Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Review Subject -- Epic War 2

Alright, now that the holiday season is (mostly) over, I'm here with another review. This time it's for the game "Epic War 2", which is the sequel to a game greg called "The best ever" and is this week's challenge. So, let's get to the part where I give my opinion on the game.

Before I begin the review, just let me say that I'm going to place a new section in my reviews called "Review at a glance" for those times when you don't have the time to read the full review, or you just want to hurry and play the game. It will be in red, and bold, to stand out. :)

Graphics: (8/10) -- The graphics in the game are very good, especially the backgrounds. The backgrounds are very artistic, and I could spend an entire battle lost in the swirls and depths of the art placed behind the action. The units themselves, however, are not amazing. They're not "bad" persay, just bland. They don't "catch your eye". Summary: Don't expect any special graphics other than the backgrounds, which are amazing.

Sound: (6/10) -- Sound is pretty good in this game. The main problem with it is the repetitiveness of the music. I just find myself not being mesmerized at all by the music, and I just sort of forget the music is even playing. The sound effects, however, are pretty good. They serve their purpose and match the mood of the game. Summary: Music = repetitive.

Gameplay: (6/10) --
The gameplay would be amazing in this game, if not for three key factors ripping it to shreds. Number one: The autofire. To purposely put it in there is just to ruin your game. Secondly: Monotonous gameplay. If rudy_sudarto would have put something in there to keep you playing, it would have been much better. Third: Weak unit spam. You can autofire your bow for half an hour while charging mana, and unleash a barrage of your weakest units. Insta-win. Insta-wins without challenge makes for horrible gameplay. Summary: The gameplay is good for a while, but just gets boring and has a few factors that ruin it if you play long enough to notice them.

Controls: (9/10)
-- Controls are excellent. The reason for them being excellent is because you can control the entire game with the mouse, or play the whole game with a series of hotkeys if you wish. Summary: If you are worried that the controls will suck in this game, don't. You can play the entire game with the mouse OR keyboard.

Difficulty: (5/10)
-- This game is laughably easy if you combine two of the game's fatal flaws: Autofire and weak unit spam. The bosses do, however, provide some challenge. Summary: It's an easy game, but the bosses are hard.

Replayability: (6/10)
-- I haven't exactly beaten the game, but there are three different races to play as, and eighteen levels per race. If you want to get maximum play time out of this game, you can get three playthroughs out of it. That should be enough for a pretty good score, right? Wrong. Playing those eighteen levels two more times after beating the main game is very monotonous. But, since there is so much to do in this game, it scores a six. Summary: You can play through the game as three different races, so if you want to play this game to 100%, it might take you a good bit.

Final Score: 40/60 -- 3.5/5 (4/5 rounded)

Epic war II is definately worth a play, and the replayability is really good if you like the game. The controls are excellent, yet the game has three main flaws gameplay wise. The main two of those three being autofire and weak unit spam. The graphics and sound aren't anything special, but the backgrounds are splendid. Epic War II is not a hard game, aside from bosses.

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