Saturday, February 27, 2010

Larger chat!

If you like to chat more than you like to play, or if sometimes you prefer to chat than to play a game, here you have the "Full chat"! It's a 'game' on Kongregate in which there's just a chat. But this has already been created, so what's the difference? This chat is very big. It's large enough to occupy nearly all your screen and if you just want to chat it's more comfortable than a regular game's chat. This has been created by SavageWolf. These are the steps to be able to chat in a large chat:
  1. Download Firefox if you still don't have it
  2. Download Greasemonkey
  3. Click this link and download it
  4. Play the game "[chat]" and you'll be able to chat in nearly full screen
I hope you like it!

Click this to see how the chat is.

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