Saturday, May 23, 2009

Frustration 1+2 Walkthrough

While I was on the hunt for 'older games' to be guided through, I stumbled upon the new recommended games feature. Looking through the list of the 5 games I came across Frustration. After playing it I thought it was the perfect game to guide. But realising this game had a brother called Frustration 2, I had no option but to do both games. Clearly the 2nd Frustration was much harder than the first.......Don't believe me? Try them out for yourself.......

Shall there be a Frustration 3? We'll just have to sit back....relax and wait for more Frustration to arrive.

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Anonymous said...

Just having quit the first game at level 8 with 302 mistakes (I think), I can appreciate that you've gotten pretty damn good. Still, maybe it's easier with a mouse than on a laptop touchpad?