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A Dragons Tale - 1.056 points

Hey this is quake showing you another nice difference game by DifferenceGames

Here a finished game on this video with 1.056 points

Review: Raider 1

Hello all! It's time for a review of one of the most anticipated games, by the superb developer Pseudolonewolf, known for making the famous Mardek Series.

Raider 1 is a simplistic, and totally difficult, platformer starting our spiny friend Arkus Zei, the space pirate. Hidden in different rooms are 4 relics, do you think you can find them all?

Now for our breakdown!

Audio: 10/10

Though Pseudolonewolf is mainly known for his games, few know he is also a great composer. The soundtrack in Raider adds mystery and adventure the game, and eggs you to go on. The music also doesn't loop too often, which is something that happens to often in games.

Graphics: 10/10

Perfect for any platformer, the graphics are very simple and pixelated, and most of all very themed along the game. Like all of Pseudolonewolf's games, the pixel graphics are perfect.

Gameplay: 10/10

The gameplay is really the best part of the game. At parts you will find yourself flipping switches and going back and forth, at others you will be climbing ladders to dodge evil ghosts!

Originality: 9/10

Many concepts in the game were new, but like any great platformers, often ideas and levels have been obviously inspired by other famous platformers.

Difficulty: 9/10

A perfect difficulty, that is, quite difficult! Nevertheless, the game is a bit shorter and less gradually difficult, but that is only to keep it open for the many sequels we will be seeing. Level 2 will be difficult, and level 3 is even going to incorporate icy platforms and more ways to die, so watch out!

Overall: 48/50

An abslutely brilliant game, and one that will be fllowed up by sequels I'm sure we will all be looking forward to!

Now, some screenshots!

Play it here!

"Which feature do you think should be added?" Poll Results

The results are in! Rather than announce the results the traditional way, I'll list all of the options (and percent of people who voted for it), along with the details on whether they will be added or now.

Staff Profile Section:
24 (19%)
This was the third highest voted for idea, and is likely to be added in some time. A lot of our writers/staff don't really tell much about themselves in articles, being that it isn't necessary. This section should give you guys a better idea of what we're like.
"Hot New Games" Section: 15 (12%)

This idea scored fourth highest, but is probably not going to happen. Being that this section on Kongregate is constantly being updated, it would take way too much time to update this section. Besides, the "Hokage's Picks!" section pretty much covers all of the best games for about a week or so.
A Donation Box: 3 (2%)

Scored the lowest out of all options. This won't be added for multiple reasons.
More badges in previous badges section: 32 (25%)

Even though this scored second highest, it isn't necessary at all. 25 badges is more than enough in the previous badges section to let you guys know which badges recently got released. If anything, go to the Kongregate website to see all of them.
"Game of the Day" section: 36 (29%)

Scored highest, and will definitely get added. It'll probably be located underneath the challenges, and be structured the same way. I look forward to releasing this feature.
A place for fan-art: 10 (8%)

Not enough fan art is sent in for this to happen- so it was unlikely.
None: 4 (3%)
There's no way we aren't going to add something new. ;)

Well, there ya' go! Expect a "Game of the Day" section soon, with a staff profile section within the next few weeks. Thanks for voting everybody. :D

Two games to this week! The Button Game 3 and Plumet

Hey this is quake showing you 2 new games to this week end.

The first, the button game 3, it's a game like buttonhunt, it's just to find the red button

Not so hard but fun, here is a walkthrough if you need it:

And the second one is Plumet, Which is on NewGrounds.

It's like an avoider, but consists in be always in the bottom without reach the top, it's really fun and challenging to get a new better score:

Here's my score, of 33401 ( 4th of all-time scores ) ( the video music is awesome! )

Top 5 Unlikely But Awesome Heroes in Flash Games

Heroes are our idols since the beginning we watched TV. From a young baseball player to an awfully British agent, they made us their biggest fans and we adore them. Yet, we have a few odd heroes who saved the world not through their brains but their stupidity, passion, and the heroic acts they must accomplish.

NOTE: I do not rank by how awesome the gameplay is but the characterization of these heroes.

5. The Hedgehog

Hedgehogs have been known to be smarter and much cooler than your average sugar glider. This hedgehog proved it; it wants to go to space. You are hired by a Nigerian prince in Minovia Cay to launch a hedgehog into outer space. With just enough money to hire a prostitute for a day, you need more to make this hedgehog dream come true. One of the best Flash games ever existed.

Some Comment (from Eyedol)

One small step for man, one giant leap for hedgehog kind

4. Alan Probe

Ever since the release of the epic surgery series, Trauma Center, there had been quite a number of surgical games like the Dark Cut series. Games like these let us dissect normal human bodies and experiment what does a defibrillator do without causing any harm whatsoever. Amateur Surgeon is a medical game where you use tools such as a Pizza Cutter, Lighter, and a Chainsaw. For an amateur surgeon, these tools done in an impromptu manner may save your patient's life. You surely will not need Vicodin for this surgery game. Side-effects include major lacerations and dying on the doctor's bare hands.

Some Comment (from Kenrulerdude):

If you want it less bloody, go play Mario. Do you expect a surgeon game NOT to have blood?

3. Kogent Knight

The greatest way to save a damsel is to be a knight. Yet, two plumbers saved a peach princess and drank it. However, there is still hope. A powerful knight, as short as the lifespan of an inside joke, will save the day as he ignores insignificant signs that read "beware of monsters". A truly dazzling display of courage and idiocy.

2. The Elephant

This is the touching story of a homesick elephant who must return home from the perils of Paris Hilton's world. As an elephant, you must avoid the dangerous paparazzi, my ex-girlfriends cars, and birds. It's short but it's as sweet as the scent of home and elephant poo galore.

Some Comment (from nerdrock101):

If I had the ability to cry, I would. The little blue elephant is my best friend. I love him. I wanna be the baby elephant of Elephant and his wife. SRSLAY. This game taught me everything I will ever need to know about life. You should make plushies. I would buy them in truckloads.

1. You

Avoiding the Grinning Collosus was tough and so was beating it.

Some Comment (TheLaughingMan):

took me hours to beat... now what am I gonna do with the rest of my day?

Friday, May 29, 2009

KCG Updated: 2009.5.29



KCG Writers Thread is now posted and ready to go. This will be the primary place to discuss articles on KCG, as well as future articles. I expect all writers to check this thread often. User requests should be completed prior to posting what you're interested in.


Make an article request at the KCG Writers Thread!
Now that this thread is here, you all have a nice place to make your requests.

- "Useful Links" was changed to "Useful Kongregate Links" to serve a better purpose. Previously, this section only had 3 links- Kongregate, Kongai (Which is now in a different section), and Kongregate Wikipedia. Rather than keep it as a small (and almost useless) section, I added some links to important pages on Kongregate.

Escape: The Bathroom Walkthrough

A guide by Tasselfoot on how to beat Escape: The Bathroom.

Axe Double Double Challenge

Sponsored by Axe Body Spray, a new "Double Points" challenge is up an available for grabs in the game Straw Hat Samurai. This game was given badges quite some time ago, but Axe is bringing it back by sponsoring a challenge for it. If you manage to complete the challenge and the "Double Pits to Chesty" after-game, you'll earn yourself an easy 20 pts.
Challenge Description:
Earn double the Kongregate points (2 x 10pts) when you complete 10 maps on Straw Hat Samurai and the "Double Pits to Chesty" move at the completion of the task! Double points sponsored by Axe Body Spray
This should take no more than a few minutes, and will reward you as if you just earned an easy and medium badge-20 pts. Please know that this isn't the first time Axe sponsored something on Kongregate. If you look in the "Games Spotlight" section, they paid to have the game Moto X Classic there also.

Johnny Rocketfingers 1 Walkthrough

Hello I was surprised to notice there was no JR1 or JR2 guides...So here is a guide for the first one. Hope you enjoy it!

I will soon make a Johnny Rocketfingers 2 guide later today....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tass Tips Episode 4 - Game Within Constraints (& Rubix Rage)

Tass: This is episode 4 of the Tass Tips series. I discuss some tips to think about when playing games under conditions you're not that comfortable with.
This topic is a bit short, I know, but I hope the last few minutes makes up for it. See 3 full minutes of Rubix Rage while I sit back and enjoy a burrito.

Sprout Walkthrough

Well I origanally made this video for JaumeBG for his Catalonia blog. But I noticed there wasn't a guide on here so here you go!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The X-Spot Walkthrough

A guide by Tasselfoot on how to beat The X-Spot.

From the Doctor's Office: Crunchdown

Mainstream is a word that only describes a select few games. Games that make the front page get lots of traffic and games with badges get even more. I do realize that not every game can get badges for this or that reason but that doesn't mean that we, as a big, loving, gaming family can't try games that aren't typically "Mainstream". If we don't play and love these games without badges, who else will? It's up to us to rescue and repsect these games without badges. In turn, they'll teach us to enjoy the ride, without gratification at the end. Now, before I get too philosophical here, I think it's a good time to point out that this game has more cussing and violence than you can shake a stick at. It's also got a few minor bugs and glitches and grammar/spelling errors that'll make your spell checker cringe. But that makes it charming and funny. The main premise of Crunchdown (By I_Smell) is to take down the mind control device causing people everywhere to kill each other in riots. You'll take it out by any means necessary, which will involve fighting and a great power up system where you eat environmental objects to get a power. This is similar to the Kirby Franchise, and yet is fresh and new.

Gameplay: 4.5/5 I'm sure everyone has played a simple beat-em-up game at some point in time. You've got your basic fighting moves by mashing buttons. At the same time, though, Crunchdown offers weapons and interactive scenery. See that beer bottle on the ground? You can pick it up and break it over your enemy's head for extra damage. For a flash game, I was really impressed at the variety of power ups in the game as well. You'll be eating everything from Fire Hydrants and Potted Plants to Dumbells and Mops. There are some minor issues when it comes to enemies however. I'd get a little frustrated when one of them became glitched behind a wall or off screen and I couldn't move on without killing him. You'll have to restart the section over, but since the game has a decent replay factor (trying to eat different items) you most likely won't mind playing a section or boss over again. There's also a small section in the game that needs to be noted: The Truck Scene. You'll take control of a truck and minigun and flee a semi that's firing lazer mounted on the cab. It's completely different and is a great change of gameplay.

Visual: 4/5 Crunchdown has the smoothest animations I've seen in a while. Punching and using powers are very silky and just look great visually. The enemies are very simply drawn, but this gives the game that cartoony aspect that one would expect from something so funny. There's a great variety of enemies (All of whom have very funny names), but the one that sticks out to me the most is the fighting hobo that stumbles out of the dumpster near the end of Act 1. The backgrounds and actual places where the fighting take place aren't bad looking either. The Gym was probably my favourite place to duke it out. Eating treadmills has never been so much fun.

Audio: 4/5 Fresh tunes from the Newgrounds database of music. It's great to see musich that really has a lot of time and effort poured into it. They always do a great job and Crunchdown's soundtrack won't disappoint. If you're perhaps in the mood for Elevator Music while killing people, feel free to mute the game. It's got the option to which is always a plus. As for sound effects, there's a decent varietey, though when you find yourself hitting someone broad side the head with a wood baseball bat, you'd expect a more dull *thock*-ing noise. Instead, all the weapons make this metal clanging sound that just seems out of place. Other than that, I had my sound way up for this game.

Difficulty: 4/5 When you first start Crunchdown, you'll get the option to choose how many lives you're awarded, thus making the game more difficult. The game also has achievements, which are challenging as well. It's great to try and get them all to see the rewards in the pause menu. I can't seem to get the Hat reward to work, though. Maybe it's just me. Since enemies will spawn all around you, you'll have to move quickly and pick which targets to fight. Or maybe you can flee the fray to get a new power. It's different every time, making for a great difficulty.

Overall: 4.5/5 This game is impressive. There are two things to keep in mind when playing it, however: First, the dialogue is ridiculously vulgar. Which is funny if you're in the mood for that. Secondly, expect some minor glitches and a little frustration. Since the game is relatively short, you'll have fun restarting a section. I know I did.

Ah, I guess I can add a third and final thing, as sort of a thesis to this post. Don't be afraid to try a game that doesn't have badges. You'll miss out on gems like this. Knightfall (Another personal fave of mine) is the same way. You'll see that real creativity can come in simple, underrated packages.


Kong Rating: 3.50

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Synapsis Walkthrough

Hi guys....Ok today I'm going to show you how to complete the game Synapsis and earn yourself an easy 30 points....

Monday, May 25, 2009

KCG Updates: New Writer, Upcoming Features, and More!

(Lets do this Kongregate style, shall we?)


- Chat room has been temporarily removed. It provided poor moderation features and highly lacks chat features. Expect a better chat to be up soon. ;)

- It would be my honor to announce that we have a new writer! AbuzedZebra is our new team member, who will be providing you guys with great new interviews weekly. As you can see, his interview with Doctor Autopsy is already posted.

- "Kongregate Multiplayer Games" section added. This section will contain all Kongregate funded multiplayer games (exclusive to Kongregate) that are published. Alpha/Beta sign-ups and games can be found in the directory provided.

- A "Game of the Day" section will be added soon. It will be very similar to the challenge section, with an image and the name of the game provided below.

- A staff profiles section is also likely to be added, but it wouldn't be for a few weeks, if it does get added.

- More badges in the badge section is unlikely to occur, since you can just check the badge section on Kongregate for that.

Bug Wars Walkthrough

A guide by Tasselfoot on how to beat Bug Wars.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

An Interview With DoctorAutopsy

My first interview with DoctorAutopsy. :)

Interviewee: DoctorAutopsy
Interview By: AbusedZebra

What is the origin of your username?: Haven’t a clue really. I’ve always been fascinated with medical sciences and I play piano for funerals for a living, so I’ve seen my fair share of dead people. What’s left to say but DoctorAutopsy? Plus I just think it’s a funny name.

What is your favorite chatroom?: I’m from General. It’ll always been my favourite room. Though The Abyss is a /very/ close second. I’m sure they’ll be let down to hear that, but I can love two rooms right? Right?!

Do you have a favorite game on Kongregate?: Knightfall. I still have the 3rd place All Time High score in Purgatory mode. >:3

Who is your favorite mod/admin?: - Checks Profile - Yeah, it’s still her. :P Don’t tell Welder.

Tacos or burritos?: Why not both? Taco/burrito pie sounds pretty good right about now.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not on Kongregate?: Singing, probably. That or writing. Or biking. Or sleeping.

Do you have a favorie user that is not a mod or admin?: He’ll probably give me crap about this, but I have to say Aeltrius. He stalks me around and calls me a bitchappple all the time. I do have a cult of stalkers as well and I love them as well.

Chuck Norris is coming towards you. What do you do?: Offer him tidings of a raw steak. If that fails, I’ll try singing to him. They say music calms the savage beast <.< Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise?: Is there a movie that both of them are in? I probably wouldn’t watch it.

What do you think is the coolest looking Kongai card?: The Promo of Blood Vial with the bats and spider webs. What, were you expecting me to name an Amazon because I they’re hawt? Think again!

Oh my God! It’s a dinosaur! RUN!: Don’t tell me what to do! – Is trampled -

Dr. Phil or Oprah?: Hm. Let’s get them to have a kid. I’ll watch that show.

What is (or was) your favorite subject in school?: Back in high school, I always loved English. Reading and writing is cool. Trust me on that.

Do a barrel roll!: - Mashes A Button – O.o

What is your favorite food?: Beets. Ask Noctu about that.

Do you love me?: - Hugs – Of course! I love every living being.

Pac Man or Tetris?: Hm. Let’s get them to have a kid. I’ll play that video game.

Do you have a favorite sport?: Lacrosse. Friend of mine gets tickets to Swarm games here in MN. It’s always a blast to go.

What is one divided by zero?: 42. It is indeed the ultimate answer.

Did you enjoy this interview? (Holds a gun to your head.): Yes. I did. And go ahead and shoot. Strike me down and I’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Garden House Escape + Magic Door Escape Walkthrough

Well, A new 2 good escape games arrive to kongregate, And I decide to help the people to beat the game, because the games aren't easy:

Cargo Bridge

A new and great game is here! It is called Cargo Bridge. This idea has been done before, but harder. This new bridge game has different things, such as wood boxes or some great cartoony graphics.

Your goal is to get the different material boxes to your house by making a well built bridge. There are different materials, sceneries, etc., which will make it harder for you.

Tasselfoot made these videos. Thanks again, :D.

I don't know if it's me, or there isn't any music. The rest of the sound is very well done, the sreaming, the bridges falling, etc., 0.7.
This game's difficulty gets harder and harder. The first levels are fun to do, but it then gets more frustating to try to beat the others, luckily, you'll get help by clicking the links to Tass' videos, 0.7.
In my opinion, the graphics are awesome. The bridges are very well done, so are the workers, etc.. What I also like is that if you do nothing on the main menu the workers play with yo-yo's, eat an apple and they also do many other things, which is great if you compare it to the same workers doing nothing and not moving. Great work in the graphics, 1.
The gameplay is nice. It's fun to try to make the bridges the best way you can and it maes you feel good when you've finished a hard level, 0.9.
About its controls. They are easy as you only have to use the mouse. As you might know, I love these types of controls, so, 1.
So the total of this game is... 4.3 / 5. I loved it. I fave'd it too. I didn't use to like such games, but I really liked this one.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Frustration 1+2 Walkthrough

While I was on the hunt for 'older games' to be guided through, I stumbled upon the new recommended games feature. Looking through the list of the 5 games I came across Frustration. After playing it I thought it was the perfect game to guide. But realising this game had a brother called Frustration 2, I had no option but to do both games. Clearly the 2nd Frustration was much harder than the first.......Don't believe me? Try them out for yourself.......

Shall there be a Frustration 3? We'll just have to sit back....relax and wait for more Frustration to arrive.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Learn to Fly - Complete Walkthrough

How to beat the game in 16 days:

Tasselfoot describes how to get 6k feet, and provides a video.
Strategy: After fully upgrading everything, let yourself go off the ramp normally at 6% resistance, glide for a few seconds to build height, then drop to 4 or 3% resistance. From there, use your rockets in small bursts to stay in the 130-150 speed range. You'll keep dropping though, but you should still be over 110 by the time you run out of fuel. Continue coasting, then when you start losing height, drop resistance to 0% to build up speed and get a good bounce off the water. Bounce, wait a second, then drop resistance back to 0% again. You should get 6000 before hitting the water a 2nd time, or if not... you should bounce a 2nd time and get to 6000 before hitting a 3rd time.
EASIER STRATEGY: Keep your wind resistance at 3% the entire time. Keep your speed between 175MPH and 200MPH. Doing this strategy should easily get you between 6,400 and 7,000 feet.
Getting 6,000 Feet:

The Scene Of The Crime Walkthrough

A guide by Tasselfoot on how to beat The Scene Of The Crime.

SHIFT 4 Complete Walkthrough

Tasselfoot created a complete walkthrough on the game Shift 4. Here's a list of each part of the game, with a link leading to the corresponding walkthrough.
Story Mode - Chapter 1
Story Mode - Chapter 2
Story Mode - Chapter 3
Easy Player Pack
Hard Player Pack
Story Mode - Conclusion

Amberial Axis Walkthrough

This is kongquake's video guide on beating Ameriel Axis.
Tame Levels
Skillful Levels
Mighty Levels (1-7)
Mighty Levels (8-13)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Interview With Kesse

Interviewee: Kesse
Interview By: Yishan

Origin of Username: I have 2 nicknames I used in SSBM: jizzy and kesse. Both come from me real name, Jesse.

What is with your unhealthy addiction to Taco Bell: It’s delicious and cheap. I’ve been ordering the same thing from them since I was 12…..good times.

Favorite Kongregate Chatroom: THE Gibson. It still exists……in my heart.

Favorite Kongregate Games: DTD1.5, Don’t Shit Your Pants, Take Your Canvas Bags To The Supermarket!

Sneaky Tactic to Get Modded: I don’t know to be honest. I see people getting yelled at all the time for mini-modding. Before I was modded I was the craziest mini-mod ever . William_Wilson liked it. I don’t really see the problem with it either.

Favorite TV Shows and Movies: Lucky Number Slevin and Boondock Saints. I haven’t watched TV in ages…..SO PASS! O SHI-! It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia!

Shamwow or Snuggie: Tiddy Bear. That and the WunderBoner are far superior.

Zaraki or Marh:
Kesse: I’ve never really talked to Zaraki! This is one sided. You planned this…
Yishan: How is this one sided? Zaraki shouts “Pew Pew” all day in his server, while Marh has a fanbase much larger than Bungie itself combined with Microsoft!
Kesse: Kesse: Zaraki = hamster. What do you expect?

Favorite Moderator and Admin: Damn. I talk to Alison and Ducklette daily. By talk to I mean annoy. I can’t pick between them, they help me out A LOT! Favorite mod would have to be William_Wilson. He taught me everything I know about this site and how to handle out of control users. Such an awesome guy…..too bad he left .

PC Versus Mac: I’m still a Mac n00b, but it easily wins! I still command + q on accident at least once a day though.

Threatened by Troll: Just on a daily basis…..I have many kesse fan alts that have such affectionate names I can’t say them on this website. Well, if I did I’d just have to ban Alison.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Small Favor Walkthrough

Everything else is covered in the official guide except the Blind Ambition Badge.
And so here it is:

Blind Ambition
- Kill Milos after he gave you the green vial
- Go to the scavenger and let him make a bomb for you
- Use the bomb on the Worm (and DO NOT do the chip quest first!)
- Go to the room with the coffee machine to get shot by a guard robot


Monday, May 18, 2009

Loops of Zen 3

Hey this is quake again, showing you the game Loops of Zen 3

Like you know, it's the sequel of loops of zen, the game badged with a lot of puzzle levels

I really enjoy this game, like the last ones, patient, calm, and just solve puzzles and puzzles.

Maybe it's a little repetitive for the people, but I don't find it repetitive.

Just to know, the game have always random levels, so here is a preview of what you should find in that game:

Enjoy it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Site Issues- Resolved.

Hey guys, many of you got disconnected from KCG just a few minutes ago. Well, the site's layout got totally screwed up so I had to shut the site down while I attempted to get the old layout back. I apologize for the inconvenience, but everything should be good now. If you find any site problems, please contact me.

All the best,

An Interview With JudeMaverick

Interviewee: JudeMaverick
Interview By: Marh

Origin of Kong username: It came from a game called Wild Arms 4. I was going to switch it to like “pokemonfan1993” till John McCain inspired me to keep it.

Favorite Chatroom: Mockingbird County is the sh*t. Feed the Ducks suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck

Favorite game on Kongregate: Tough one. Rockettack. As classic as the Beatles. Just goddamn amazing.

Best experience as a mod: Idling while people mod-calls you.

Least favorite gaming system; you know you have one: I do?

Greg modded a thirteen year old, JudeMaverick, as one of his first mods. Would you consider this a grave mistake on his part? Wait, who the f*** is Greg McClanahan again?

Something we may not know about you: I am a tree-hugging but stingy yet freedom-loving but authority-loving liberal.

You’re one of our oldies, how has Kongregate changed from back when you started: We used to have lots of awesome developers like jmtb02. I talked to him one day about the amazing qualities of AS4 in Extreme Missile Defense X-Treme 3D and he said that whenever you get it right, it e-hugs you. jmtb02 and I are now working on a game where Sonic beats Mario but later Pikachu beats it. It’s gonna be a great game, I tell you.

When did rick rolling stop being funny: The better question is, “When did Boxxy stop being funny?”

Your favorite person on Kong to bug without mercy: AlisonClaire… or Ducklette.

arcaneCoder vs. arcaneCoder’s dark and devious clone, who wins: NicolBolas

Have you ever been viciously clubbed by seals: No. Remember that I am a tree-hugging but stingy yet freedom-loving but authority-loving liberal?

Your opinion on the current economical crisis in the Bahamas: Same with Kongregate; dey nedz moar gurlz

Favorite forum section: Kongregate. The closed threads are prepostorous:


From the Doctor's Office: Learn To Fly

It feels like it's been ages since I've reviewed anything. Sure, it's been a rough week for me and all that rot. Work's been busy, people have been throwing garbage at me, and the name calling from random hoboes has really gone up. So when I come home and sit my world weary brow behind the computer, I load up a cute little game like this. Learn to Fly (By Light_Bringer and Max Games) is a game that we can all enjoy. Penguins are nature's little troopers. Had James Bond waddled instaead of sauntered, we'd be calling Penguins "Double O Sevens" undoubtedly. Though, I watched all the movies and he never seemed to have an ambition to take flight. Perhaps this particular penguin longed to 1 up Mr. Bond. Anyways, I'll bite my tongue (Er... Fingers) before I go off on a tangent about Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery and and that guy in the new 007 movies whose name eludes me. 

Gameplay: 4/5 Learn to Fly is simple for anyone to pick up and play. You've got a ramp, a glider, rockets and hope. Simplistic controls (Right arrow to pitch down, left to pitch up and spacebar to boost) makes for a smooth flying experience. At the end of each day, you'll earn money based on performance (Height, distance and flight duration) which you can then spend on upgrades. As your glider improves, you'll get a better spedometer. This is something I really appreciated, though I would've loved to see how far and high I was going during flight with the lesser models. Since you can spend your money how you choose (I.e: Forsaking air resistance for acceleration) the game has a decent replay value. Of course, you'll end up with everything fully upgraded and cut off at 6000 feet on the final ramp. One thing I would've liked to see, though, would be obstacles. Your only goal here is to fly as far or as high as possible, but what if there was a polar bear to twart you? It would've spiced the game up a bit, but it was still reasonably fun without enemies or obstacles.

Visual: 3/5 Not too much to see here, to be honest. Your penguin is stocky and adorable, and your gliders and rockets look... well... gliders and rockets. One thing that is to be noted is the clouds. They all have different facial expressions. Not that you can see them when you're flying by at 150 mph, but I could appreciate them when I was flying slowly. This game does however have very good cutscenes. The opening and ending were very well done, especially the scene where the penguin was flying into the sunset. In game, some iceburgs in the water or some floating buoy distance markers would've been greatly appreciated. Just because you're in a desolate icy wasteland doesn't mean it can't look good. 

Audio: 2.5/5 Drumbeats. That's what you have here, nothing more. Learn to Fly has next to no sound effects either. I was really let down by this. This game could've had different music after a set amount of days. Getting creative with the audio is a necessity for me to give a good rating. What's even worse about this is that you have no mute option. For those who want their own music, you'll have to mute your computer as a whole and get out a CD player.  The upside to this is that the Audio is the only issue I had with the game. 

Difficulty 4/5 Learn to Fly has a good pace too it. I finished at 28 days, which I'm sure is average. The game has no time limit, so you're free to play at your own pace. Want to get as far and high as possible every time? Go for it. Challenge yourself to finish faster and faster each time. Care to dive bomb your penguin until you have enough money for the one upgrade? All the more fun. Take your time. This game is meant to be fun, obviously, so enjoy the ride. It's also fun to see how far you can get with only one stat upgraded or with a poor glider. 

Overall: 4/5 Learn to Fly is a game to ben enjoyed and I did just that. You'll find yourself wanting to fly just like the unsung hero of this game. I can't wait to see the kids on the playground, jumping off the slide with an Estes strapped to their back. 

Well, that'll do it for now. Remember, everyone: Life is what you make of it. So soar and stuff. Just don't crash into any glaciers. Until we meet again, KCG, this has been DoctorAutopsy with another review.


Kong Score: 4.46

Mezzo: Winter Edition Walkthrough

Hi Guys. Today I'm showing you how to complete the 30 levels of Mezzo and earning yourself 15 points.

Short Analysis:

In Mezzo the aim of the game is to Remove all of the snowflake blocks to win. Swap blocks by clicking on any two that share a common edge. Blocks can be removed by aligning an EVEN number of similar colored blocks between two snowflake blocks. If the number of blocks you remove is ODD a new snowflake block will be created in the middle.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pirate Defense

HeroInteractive brings us a new game. They bring us a strategy-defense game with some tweaks, there are loads of traps, there are pirates and there's a song when you finish the game, I'm talking about Pirate Defense!

This game's about pirates. Pirates and tower defense games. It's a nice mix, I like it a lot. You can build traps, towers and block paths for the evil pirates to die upon you.

Well done, Tasselfoot, once again you provide the video to this guide.
The 101

Hard mode

The sound. Personally, I didn't like it. The ending song was a bit bad. It's lyrics are good, but I don't like pirates' voice. Anyway, the rest of the sound is good, the traps sound, the arrow shooting sound, etc., I liked those, 0.7.
Its difficulty wasn't hard. The medium badge, the easy badge and the card were easy to achieve, and both hard badges can be done with walkthroughs like the above, 0.9.
I loved the graphics. Cartoony graphics are my favourite. Also, the pirates, the traps, the towers, the main menu are very well elaborated, 1.
"Awesome" or "Great" would be how I'd classify this game's gameplay. It gets harder, but it's very nice while you play it and everything goes how you've expected. It's also quite easy to understand, 1.
The controls weren't the best. On the good side, I like them because they are simple. But on the bad side, I don't like how you have to make triggers or lures to atrap the pirates, though that might be more on a different side that isn't controls. It's just clicking, whic is great, 0.8.
The total of this game's rating total, in my opinion, is 4.4 / 5. It's a very good game. I sincerely loved the mix between tower defense and pirates and traps and everything else.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Nodes Walkthrough

Hi guys, It's me ljrules95 and today I'm doing 'Nodes' the walkthrough.

Before you watch it I just need to remind you that I used new recording equipment, and I accidentally cut out the ending of level 6 and level 9. Sorry!

Short Analysis....

The game Nodes is based on using red 'nodes' which are connected to each other, and move them around so that they cover the blue dots within the game. There are 20 levels all together and 2 difficulty levels. As you progress through the game the levels get harder. Which means more nodes to move and more blue dots to cover. 

Enjoy the walkthrough!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Minim Walkthrough - Levels 1-35

This is a video of Tasselfoot beating levels 1-35 of Minim.

From the Ninja's Cave: Turnz

"Turn left!- No, turn right! No- JUST TURN!" In Turnz, you'll be left wondering which way to turn in order to guide these little alien blocks to safety. It's not as simple as rotating the screen, might I add. You'll eventually approach obstacles such as rocks, death blocks, and more. Can you make it past each level in this teeth grinding puzzle game? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

When you first
begin to venture into this game, you'll be provided with a tutorial and a nice storyline along with it. After learning the basics, you'll also notice that this game's style is much similar to other puzzle games, but with the finishing touches of flash game graphics and controls. Enough of the jibber-jabber, time for the review!

Gameplay: 4/5 This game offers some pretty entertaining and difficult levels, which makes it a hell lot of fun. (Yes, I said "hell lot of") There's 43 unique levels in this game, all of which are confusing in their own devious way. But, just like many other puzzle games, they can be easily solved with reason and thought.

Visual: 3.0/5
The artwork in this game reminds of of the graphics in Bloons and Bloons Tower Defense. The color scheme and design style just seem very alike. Nevertheless, they're still a nice sight and aren't too bad. A little more work could have been done on them, but they're still great.

Audio: 3.0/5 I actually like the music in this game more than I usually do, which is why it got this rating. Although it gets repetitive after a while, it's nice to listen to as you're trying to complete the tedious levels of this game.

Difficulty 4/5 Without a doubt, this game is difficult. All of the levels can be beaten with reason, but the overall concept and level design is quite complex. This game had me playing for a while before I finally beat it, and I'm sure it'll also have you doing the same.

Overall: 3.5/5 While I'm usually against puzzle games such as this one, I thought Turnz added a nice touch to a classic game which made me rate it as highly as I did. The gamplay is great, as well as the difficulty, and everything else is above average. There's always a great game or two that goes unnoticed, so lets not let Turnz be one of them.

Levels 1-15
Levels 16-30
Levels 31-43

Walkthrough Videos by quake.

An Interview With FuzzyBacon

Interviewee: FuzzyBacon
Interview By: Marh

So how did you find Kongregate: So my friend was playing a game on teh interwebs, and I thought it looked like fun. I googled the game (Generic Tower Defense, iirc. Was not, in fact, very fun). Google brought me to kong, which was badass, and like 3 days after that I had an account.

Who were some of your first friends on here: Phoenix00017 was my first friend, I think. After that, I think Blarlack and then I don’t know who else.

Rooms you like: Well, Ninja Chat always and forever. But sometimes I chill in FtD when it’s late (like 5am) and Ninja Chat is dead.

What sneaky tactic did you use to get modded: Well, I wanted to be a mod when I first got on the site. It was like that whole "Oooo! Shiny! mentality that pretty much everyone seems to have. I sent Phoenix a few pestering whispers back in January of 08, and he gave me some advice, which I took to heart. Maybe 2 months after that, I stopped trying, and started just enjoying the site for what it was, and that was awesome. Then, back in October, Confuzzledmaniac offered to nominate me, and I asked him to do it at some random date in the future, but then he told me anyway once he had nominated me. And then he told me that I got rejected, and I was a little bit depressed, but mostly mad at myself, because it meant that I wasn’t being the best person I could be. At this point, I genuinely cared about the community, though, which was why I just swallowed my resentment and kept on keeping on. Then I got an IM client, stopped trolling in chat and got modded.

What would you say has been your most memorable moment as a moderator: That’s not fair, I’ve only been a mod for 2 months! I think it would be right after I got modded, when Phoenix asked if any of us had any questions, and I asked “How is baby formed?”

Bono or Jon Bon Jovi: The goddamned batman

Any mods that have a had a big influence on you as a mod: Definitely Phoenix and Blarlack, and awalters to a slightly lesser extent

Moneyz or famez: Money. I’m not big on the whole “people paying attention to me” thing.

Your in a room, and there is a spontaneous troll attack, your first move: Attempt to spontanteously combust. When that fails, I would probably use a crap-ton of ellipses (which I totally stole from blarlack)

So… uh… where did you get “fuzzybacon”: Well, I can’t say for certain, to be quite honest. I think I came up with it when I was coming home from school in like 3rd grade (9 years old), and I said “I am fuzzybaconpants!” for some reason that I really don’t fully understand. That became my “alter ego that’s exactly the same as me but less of an ass”, and then, about 4 years later, I dropped the “pants” because it wouldn’t fit in the entry field.

What would you say is your favorite thing to argue about in the Serious Discussion forums: Hmmm… Well, for a long time, it was religion, but now I spend almost as much time calling the trolls idiots as actually making statements about my views in those topics (I literally spent 2 hours doing pretty much nothing but that this morning). It kinda feels like I’ve said everything that can be said about that. So gay rights. I kind of feel like that’s the movement that will define my generation, in the same way that Civil Rights defined the baby boomers in the 1960’s and 70’s


Answer this question in the most ridiculous way possible: Lol. Actually, change my answer to “Cthulhu calls for you”. It’ll be more stoopid. All my long, serious answers desperately need some stupid to lighten the mood.

Any last notes: Eva! Can I stack rod’s sad-ass? Dork cats in a cave?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Interview With Googoolyeye

Interviewee: Googoolyeye
Interview By: re4beast

Origin of Kong username: When I was 6, my dad made me an email and it was googooly_eye becuase I used to always say it. It kind of stuck, and I still use that email! =D

Favorite game on kongregate: Have to be Luminara or Pyro.

Favorite Chatroom: The Underground (World 1-2), although Impossible is Nothing is pretty cool too.

Favorite mod/admin: Mod: Razzi3l zaraki Marh Admin: matt

Favorite rock band: I never was too partial to rock music, but Disturbed is pretty good.

COD vs Halo: I’d say Halo, because the first two were awesome.

The best mmorpg: Runescape.

Which do you follow more, college sports or major league sports: I follow Major League sports more.

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Team: Golden State Warriors

Something no one on kongregate knows about you: Well, something no one knows about me is probably something that shouldn’t be known, right? I’m not in high school yet.

You are the host of KONG, what are your expectations: Hmm expectations…..I want it to not fail? I also hope that less than 5 people drop out for personal matters.

What can we expect from KONG: You guys can expect a competition put together by an over-worked teen. But put together well! I spent some time on it!

Any significant prizes?: Classified. Amount of kreds

How will KONG measure up against the other competitions: I don’t think it’ll be perfect, but I think I say it’ll do fairly well.

Is there any clear favorite to win KONG and why: No clear favorite, but I would have to say AecTalek right now, only because he’s not freaking out over Kongai, and he’s like rank 30 at it. He also made it pretty far in the Gauntlet. But anything could happen, you know?

Emily vs Jim greer, who wins: Emily Greer because she’s a wimminz.

If you could see any 2 mods fight who would it be and why: zaraki, because he has a hamsta army….and Marh, because he has a grue army.

How would you bust out of a closet in a super cool way: I’d find the Kool-Aid guys and he’d bust out “OH YEAAAHHH” and I’d be in his pitcher!

If 2s a company and 3s a crowd whats 4+5: 4 a riot, 5 an orgy.

If 2+2 is zaraki and 3+3 is Marh whats 3×2?: 3×2 is a drunk Kyru.

A Small Favor

A Small Favor, Another amazing game by Zeebarf, it's a new point and click game, very innovative and pretty nice.

I'm really happy with this game, the story starts in a desert, where our hero, try to kill the senator to complete her mission, where the Worm will help him and the imprescindible help of a few characters more.

Zeebarf change completely the sequel of reemus and try this new innovative game, that I hope will be a badged game on kongregate.

My Review:

The sound: The sound as all the people now it's really important and I think in this case the sound it's pretty good, and the sound aren't repetitive enough, So I think 8/10

The Difficulty: Seriously this game have a really nice balance of the difficulty, knowing some old hard point and click game and pretty easy games, this game gives the player some interesting puzzles, but not really hard ones ( 10/10 )

The Gameplay and Controls: Imprescindible for the nice games, this game have a very simple controls, ¡ You only need the mouse ! ( 9/10 )

The story: It's a very good story and to be a short game, it's pretty executed ( 9/10 )

Graphics: Are pretty good but the last games I see have spectacular graphics, but this don't make this graphics bad, they're pretty good ( 9/10 )

The " problems " for this game, is a bit short!

4.5/5! Imprescindible game!


Here are some walkthroughs to the game, with two different ways:

First Way:

Second Way:


I'm very proud to see this game with badges. I was wishing it to have some since Oct. 31, that was the date of the walkthrough I made in the games forum on that same date. Luckily it now has some badges which will be simple to do for you if you follow my walkthrough whenever you need some help to pass a level.

Splitter is a puzzle game in which you have to split each piece of wood to make your smiley get the stars and reach the end of each level.

So here is a walkthrough to each of this game's 25 levels and each of its 25 stars:
  1. Hello, world!
  2. Hello, joints
  3. Slope
  4. Gates
  5. Catapult
  6. Grapple
  7. Table
  8. Domino
  9. Balconies
  10. Stack
  11. How u doin, joints?
  12. Pendulum
  13. Pit
  14. Driving school
  15. Road's repair
  16. Only one
  17. Rocks
  18. Wall
  19. Swing
  20. Elevator
  21. Pusher
  22. Connections
  23. Bridge
  24. Core
  25. The last one
This walkthrough can be also find here.

I like its sound, it has some nice music, In my opinion, it's nice, but I'm sure that many other people might not like it. The problem is, that the music is repetitive some times. The sound it does when you got to the end is nice to hear as it cheers you up, 0.9.
This game's difficulty isn't hard, but it gets challenging and you might need some help in a level or two, 0.9.
Oh, the graphics are just awesome. Your character, the smiley, is very well done, and the rolling eyes complement it a lot. The stars, the buttons and the knife are very well done. All I think it lacks, is a background, it's nice, but, Civiballs, a game with very similar graphics, has very nice backgrounds, not like this game's, 0.8.
The gameplay. It's nice and fun to play. It's a relaxing game and I really like it. It has some not good parts, where you'll think that this game is quite repetitive, but the first 15 or 20 levels are nice to play, 0.8.
It has some great controls. All you have to do, is click with your mouse, which is very simple and efficient, 1.
Now we know this game's total, which is 4.4 / 5, I think this game's a bit underrated. It's very nice and I think it's deffinitely much better than other puzzle games.

An Interview With Laxaria

Okay children, settle down. It is time for another in-depth interview from "Straight from the Shoe's Mouth". I'd just like to let you know, that this interview wasn't done by me, but my co-writer from my old Kongregate interview thread [which you can check out here]: JudeMaverick himself. Without further ado, I present you with an interview about our very own Laxaria.

Interview: Laxaria

What is the meaning of your name?
I kinda came up with it after thinking of a name for a friend. Can’t really recall how though anymore. =/

What’s your favorite Kongregate game?
Hmm, hard choice. There are so many good games. I think I like The Space Game, DTD, Minions, and Nabb’s Idle 2. Good job Nabb _

Which band is better: rubber band or elastic band?
Rubber, because rubber is elastic, but elastic is not rubber (o.O)

If I offered you a million US dollars but you need to join the Jonas Brothers as lead singer, would you accept it and why?
No, because what would I do with a million dollars that wasn’t earned through my own hands? I can’t sing anyways.

What would you do if you star an episode in Desperate Housewives?


If Jim Greer turned out to be Professor Dumbledore, what would you do?
Kill him.

Which option is better: writing Twilight or writing New Moon?
._. Umm, writing Twilight, because Twilight has a catchier title. Of course, that means writing a new book that does not involve vampires, girls and horribly cliched romance. If I had to rewrite the twilight by stephanie meyer… ugh…

When you write manuscripts, what kind of “help” do you use?
A dictionary and my head? I suppose. Writing is about penning down what you experience, for the most part, and not creating fantasy worlds out of nowhere. If you explore carefully, many novels share resemblence to real world places, like Eragon, for example. Some of Eragon’s landmarks are inspired by real life landmarks.

If Roald Dahl appeared in a sex tape with Eoin Colfer, would you buy it and why?
Roald Dahl’s a she? :o

If Professor Dumbledore created Edward Cullen, what would you do?
Get a wooden stake and pierce Cullen’s heart? Or garlic. Or something. Or maybe use avada kedavra or something. Or knives. And stabbings. Lots and lots of stabbings. evil grin

Complete the sentence: if fantasy is to sci-fi, then erotica is to ____.
Lax: o.O
Lax: weird much?
Jude: dats ur answer?
Lax: no im thinking
Lax: Like seriously, WHAT TYPE OF QUESTION IS THAT….?
Jude: It is a perfectly legit question
Lax: o.O
Lax: Next?
Jude: Fantasy is similar to sci-fi so what is erotica similar to?
Lax: sex? o.O

If I wrote a book, will you buy it?
Because you’re my friend. Reading it is a different matter.

One last question: what is the meaning of books?
What is not the meaning of books? Remove all meanings that is not the meaning of books and you find the meaning of books. :) PS: I am not responsible if you get a headache.

And thus ends another chapter of "Straight from the Shoe's Mouth". Thanks Laxaria and Jude.

Monday, May 11, 2009

An Inteview With The 3lder

Interviewee: The 3lder
Interview By: re4beast

Origin of kongregate username: I’m a fan of The Elder Scrolls series (especially Oblivion). I played it a lot. I thought it is a good nickname. My friends often use numbers instead of letters so I used 3 instead of E.

Favorite Game on kongregate: I don’t know… I have few favourites, but the best favourite is probably Majesty of Colors.

Favorite Chatroom: IiN ;)

Home Chatroom: The Balcony.

Whats a badge that drives you crazy: Hehe I’m playing P.O.D. right now and I destroyed the mothership the it destroyed my last building (game over unfortunately). But the badge that drives me crazy is the impossible in Tarnation.

What did you first do when you found out you were on the leaderboards: I knew that sooner or later I’ll be on the leaderboard. I was certainly satisfied that all my work hadn’t been wasted. Right now I’m trying to don’t fall out of the leaderboard.

How would you bust out of a closet in a super cool way: I take my BFG 10K and Quad Damage along with Regeneration and Battle Suit.

How would you repopulate if you were the last man on earth: I hate cloning ppl so that they would reproduce the population, however it’s difficult to reproduce population by 1 person ;)

What is something no one on kongregate knows about you: I always play on PC, I hate consoles. I have the sword (mouse) and the shield (keyboard).

If 2+2 is fish and 3+3 is Juice, what is 3×2?: Fish juice

What is your favorite type of internet Slang: GIRUGAMESH!

Barrel Roll or Ninja Dive: Ninja Dive

Greatest invention of all time: Internet of course.

What is your biggest fear: Darkness

Brain vs Brawn: With the brain you can (almost) always trick brawn. So I’d say brain.

ACDC vs Metallica: Metallica ftw!

What is a virtue for you: Virtue is an advantage.

If there was no Rick Astley, who would create the new “rick roll”: Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris vs Chuck Norris’s mom: Nobody talks about Chuck Norris dad’s power so I think Chuck Norris can win.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

ReviewTron -- Asteroids Revenge III: Crash to Survive

Hello again. As you can more than likely gleam from the title of this post, this is a review of the game Asteroids Revenge III: Crash to Survive. Asteroids Revenge III: Crash To Survive (Henceforth referred to as AR3) is an action game that is a spin off to the classic "Asteroids" game we've all played and loved. As you probably guessed, there's a twist. That twist is that instead of playing as the small triangle setting your phazers for Asteroid Carnage, you are controlling the asteroids floating around in empty space.

You're probably wondering how a game like this with such a simple concept could make it so far as to get achievements in the Flash game world. This game has so many elements that make it excellent, it's hard to believe it is even close to it's Asteroids brethren with the dull black and white graphics.

So, without further ado, let's delve further...

As you can probably see within the first few minutes of playing the game, the graphics are really up to par. They aren't anything 'spectacular' or 'new', but you can tell a decent amount of effort was put into them, and they really help the gameplay 'feel'.

I'd just like to take a minute here and go in-depth with the gameplay in Asteroids Revenge III. Really, you're smashing spaceships with asteroids. That doesn't sound like too much fun. The main powerup you have in your arsenal is ally asteroids. These orbit around the asteroid you control, and you can do a multitude of things with them, whether it be offensive or defensive. You can have them orbit your ship either tightly around the ship for defensive maneuvers or spread them out for more carnage. You can even click the mouse button, and the allies will not orbit you anymore and simply float around, smashing to their hearts content. The spaceships you are to destroy increase both in quantity and quality, so you are eventually fighting hundreds of spaceships at once. They range from lowly spaceships that don't move, and fire one shot every ten seconds or so to large mines that decimate anything that comes near. For every spaceship you destroy, you gain life and for every time you get hit, you lose life. The same goes for your allies, except they don't gain life unless you select that powerup. Which brings me to the powerups. After every stage, you can select one of five powerups:

Armor: Less damage from attacks
Ally: You gain one ally asteroid.
Size: Increases the size of your asteroids and adds life
Speed: You can move faster
Spin: Your allies orbit you faster.

You can select one of these each stage, and there is no "currency" or "saving up" or anything of that sort. You just pick one per stage, and you could pick ally every time if you wanted to, creating dozens upon dozens of warriors to use for offense or defense, or you could simply put everything into speed, making your asteroid lighting fast. This is why every game plays differently, and every player plays differently. You'll need to choose wisely, too, for the levels get, well, insane. Trust me, you'll have a nice challenge getting those badges. ;)

The sound, what can be said about the sound...Well, the music loop is just a smidge repetitive, but it's really good. The only other sounds you can hear are the "pewpewpew" of cannons firing, and the smashing of ships.

There isn't much else to say about the game other than what I've already mentioned.

As a recap,

Graphics: Great, but not spectacular.
Music: Fantastic, and the tiniest bit repetitive.
Gameplay: Phenomenal, and every player plays it differently.
Replayability: Great, you'll want to play it again as soon as you're done. :)
Difficulty: Quite challenging, especially if you're going for the badges.

All in all, a definite play whether you are going for badges, or simply to witness some asteroid mayhem.

(As a new 'ending', I'll try to leave you with a comment I find in the comments that sums up how I feel about the game in a sentence or two.)
Great game! runs well, pleasing graphics, easy to pick up, challenging without being a grind. really well done. ~Shaedo

Hehe, I think I might have accidentally published the post when it was supposed to be a draft, sorry about that if I did. xD

From the Ninja's Cave: Egg Defender

All my life I've fried, boiled, and consumed eggs as a delectable breakfast item. Now, thanks to the developers of Warb Games, I give you the opportunity to experience what it's like guarding an egg- the delicacy you once feasted upon so imprudently. Egg Defender will have you perilously fending off enemy birds, fretfully dodging the predators in your ecosystem, and just going insane with button mashing madness. If you thought birds just sit in their nests all day, nonchalantly keeping their unborn offspring warm, then boy were you wrong!

Starting as a penguin, your goal is simple- defend the egg. How you come about doing this is, well, not so effortless. No matter which bird you choose, it starts off relatively simple with
only an attacker or two trying to destroy your egg. After progressing through just a few levels, you'll begin to face other challenges that pose as a major threat to you and your off-spring. If balancing your egg's warmth and your own hunger while fending off other birds wasn't enough, now you must also avoid the "locals" in the area. And by locals- I mean merciless predators wandering aimlessly, destroying any creature that stand in their line of destruction. Luckily, they also consume your enemy birds.

Aside from the fierce creatures, this game will have you on your toes, or, erm... flippers. You'll need to have a keen eye if you and your egg is going to survive this onslaught of assailants. Always keeping an eye on your egg warmth and hunger meters is necessary to completing any of the levels, while carefully executing your keyboard strokes is a bonus for those harder levels. Only the strong will thrive under these conditions, so keep your mind focused, your egg warm, and prepare for a defense game unlike any other.

Gameplay: 3.75/5 You can't go wrong when deciding to give this game a good play. This game will have you doing just about everything. From fighting the terrifying cold of the arctic climate, to fight fierce enemy birds, this game has it. It also varies greatly as you progress through the levels of each scenario.

Visual: 3.25/5
From a glace, the artwork is very basic, but congruous to the structure of this game. The appearance of the creatures are quite entrancing, and pleasant to the eye without causing too much lag. You'll become admiring of the presentation given soon after starting your gallant security role in this adventurous journey. I mean, who could resist the plump birds in this game? Even the predators are charming! Simple, but enjoyable, artwork as shown in Egg Defender are both gorgeous and appropriate to the game itself.

Audio: 2.75/5 I'm honestly not a huge fan of the audio. The quality is "Okay", and it can get a bit annoying overtime. Luckily there's a mute button. I mean, it's overall good, but just not appealing to me. The audio is really a matter of opinion, since I tend to dislike most of the audio presented in flash games.

Difficulty 3.5/5 The controls are relatively simple, keyboard to move and spacebar to slide, but can be a bit tricky to those who are new to this kind of movement. "Easy to learn, difficult to master" is what I describe the controls as for games such as this one. As you progress through the levels in this game, you'll find that it's not as difficult as you previously thought.

Overall: 3.25/5 When I stumbled upon this game, I honestly expected it to be a low quality basic game. The plethora of dimensions to this game that are only found in great games amazed me. I was in awe after I played through those first starter levels, an advanced to the levels that included much more challenges. Games with similar gameplay can be found in various video games, but I never thought I'd see it be presented in a flash game- especially the way it was in Egg Defender. I hope this peachy egg defense game serves as a spacial "tweet" to you, as it did to me.