Friday, December 19, 2008

Unofficial Kongai Tournament
- it is a 3 card tournament
- no double elimination + “best two out of three”
- room for 32 players this time. If I don’t manage to gather enough participants, I’ll cut it down to 16.
- normal decks this time. There were many complaints during random deck tournament (that luck is decisive when it comes to randomization of decks)
- It will take place on 27th of December, time: unknown yet, I’ll let you know in couple of days, place:Room 40
- Make sure you know when the tournament starts in your time zone. There are always problems with that.
- In order to participate, you have to have at least 500 rank points, at the moment of registering.
- If you’re late, you have 5 minutes to show up, then you are replaced.
- You can join even though there are no spots left. You will be put on a reserve list. All guys from the reserve list are supposed to appear as well.
- Let me know if you cannot participate.
- That was never specified earlier: draws count as win for both players.
Good luck and have fun for everybody that's participating

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