade, marketplaces, which increases your amount of 'bucks', a mine which produces iron, and a 'smithy' which is for weapons. You can trade, which is basically another way of buying, since money is really the only thing you're using to purchase. You can choose the 'army' button, which increases your dot troops, a 'food rate' choice in which you can increase food for your villagers, you can raise or lower the tax rate, and lastly you can make the expensive choice of upgrading your fortress. The game's simplicity makes it fun, and especially easy to get into.That being said, it's easy to get out, too. There are a number of ways you can lose the game, which is why keeping you must keep your dots healthy, happy and free from harm. It's your job to be a good, friendly king who is good to his people.

The illustrations are fairly basic, not sleek nor ugly. It's your standard, fairly-scraggly flash animation that is sufficient for any Flash game of this kind. The set-up is extremely easy and uncomplicated, which does good for the game overall. The only issues of ambiguity is within the game mechanics, where losing can seem simultaneous, which seems to be the game's biggest flaw when you begin.

For this type of game, it seems you lose too easily at first. Everything will be going well, and suddenly you find that your dots run away to never return, and you don't know why. For some it may encourage you to figure out why you lost, and how to prevent it, but for others it may be a large turn-off. It really depends on how much enjoy games like this. This is essentially why it's important to go through the instructions. (it's even in red)
Pros and cons:
- Simple
- Challenging
- They're dots, that's enough

- Ambiguous at times
- Repetitive

One of the game's biggest problems is that it gets repetitive very quickly. While being simple is good at the beginning of the game, it can also be a problem if it limits the game's growth. The game turns out to be a bit more suiting for those who have the patience to sit through the same style of levels over and over for a while, with slow progression.
It's sort of Travius like, without actually being online. Sometimes it seems like you're doing nothing to get nothing as an outcome, which can be a flaw in a lot of games (perhaps in games in general).

ANYWAY, the game is definitely a lot of fun if you've got patience and some time on your hands. Working to the 50 turn mark can be tedious, but it's definitely quite satisfactory when you make it. The game may not be as good as some of the more polished and intricate Flash games out there, but it's definitely pretty fun.

I'm going to go ahead and give it a 7.5/10!
Play Dotville Deluxe on

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MegaDrill Walkthrough

NOTE: At the moment, only the video portion of the walkthrough is complete. Give me some time to finish the written guide.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Balloon in a Wasteland Walkthrough

My walkthrough on Balloon in a Wasteland.

Only purchase items from the 'Gun Shop'.
1. Fully upgrade your starter weapon.
2. Buy and fully upgrade a revolver.
3. Buy and fully upgrade an Assault Rifle.

You should be done by the time the next 'Gun Shop' comes by.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Elements, by zanzarino, is the game that has been badged today. Elements is an online CCG (collectable card game) in which there are different elements (time, water, darkness...) and different game modes (PVP, PVP Duel...). In my opinion, it's much better than Kongai. And also, one of the best things of this game, is that its content is 100% free!

The goal in this game is, as in every other card game, defeat your opponent. To defeat your opponent you must use different strategies and cards. If you defeat your opponent you'll get money and if you lose you'll lose it. With money you can buy and upgrade cards; you can also sell cards if you need money or don't need a card.

Quick review
Sound: This game's music is nice and relaxing to hear, and it's the sort of music you get in such games, which is good. Its sound and sound effects are awesome as there are sounds for every small detail like playing a card, "killing" a card and other nice effects in-game, 0.9.
Difficulty: Its difficulty is okay, as it's not too hard to get all the badges, it's just that you have to spend more time playing to get them. It is good in a way, as it's easy to regain money if you've lost or spent it all, 0.7.
Graphics: The graphics are very very nice, as all the cards have a different drawing. These card drawings are also very well drawn and they have been professionally drawn by experts. Also, the quality of this game by zanzarino is very good. I must say that the graphics are one of the best game graphics I have ever seen, 1.
Gameplay: Playing this game is fun once you understand how to play it. It's addictive and exciting. This game is a fast card game, which makes it even better as you don't have to wait much, 0.8.
Controls: The game only needs to be played with the mouse, which makes its controls good. Understanding the instructions is harder, though, but there are several similar card games in real life which are played similarly, 0.9.
Total: My total rating for this game is 4.5 / 5. I really liked this game and think the best thing of it is the whole concept of card games and its graphics. Kongregate's rating as of 12/02/2010: 4.35 / 5.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Straight From The Shoe's Mouth: Interview with Ghostlygamer



Origin of Kong username?

-Well there isn’t much to my username. For the first part of it, Ghostly, I guess I’m kind of sneaky and quick, so I thought that word fit well. The Gamer part, sounds good, with the double G’s, (GG). Also b/c I’m a hardcore gamer.

Favorite game on Kongregate?

-Currently Anti-Idle: The Game but for real games I’m really into Super Stacker and Perfect Balance games. (Puzzles)

Favorite Chatroom?

-The Van

Favorite mod/admin?

-Used to be solprovider, but he was de-modded on 12/18/09. Now I’d have to say ether JetLag, oink, or chitown

Favorite band? And song?

-Pants on the Ground!

Favorite Sport?

-I play soccer, swim, sail, tennis, and golf. (competitively) and all the others for fun. I’m currently in the middle of swim season. With the 2 practices a day and 2 times a week I weight lift, I’ve had little time for Kong lately.

If you could see any 2 mods fight who would it be and why?

-I think it would be great if knio and oink would fight. They have always been the best of friends and the chat would be really confusing as to who is saying what.

What qualities make a good user?

-Friendly, active in the community, and uses proper grammar/spelling

What qualities do you think make a person a good mod?

-Someone how is the life of chat. (in a good way of coarse). Someone who knows a lot about everything that’s going on in the outside world, and can talk about those things in a mature manner.

What’s the best thing about Kongregate?

-Games and community.

Tell me how many hats you have in your home?

-I’d say about 400 or so. My dad brings about 5 home a week from his job at espn. He says, “their free! I can’t just let them go to waste.” Now our game room out back it over flowing with hats.

Which color of umbrella do you like?

-Basic red’n’white stripped. It doesn’t really rain much where I’m at.

What do you often eat for your breakfast?

-Cereal, Golden Grams, Cin Toast Crunch, Life, Honey Bunches of Oats, Frosted Mini Wheats, etc.

-Waffles w/ sasuage.

How do you rate me on a scale of five where five is the highest?

-You, OBS, I'd say a 5/5 from the conversations we have had so far. (not so many)

What kind of pet do you like?

-I’ve always wanted a baby tiger, but they don’t like snow. =(

Tell us about one of your worst habits or qualities

-Chewing on my retainer…

What would be your first question to the people of Antarctica?

-Why are you even here? O_O

Which is your favorite language other than your native language?

-Currently taking French as a language in school.

How many times or how often do you take your dog out for a walk?

-Don’t have a dog

What was your most embarrassing moment?

-Kissing some girl that I though liked me. Oh well.

What was the funniest incident in your college/school life?

-Getting tackled by the gym teacher. Wasn’t funny at the time, but looking back on it, It cracks me up.

Out of your college/school experience which one do you think or rate as the funniest one?

-Ether the one above or when my friend threw a book at a teacher's head, and the teacher got knocked out. Haven’t heard from that friend in a few years though.

If you were a god what would you do to the world?

-Remember Charlie and the Chocolate factory……

Which super power would you like to have and why?

-Always thought it would be cool to fly.

If I took a look inside your refrigerator what would I find?

-V8, yogurt, eggs, and hot sauce.

If you are given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and specifically and why?

-I’d like to visit Beijing China. (During the 2008 Olympics)

If you are alone in a desert what will be your first thought?

-All those time’s I complained about the water being too cold, I wish I’d have it now.

Why am I asking you these questions?

-Interview for KCG

How do you tackle stress and define stress?

-Think about girls

What is your favorite book to date?

-Harry Potter.

Who is your favorite author and why?

-Jeff Smith. He’s funny.

Which is your favorite food item and why?

-Subways 5 dollar footlong, Meatball Grinder on Italian Herbs and Cheese. Makes my month water just thinking about it.

Do you speak with your pet?

-No pet.

During your childhood what was your favorite comic character?


Do you like Jerry or Tom?

-The mouse, I think that ones Jerry, I forget.

What video games do you play?

-Online flash games at

-Have a Wii, but never play it.

What would you do if you learned that your boat was out of oil?

-Swim to shore. It’d be a little warm up for the practice I’d have when I got back to shore.

What will your first thought be when you learn that you won a lottery?

-…$4,000 later, I finally win something.. YEAH BABY!!!

What will you do if you have million dollars cash with you?

-Put it in a bank…

Why do you think Charles Chaplin is famous?

-eww no

Which ancient place would you like to go?

-Ancient Rome

How would you react if you are transformed into a fish?

-Bet all the other fish in races across the fish tank.

Describe your personal life in one Kongregate phrase:

-Level up!

OBS here with another interview...Straight from the Shoe's Mouth