Sunday, December 14, 2008

Review Subject -- Pel

If you like retro-style graphics, retro sounds, pong-esque gameplay, and frantic button mashing to bounce some brightly colored pixels across the screen, Pel is the game for you.

Graphics: 8/10 - Can't go wrong with retro style graphics, and this game is just that. Your character, the bar at the bottom of the screen, isn't an intricately designed character model, or a convoluted patten, it's just a bar. A grey bar. Your goal is to get the brightly colored squares from one side to the other, and the squares leave colored trails as they do so. All along the way it is beautifully animated.

Gameplay: 9/10 - As I've said in the past: Simple is good. This game follows that rule, and it pays off. The game's play consists of moving a bar from the left, middle, and right sides of the screen, bouncing Pels, or little squares, across the screen. There are powerups for you to get, such as "Double Paddle", "Extra Life" (You get to miss three Pels, then game over.), and "AutoPilot". As you play, the gameplay gets a lot harder, and you find yourself dashing to get to the Pels, just before they fall too far down.

Sound: 6/10 - The sound is pretty cool, although after about ten minutes of gameplay, the constant beeping noises get very annoying. The reason they get annoying is because the entirety of the sounds are different tones of beeps and boops. Luckily, there's a mute button.

Difficulty: 9/10 - If you get past a score of 30,000, and you still think the game is easy, I bow down to you. This game is really hard, or it gets to be. As you play, the difficulty steadily rises, and more and more "pels" are crossing the screen at once. All the time you are frantically mashing left to right and back left again desperately hoping your bar will reach that blue Pel before it falls.

Replayability: 10/10 - The game is insanely hard. After you lose your final life, you'll find yourself panting and ready to smash your keyboard into oblivion. Yet you play again. Always hoping to get a higher score, and even when you succeed, you play again. No matter what, you'll always keep coming back to Pel trying to get just a little higher score.

Score: 42/50
Final Score: (Not an average) -- 4.5/5

In conclusion, Pel is a fast-paced game that will always keep you coming back for more, despite it's very annoying sounds. Every time you come back to play again, you'll witness again the great animation and graphics, as simple as they are.
Pel is definitely worth a play, at least, if you haven't played it already.

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