Saturday, May 9, 2009

5 Old-School Games That are Better than Hero's Arms

Many people consider Hero's Arms as "old-school liek snes adn all of doze kewl nintando gaems". They're wrong; there are better games that are retro-er than this 40-hour grindfest.

Inquisitive Dave

A puzzling game, one could say. It is one of the better adventure games Kongregate had to offer.

Flight of the Bumblebee

Taking the song's title literally, this is a copter clone but with the obstacles synced to the music.

Understanding Games Episode 1 Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4

Before Shootorials came Understanding Games, a three-part game theory class. The series explores the fundamentals of game theory principles in a fun way and are more educational than your everyday professor.

Gamma Bros

In the same veins of Gladius and Zero Wing other shoot-em-ups, it's one of the most challenging games and has a slick, clean 16-bit look.

Mardek Chapter 1 and 2

When I think of SNES, I think of EarthBound. When someone asked me if "earthbund is on kongegate?!?!", I replied, "The original game isn't here but there's a Flash game here that copied one tidbit of EarthBound's genius plot devices: humor." Mardek copied EarthBound's parody humor and incorporated into a storyline filled with knights, dragons, and lots of water. This game series beats Sonny 2 anytime.

Thus, Hero's Arms ranks deep below over these SNES-like games in terms of graphics and gameplay. Please don't say "hero arms is da best snes-liek flash gaem in da world!!!' again.


hokage4354 said...
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hokage4354 said...

I change my previous comment. After reading this through more thoroughly, I think it's a nice this to have on here. It's different, and speaks the truth.

Anonymous said...

Amen, couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

The tone I got from this article is one of "I'm right, they're wrong, nyah!" Really, you could've sounded a lot less like your opinion is the right one.

Also, why did you say that Mardek is better than Sonny 2, when this is about old-school games better than Hero's Arms? Did you think taking a cheap swipe at one popular game wasn't enough?

Anonymous said...

Personally, this article seems nothing more than a cheap swipe at a game you don't like. Not only do you come off as someone who thinks his/her opinion is absolute, but it weakens your argument that these 5 games are better than Hero's Arms.

You don't go into much detail into any game mentioned, and your only argument against Hero's Arms is that it's a "grindfest". So what? I don't mind it so much as it tries too hard to parody RPGs, particularly Legend of Zelda. And you take a cheap potshot at another game, Sonny 2, at the end. That's not the game we're talking about! If you want to make a half-assed list of games better than Sonny 1 and/or 2, then do so.