Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Interview With 00_Juice_00

Interviewee: 00_Juice_00
Interview By: re4beast

Origin of username: I’m fairly certain I was drinking a Hi-C at the time of the choosing. Don’t judge me.

Biggest Regret: Not opening my relationship with joshhh to the public, I guess.

What is the best invention ever: What the hell kind of question is that? Uhh. Yeah. Roidhogs. Nullz has it right. Keeping the world Camelbull free since the beginning of forever.

Lets say KU got blown up, what is the best college EVAR: I know you’re hoping I say Bullsh- Sorry. Boston whatever University. But it’s still KU. ALWAYS REMEMBER. /salute

If you aren’t on Kongregate you are?: Doing whatever smalltown Kansas kids do in their free time?

If I make another Wizard of oz reference you will?: Slap you

Why did the chicken cross the road: He was getting the hell away from a Missouri Tiger.

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