Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Picks- Epic Win Games!

Last Weeks Picks: The Line Game: Orange Edition, A Crow In Hell, The Great Sperm Race , Arachnid Wars 1.5 , Germz!

The New Picks:
Sonny 2: Sonny 2 is a combat based RPG where you play as a Zombie, level up and gain items to advance to the next Zone.
Hunter Trainer: Shoot target as fast as possible, and use arrow as least as possible
Desktop TD Pro: Long time coming, but it’s finally here. Desktop TD Pro welcomes you to unlock the 24 custom Scenarios, think up devilish new modes in the Sandbox, race for your life in the Sprints and out think others in the Multiplayer.
faze: Everyone else is doing it.
Aero Fighters: Aero Fighters is a vertical shoot’em up. Enjoy this awesome shooter :D

Two new anticipated releases!

Hi there. All you Sonny fans or Desktop Tower Defence fans may want to pay extra special attention to this post if you haven't been on Kongregate in the past two days. ;D

That's right--both the highly anticipated Sonny 2 and the much loved Desktop Tower Defence's 'sequel' came out yesterday. (In fact, they were within two game submissions apart.) So for all you fans of either of those two series, go open them up and get cracking!

But wait. There are a couple minor drawbacks, as with all good things. First of all, Sonny 2 has the "Hyrdaulic" class restricted to ArmorGames only, so don't expect to be playing as him. Secondly, Desktop Tower Defence Pro has an option restricted in Sandbox mode. (That option being 'starting money')

Regardless, go stop by Kongregate and check out the new games!

From The Doctor's Office: Death Vegas

Las Vegas: A place of gambling, vices, stories, and some good old fashioned ass kicking. Death Vegas (Fresh from AdultSwim Games) is a retro and noir fighting game that claims to mix puzzle elements right into gameplay. This intrigued me (Being the puzzle fan that I am) so I came with high expectations and in hopes that Sin City wouldn't let me down. Sadly, this game isn't up to snuff when it comes to the puzzle elements, but I guess I really can't feel too shocked by that. First and foremost, Death Vegas is a fighting game. Only this, and nothing more. So should you play Death Vegas, or spend your time at the Roulette table? Let's find out...

Gameplay: 3/5 When it comes to fighting games, I love options. Having different characters with unique moves can keep any fighting game fresh. Death Vegas hosts 9 different characters and 8 stages for them to beat the living snot out of each other on. There's also training and two player mode for those who want to challenge themselves. So, you'd think that with all these options, you'd have a lot of fun. Normally, this would be true. But each character is almost exactly the same. The special moves vary from character to character, but essentially, everyone has the same basic attacks (High, Mid, and Low) and speed. The whole game seems to be focused on blocking your opponents attacks, which is actually quite fun but loses its novelty after time. Eventually, you get stars so you can enter hyper mode, which unleases a flurry of attacks at your opponent. If you're on the butt end of this, you'll need to memorize the attack order to protect yourself. Supposedly, that's the puzzle element in gameplay, but it's still really just the same thing. However, Death Vegas is very fast paced, and I really got into it. Especially when an opponent would get a perfect block. It's frustrating, but you'll really want to lay them out with an uppercut after something as humiliating as that.

Visual: 5/5 Maybe this is just my love of the anti-hero, noir style. And maybe this is just my love of Black and White movies. Whatever the reason, I think that Death Vegas is a beautiful looking game. In game, the shadows and backgrounds make it look like a gritty scene, which works great for the game's storyline and style. Each character has their own colour too. They have one item that's coloured and their attacks feature that colour too. The menus have a great look to them as well. The character drawings look gorgeous on the Selection screen, and the minor details of each stage are great. Just don't spend too much time looking at the background while your opponent wails on you though.

Audio: 4/5 The in game music in Death Vegas is interesting. It changes depending on which stage you're brawling on, and ranges from lounge music to metal. If you don't care for it, there's a mute option in the pause menu. The voice acting is really great as well. Each character has their own attack sounds and finishing taunt. The only issue I really have with the audio is that when you're finishing someone with a combo, they'll scream over and over again. This gets annoying, but really isn't that big of an issue. Luckily, the sound effects and voices can be muted as well.

Difficulty: 3/5 With this being a fighting game, the player can select the difficulty. Meaning that if you're playing Death Vegas for badges, you can set the difficulty to 1 and breeze right through. Level 15 difficulty is frustratingly hard, on the other hand. Your opponent will block every attack, and you'll have to do the same until you can get enough stars to get a combo, which will probably just be blocked as well. Since Death Vegas is essentially a "Block-fest" you'll be doing the same thing, no matter what the difficulty. It just depends on how frustrated you want to be while you're doing it.

Overall: 4/5 I was able to get into Death Vegas. At the core, it's a very simple game with very repetitive gameplay. The controls seem to be a little delayed and there are other minor issues, but if you're in a mood for a simple fighting game with some button mashing involved, give Death Vegas a shot. At least it looks good, and isn't as frustrating as it could be. I'll probably be loading it up to play a few matches every now and again when I feel in the mood for a quick fighting game. Even though the controls are a little annoying, they're at least easy to learn, which is good for the casual player. One last thing. This is with ease, the best game by AdultSwim on Kongregate. Sadly, that's really not saying much.

If you're gunning for that "3 Hit Mode" badge, I'll leave you with a tip: Use a character with a counterattack. It makes it laughably easy. I know I said I was going to review Orbital Decay, but since they updated it, I had to scrap my draft of my review. Nothing like starting from square one. Until next time, KCG!


Kong Score: 3.66/5

Monday, April 27, 2009

Buttonhunt 2 Walkthrough

Buttonhunt 2 Walkthrough:

Stage 1: Click the button.
Stage 2: Click the down arrow on the left side of the remote, click the button.
Stage 3: Click the button in the middle of the arrows twice, wait, click the button.
Stage 4: Click shopping channel, click the red button, then click it again in the menu.
Stage 5: Drag the ship and avoid asteroids, click the red button.
Stage 6: Click the fish in the water.
Stage 7: Swing the club; click the button on the score board.
Stage 8: Open the garbage can, move the trash until you see the button, click it.
Stage 9: Plug the cord in, click the button.

LITERAL THINKING: Move your mouse off the screen, and go around the rectangle. Click the red button.


Stage 11: Click the grenade that’s thrown at you. Click the button made from the blood.
Stage 12: Click the S, the NA, then the CE, finally click the button in the water.
Stage 13: Put the lights in from left to right. Click the middle of the lights.
Stage 14: Keep clicking the robot.
Stage 15: Drag the ammo into the gun. Pull back the top of the gun, click the safety lock just above the trigger, pull the trigger and click the button.
Stage 16: Shake the Can. Click the button.
Stage 17: Put the 2 quarters in the machine, not the dollar, click the button button, click the side of the machine to make the button fall, click PUSH, and click the button.
Stage 18: Hold sonic where the coins keep coming from. Wait till the red button comes.
Stage 19: Trace the notes from left to right, click the rose that’s has the button on top.

LINEAR THINKING: Pull the top off the safe, click the button.


Stage 21: Click the gasoline can, click the logs. Click the matchbox, click the match, rub it on the box, put it on the logs. Drag the food to the fire, click the top of it when it gives big, and click the button.
Stage 22: Remove the lid, click the box twice, take out the bottom shoe, click the ball that the man has on the shoe.
Stage 23: Take out the light bulb, put it down. Take the blue light bulb, and put it in. Click the button.
Stage 24: Click drain, click the button.
Stage 25: Click the man’s hand, click the button.
Stage 26: Click the arrows quickly (not arrow keys); up, left, down.
Stage 27: Grab the button, drag it to the box, open the box and click the button.
Stage 28: Click the scissors, drag the packet to the left, pour it in the cup, click and drag the water to the cup, click the spoon and click the arrows; right, left, right, left. Click the button.
Stage 29: Grab the knife and trace the circle counter-clockwise. Click the yellow circle after that and pull the knife out. Click the lighter and drag it to the candle. Drag the candle into the pumpkin. Click the light switch and then the button.

CONCRETE THINKING: Drag the left stone and put it in Anubis’s hand, drag the right stone and put it in his other hand. Click the grey empty space. Avoid the bolder or just take your mouse of the screen. Match the squares where they belong. Click the grey space. At the top you should see a face with a red eye, click it.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Buttonhunt Walkthrough

Stage 1: Click the button.

Stage 2: Drag the T.V., click the button.

Stage 3: Move the match to the string and click, click the button.

Stage 4: Click the 2nd button in the suspect row.

Stage 5: Click the button anyways.

Stage 6: DO NOT PRESS RESTART; click the button that’s in the top corner.

Stage 7: Trace the path from Capn’s Rock to the X, it will turn into a button. Click the button.

Stage 8: Go to the green square, either complete the maze or hit alt and go to the red button and click it

Stage 9: Go to start, all programs, button, click the button.

Stage #10: Click the basketball players body.


Stage 11: Click the catapult.

Stage 12: Put the ammo in, fire the gun 3 times and click the button.

Stage 13: Click the rain square. Click the button.

Stage 14: Click the ⇓ arrow, click red, click the circle, click the button.

Stage #15: Click the green button on the remote, then the down arrow twice, then the green button again.

Stage 16: Hover your mouse over the yellow block, click the button.

Stage 17: Click the word “buttons” in the book.

Stage 18: Place bid with 5 seconds, click the button in the box.

Stage 19: Drag the line over to the other satellite, click the button on the screen.

Stage 20: Click the match, rub it on the side of the box, light the Pink Panthers cig, click the button.


Stage 21: Shoot the red target.

Stage 22: Grab the top tool, cut the guy by tracing the dots, and put the tool back. Grab the bottom tool and click the star, return the tool. Grab the left tool and pick up the red button and place it on the bottom right side of the tray, put the tool back. Take the right tool and sew the guy back up, return the tool, and click the button you took out of him.

Stage 23: Take the battery out of the left headphone and take the battery out of the pack and put it in there. Click the button on the bottom of the note.

Stage 24: Click the ship on the bottom of the screen 3 times.

Stage 25: Move the magnify glass to the second to last insect (the one with the button).

Stage 26: Click the second choose.

Stage 27: Drag the dynamite to the yellow box on the safe, click the red spade, click the top of it, click the thing on the right side of it, put it on the dynamite and click the button.

Stage 28: Quick press the arrows (not arrow keys); right, up, click the button.

Stage 29: Click the man’s fist, then the other, and then the pocket of his hoodie. Click the button.

Stage 30: Click the red square and click when it’s in the yellow circle, put it back. Grab the green square and put it in the yellow circle, put it back. Click the blue square and put it in the yellow circles and return it. Grab the knife and trace the path going counter-clockwise and put it back. Click the button.


New Feature

At the bottom of the page now a song is featured to play only if you want it to. I'm just trying to do little changes to keep you guys happy. There is also a new poll on the right side panel about whether or not we should keep it. Vote on it and let us know. We will also start to have polls on which song should be featured for every week. There will be four choices to choose from of the most popular songs in America. But we are only going to do this if you vote on that poll. So get to it..... no seriously do it right now!

P.S. Back in black is featured only because its a pretty good song and it is just an example of what is to come. It is under the page hit count at the very bottom of every screen.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Open Doors 2

The second version of Open Doors is here! Open Doors 2 is out, and with badges too!

You have to go through doors with your square to get to the cross to finish each of the 36 levels this sequel has.

Much better than Open Doors (1), in my opinion.
With better graphics, with a high-definition gameplay screen. It also has nice borders, doors and your character, the square, is nice too, 1.
The sound is a bit disturbing, I don't like it, it's supposed to be relaxing, but I don't like it much, 0.4.
I'd classify this game's difficulty as medium, it's very easy to get the 2 medium badges andthe card, but quite challenging to be able to finish the game, though it's not impossible either, 0.8.
The gameplay is good, like its prequel. It's simple but challenging at times, 0.8.
This game's controls are pretty much similar, or even the same, as its predecessor, but that doesn't make it be bad, as they're both very good yet simple, 0.8.
So, the total of this game's rating, is a 3.8 / 5, which makes it a good game and a good choice, but the sound wasn't that nice.

Tasselfoot gives us another walkthrough, which is greatly appreciated, like always. This walkthrough can be found on ArmorGames, or you can go here for the first video, and here for the second one.

From the Doctor's Office: The Great Siege

It's been a long weekend. My vacation didn't pan out due to car troubles and I decided to go into work. Needless to say, I had lots of time on my hands. So what better way is there to kill some time than fueling the war machine? Dive into 15 battles with your loyal troops, who await your command. Along the way, you'll develop a sprawling village into a glorious city and command post for your warring genius.  Sounds great, right? The Great Siege (Presented by ttback) isn't a terrible passtime,  but it has a few flaws that really hinder it from becoming something great. So let's get to it and dissect this game together:

Gameplay: 3.5/5  Most every one I've talked to has compared this game to Epic War in some way or another. The concept is the same in both games; Defend your castle with a manually controlled armament, and build troops to fight incoming enemies. You can upgrade your defenses and catapult with gold and resources you collect throughout the battles. Once you build it, you'll have access to a Market, where you can turn your hard earned cash into points or resources. This will help you build up your defenses even faster. The main issue I had with this game was how slow paced it was. For about half of the battles, enemies will walk slowly, while you can easily fire at them with your catapult, which can be controlled by arrow keys or mouse. I wasn't a fan of the menu system either. You have to open up a menu that obstructs the entire playing field to choose what allies to recruit or command, which can make battles take even longer. All in all, the game is fine, but just difficult to play at times due to it's interface.

Visual: 4/5  The graphics on this game really captivated me. I'm a sucker for bright colours and pretty buildings, and the Great Siege delivers just that. The City you build from the groud up looks great and each building it detailed quite well. As you upgrade your catapult, it literally tansforms each time. The missles you shoot change, as well as the wall defending you in battle. At full upgrades, they look beautiful. The enemies don't look half bad either, though they have choppy movements at times and many of them look very similar. 

Audio: 4/5 The music in this game is quite good. I'm fond of the music when you're looking down on your town, which is probably the best music in the game. Enemies make cartoony noises when they attack, but at least each one has its own noise. The game has a mute feature, but it mutes both the music and the sound effects together. Not a major issue, but sometimes, you just want one or the other. 

Difficulty: 3/5 I'd say that the game doesn't really pick up until level 10, out of 15. Meaning, you've got only 5 really challenging battles. Before level ten, the game is a real grind. You're simply shooting enemies with a catapul over and over, sending an occasional troop when necessary. The Great Siege has very little replay value because of this fact. Those last five levels can be tricky, though, if you don't have everything fully upgraded. Ideally, I'd like more content. 15 battles really isn't enough the serious gamer. Though if you're looking for a more relaxed War game, The Great Siege is perfect for you.

Overall: 3.5/5 Let's face it: We've all played war games before. And a lot of them are similar. The Great Siege isn't particularly the greatest one, but it's far from the worst. If you've got some spare time, it's worth a play. Just don't get too frustrated when you have to send your same Elf Warrior into battle again and again and again.

Well that's all for now. I'm gonna be tackling Orbital Decay next, the other game I played over this weekend. And after that, I'm open to suggestions. Let me know if you'd like to see a game reviewed, I love playing most anything. Until next time, KCG,


Kong Score: 3.93/5

Monday, April 20, 2009

Me and the Key Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to beat the popular game Me and the Key.

  1. Click the alien. Get the key.
  2. Click all the orange balls. The last one has the key.
  3. Click all the aliens till you see the one with the key. Get the key.
  4. Click the green shoot many times. It will grow and bear fruit.
  5. Click the fruit so they drop to the floor, and then click them till you find the key.
  6. If you move the top layer of wood to the right, you’ll see a hole. When you move each panel to the left again, move the panel underneath it. You will see the key on the right.
  7. Hit all the blocks with the ball till you see the key.
  8. Move the aliens out of the way. The key is behind the last one.
  9. Click all the spots on the ball so they are all white. Get the key.
  10. When an alien appears on a TV screen, click it. It’ll stay there. When you click all of them, the last one you click will have the key.
  11. Pull the rope. The key is on the other end.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gemcraft Prequel released! (Along with short review about said prequel)

This may be old news to some of you more frequent Flash Game players, but just to inform those who don't already know: GemCraft Chapter Zero: Gem of Eternity is released! It is currently available only on ArmorGames (to my knowledge).

While I would love to shut down my laptop and go hit the hay, I would feel bad leaving this new post with only a small paragraph of text. So, I'll type up a short review of the game and tack that on too.

Graphics: 9/10 -- Spectacular graphics, with all different colors, hues, and shades. I have one minor gripe though: They seem to get a bit bland after a bit of playing the game. They are fantastic at first sight, but there is little to no variety to the graphics other than color.

Sound: 3/10 -- Where the game really lacks. Little to no sound is present in the game, and the only sounds available are repetitive, droning sound effects. For example, the map screen is nothing but a steady breeze-type sound effect. While in battle, the only sounds are noises of your gems attacking (very repetitive indeed), and whatever else you may be doing such as combining gems or dropping gem bombs.

Difficulty: 10/10 -- Wow. There is just so much to do in this game, it boggles the Flash Gamer's mind. Lots of levels are present in the game, along with nine different modes to play each level on. That alone offers a very hefty sum of playtime, but did I mention there are a LOT of amulets? You thought the original Gemcraft had a bunch of amulets, just take one peek at the prequel's. Just at a glance, I'm going to have to go with around one hundred amulets are present, most likely a lot more.

Gameplay: 9/10 -- Very original gameplay, and a lot more strategical that it's predecessor. It's gameplay is similar to that of a Tower Defence game, but with some slight RPG elements. The one flaw here is that it gets a tiny bit repetitive after a bit of playing.

Controls: 10/10 -- The mouse, coupled with Hotkeys for everything you'll need. What more can I say?

Overall, I'd say this game is just about as close to perfection as any Flash Tower Defence game can get. The controls, difficulty (and for that matter replayability), and gameplay are all flawless. The graphics are great, but get boring after a bit. The downfall of this game is by far the sound. Hardly any is present, and the remnants of the sound you will hear will make you want to hit that mute button faster than the sound reaches your ears.

Here's the review in a word: Play it. Now.

Play Gemcraft Chapter Zero: Gem of Eternity now!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whiteboard Tower Defense Walkthrough

Today I'll give you a Walkthrough for Whiteboard Tower Defense which will give you the Hard and the Easy badges, I'm not sure about the medium, though. If you need help click the links, which are images, I would recommend you to see all of the images.

Obvious steps: Go to "Play" and click "50 Hard Levels".
Level 0: Make a few Peon Towers at the left.
Level 1: Make 2 more at the side.
Level 2: Build 2 Peon Towers below the previous ones.
Level 3: Build 2 more.
Level 4: Make 4 more of them like in the image.
Level 5: Build 2 more like in the image.
Level 6: Build 2 above the previous.
Badge acquired! Marker Sniffer Badge (easy – 5 points)

Level 7: While you're doing the level, build 2 more Peon Towers like in the image.
Level 8: Make 7 of them at the right of the previous ones.
Level 9: Build 4 Peon Towers like in the image.
Level 10: Make 1 above and 3 at the right side leaving a bit of space between them.
Level 11: Make 6 more of these towers below, put the last 1 a bit to the left.
Level 12: Make 16 Peon Towers and place them like in the image.
Level 13: Make more and put them as you see in the image.
Level 14: Change the place of the previous ones and put some new ones.
Level 15: Take the middle Peon Tower out and put a Stick Man in its place.
Level 16: Make 3 Stick Men and place them like in the image.
My tactic to prevent monsters from getting to your base: When they get to the last column, take the last Peon Tower out from below to the right and make a new one on the top right, as you see in the image.
Level 17: Build as you see in the image.
Level 18: Do the tactic, and then build a Stick Man.
Level 19: Make more Stic Men.
Level 20: Build 8 more.
Level 21: Make even more of them.
Level 22: Get some Peon Towers out and put more Stic Men.
Level 23: Make more of them.
Level 24: Flood the screen full of Stick Men after having beat the boss.
Level 25: Build more of these and place them like in the image.
Level 26: Make more Stick Men.
Level 27: At the moment, you should have all the towers as Stick Men, except 1, which is the one that isn't supposed to be a Stick Man because of the tactic.
Level 28: Upgrade Stick Men.
Level 29: Upgrade more.
Level 30: You should have all your Stick Men at level 2 now, so start to upgrade some to level 3.
Level 31: Upgrade the center ones.
Level 32: Take the middle Stick Man out, and put a Boss Tower. Upgrade a few Stick Men.
Level 33: If you have lag, like I've had, maybe 1 or 2 can enter your base. Make loads of Electric Floors.
Level 34: Save up money to be able to buy a Boss Tower the next level.
Level 35: Make 2 Boss Towers in the middle.
Level 36: Make more of these.
Level 37: Upgrade your central Boss Tower and upgrade a few Stick Men.
Level 38: Upgrade another Boss Tower, after that upgrade Stick Men and also Electric Floors.
Level 39: Upgrade a Boss Tower and also Stick Men.
Level 40: Upgrade Boss Towers and some Stick Men.
Level 41: Upgrade a fe Stick Men.
Level 42: Get some more Stick Men upgraded.
Level 43: Upgrade Stick Men, now they're all level 3. Upgrade Electric Floors too.
Level 44: Upgrade a few Boss Towers and build 1.
Level 45: Get some Boss Towers upgraded and make 1.
Level 46: Upgrade a few Boss Towers and make 1.
Level 47: Save money.
Level 48: Upgrade the middle Boss Tower to red level. Save money.
Level 49: Get a Boss Tower upgraded.
Level 50: There's no need to do anything.
Badge acquired! Teflon Terrorist Badge (hard – 30 points)

Now you have 2 badges more!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tass Tips Episode 3 - Know Yourself & Plan Accordingly

"Howdy. I'm Tass. This is the 3rd episode in my general gaming tips series. Today's topic is about knowing yourself, understanding yourself as a gamer, and planning your strategy accordingly. I hope it helps!"

From the Morgue: The Missile Game 3D HS

This weekend, I'm going to be on vacation in Oklahoma, so I thought I'd quickly review another game before I drove down there from Minnesota. Aeltrius tipped me off to this old (circa 2007) gem, hence the title "From the Morgue". In Missile Game 3D HS (presented by FreeWorldGroup) your mission is to guide a  missile down a tube littered with barriers. Sounds simple, right? Think again. The Missile Game is challenging enough to keep you coming back for more, time and time again.

Gameplay: 4.5/5 Simplistic in nature, The Missile Game is easy enough for anyone to pick up and play. "Easy to learn, hard to master," is a phrase that Action games like this need to follow. What really attracted me to this game was the option to change mouse sensitivity in between levels. The game challenges you to fine tune your missile steadiness as the missile gets faster and faster. If you're too sensitive, you'll end up smashing into the lip of the hole. Not sensitive enough, and you'll  have a hard time maneuvering between barriers. You're only given 5 missiles total, so be be true with your guiding, hotshot. Don't worry about the walls of the tube itself; you can only smash into barriers.

Visual: 4/5 This game is monochrome, but this serves a purpose. Too much detail draws the eyes from the holes. Admiring the scenery isn't something professional missile-guiders have time to do. Each barrier has small explosion marks on it though, perhaps from where others have failed. Don't get intimidated by this. Stay frosty, and you won't end up as a mark on the barrier. 

Audio: 3/5 The Missile Game is lacking in the sound department. The in game music is a simple beat, which isn't a bad thing. It seems to cut out before the level is over, though, and I kept getting distracted by this. The game doesn't feature a mute function either, so you'll have to mute your whole computer if you aren't a fan of the music. What I did like, however, was the explosion sound when you hit a barrier. A whooshing noise as you narrowly pass through a hole would've been welcome though.

Difficulty: 5/5 As the levels go by, you'll see that your missile will move faster and faster, making slipping through those holes harder as you progress. The game's mouse tuning strategy needs to be taken into account as well. You'll find yourself switching mouse sensitivity to compensate for the missile acceleration. You'll want to replay this game to really get it worked out, and progress to level nine, which is what makes it so addicting.

Overall: 4/5 The Missile Game 3D HS is a great game. Despite the minor sound issues, I highly recommend it. Give it a shot. I bet you'll love it. 

I already plan to run around my hotel, whooshing through doorways because of it. That's a good thing indeed. See you on Monday KCG! I'll be back in Minnesota with a new review. That's a promise!


Kong Score: 3.91/5

Monday, April 13, 2009

From the Doctor's Office: Hero's Arms

When I decided to review games, I made  a promise to myself that I'd fully complete the game before posting a review. Not only because I like to know what I'm talking about, but that I care that my reviews are of the utmost quality for you. Hero's Arms (Presented by BerzerkStudios) takes roughly 6-7 hours of play time to defeat Gordzak, and probably an additional hour to get all the items and fill the besitary. The side effects from playing for this long are quite mild really. Sure, I've dyed my hair red and have started looting my co-workers for chicken legs, but this review isn't about that. It's about answering one simple question: "Is investing that much time really worth it?". There's a long answer and a short answer to that question. The short answer is just as simple as the question: Probably. The long answer is as follows:

Gameplay: 3/5 Hero's Arms stays faithful to it's claim of mimicking Link and his seemingly endless quest to rescue Princess Zelda. You'll embark on a journey to fight the most evil being in all the land, grabbing coins, items and potions e'er you go. It's your standard run-of-the-mill RPG. Enemy AI, however, seems non-existent. Most baddies (including most major bosses) can be dispatched by standing slighly offset from them, and spamming Sword Attacks or Ice Beams, for when range is necessary. This gives the game a tedious, hack-and-slash feel. Gaining experience from these dimwitted monsters makes fighting worth it, however. The game allows to player to choose which stat to upgrade each Level-Up (Attack, Magic, or Health). Then, the Exp price goes up. The player can choose to raise each stat equally or stockpile Exp to raise one stat, allowing unique character customization. Sadly, leveling up becomes a chore when you're fighting enemies that follow a linear path into the blade of your sword. Another thing I wasn't too pleased with was when I defeated all the enemies in a room to open a door. The moment I entered, a Pigman knocked me back through the door, which locked, causing me to have to fight all the enemies again. Overall, gameplay isn't bad, but certain nuances, like fighting the same enemies over and over, and sprite lag from too many on-screen Zombies, really drag the game down. 

Visual: 4.5/5 First and foremost, Hero's Arms is pretty. Sprites and cutscenes look like works of art. BerzerkStudios did a great job with detailing. And running around grinding for Exp and money is more fun if the world looks good. Menus are simple and easy to navigate; a must have for an RPG. The weapons look great too (Albeit you have to purchase the best ones... Another let down that should probably be mentioned elsewhere in this review). The Ice Sword looks like it could split a man in two, and it does do just that. 

Audio: 3/5 This is what really killed me. Being a musician, I always give game music a fair shake. After I realized how bad it was though, I had this game's music muted faster than you could say "Hey! Listen!". Thankfully, though, I COULD mute the game in favor of some better music. The constant fanfare in Hero's Arms could probably scar anyone who left it on during the whole game. You can spot these people; they shudder at the phrase "MIDI trumpet". Sound effects were marginal at best. I quite liked the *Pof!* noise when a projectile was deflected. 

Difficulty: 2/5 I've alluded to the game's difficulty earlier in the review. Basic ground enemies like the Ratman and Pigman will walk into your attack range as you stand there, mashing Z. Most bosses can be killed by either backing them into a wall and hacking away at that health bar, or (if they're stationary) wailing on them, taking a few steps away when they prepare a special attack. And, as mentioned earlier, you have to buy the best weapons and armor in the game. Meaning that if you had the determination, you could kill crabs in world one until you have 5000 gold, then start the game with the Frost Sword. 

Overall: 3.5/5 To sum it all up, I have to say that Hero's Arms isn't all that great of a game. It captivates you with it's humorous storyline, cute Legend of Zelda references, and simple gameplay. But then it gets long. And the novelty wears off. Somehow, though, I hit a sort of trance while playing. And I felt compelled to move on. Ultimately, it's up to you if you want to invest 6-7 hours time on this game. 95 points are up for grabs, and you won't feel too bad earning them while playing Hero's Arms. I did have some fun solving the games simple puzzles scattered along the way, to be honest. And Hero's Arms story will leave you smiling. That's all from me for now. Check back soon for my next Doctor's Office Review! 

Kong Score: 4.13/5


Friday, April 10, 2009

From the Doctor's Office: Knightfall

Gather round, peasants, as I tell ye the tale of Knightfall. Front-paged on Kongreagate about month ago, Knightfall is a real gem that shouldn’t be passed up. The fine folks at Megadev poured their hearts and souls into this game, and it really shines through. Knightfall beautifully combines small aspects of each game genre, and could probably be considered a genre of its own (Puzzle/RPG/Strategy doesn’t quite roll off the tongue).  The game itself is really quite simple, once you do a bit of learning through trial-and-error. Essentially, you break blocks in a Tetris style puzzle, guiding the Knight ever closer to the key. Along the way, you’ll have to position yourself to avoid (Or better yet: Kill) baddies, until you reach the inner chamber of hell to fight Satan himself. Now… on to the review!

Gameplay: 5/5  The mash up of several different genres works great for Knightfall. You’re also timed, so to speak. Our unnamed hero only has a set amount of Action points per level. Once his stamina runs out, you’ll lose one life every time you make a move. This challenges the player to be conservative with moves. Don’t let it discourage you from grabbing some loot though. Some extra damage won’t matter if you can snag a free potion!

Visual: 4/5 I’d love to give this a perfect score, but the game gets in the way of itself. Literally. Knightfall has some wonderful backgrounds, but the puzzle itself is opaque. You can’t enjoy each well-drawn background since the puzzle itself is a visual barrier. However. The puzzle is bright, colorful, and have some well drawn enemies. The falling animations and attacking animations are superb too.  You can feel the Knight’s pain when the Minotaur lashes out to get him.

Audio: 5/5 In my opinion, Knightfall’s music is not only good, but it adds to the game experience. The music will get more and more ominous as you progress through the story mode. And once you launch into Purgatory mode, it follows a cycle, so you aren’t stuck with the same song. For those of you who listen to your own music, there’s a mute button for the Music and the Sound Effects. The sound effects are great. When you kill an enemy, the Knight’s drill lance makes a Power Drill Noise. Even the enemies sound great. Each baddie has its own death noise and description noise. My favourite is the Mandrake.

Difficulty: 4/5 I’m seeing a lot of comments about the game being too hard. Personally, I feel just the opposite. Knightfall’s blocks are randomly laid out in each level, so the game can be simple or difficult depending on how the game lays it out for you. Once you delve deep into Purgatory mode, the game gets pretty easy. That doesn’t make it any less playable though. I guess Knightfall’s difficulty is a mixed blessing at best; if you don’t like your board, you can kill yourself and try again.

Overall 4.5/5 No game is perfect, but Knightfall doesn’t fall too short of perfection. I urge you to at least give it a try. If you get sucked in, you’ll most likely find yourself loading it up to play a few boards weeks from now. If you don’t get sucked in, then that’s fine too. You’ll remember the experience, even if it was a bad one. Knightfall doesn’t have badges. And it’s been up long enough that it might not ever get them. I’d love to see it with some though. You’ll love helping the Knight even more with some points at stake.

Kong Score: 3.75/5


Play Knightfall


Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Autopsy Method


I'm DoctorAutopsy, your average professional musician.
I've played my fair share of games, and I've decided to take to reviewing them. Hipcheck was kind enough to let me voice my opinoin here, and I'm really looking forward to giving some critical reviews. Plus I love to write. So hopefully, you'll get to know and love me. I look forward to it.

Here's to beefing up KCG's review section. 


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bunny Invasion: Easter Special

Play it here!

Hello! Today we talk about this new game, Bunny Invasion: Easter Special, the new game of GPStudios. The game is a kind of shooter where your objective is survive all the waves to kill the final bunny. In this game you will find a lot of different enemies who want to kill you, but you and you're assistant are prepared to defend and kill him.

- Nice graphics
- Simple
- Trophies system ( 28 trophies )
- Guns and Upgrades
- Some bosses and 60 levels
- Cut Scenes along the game

- Repetitive sound
- No theme
- Maybe need more bosses
- Easy gameplay

I make some tips to the players to beat it easily:

- First of all, try to full upgrade the strength Of your initial gun, The .45 Colt and ( Optional 1 level clip size or more and reload )
- Second try to upgrade Scavengers to level 3 or 4
- Continue buying the Scorpion Vz.61 ( If needed because you don’t have money, you can buy Ruger MP9 or MAC-10 ) [ You should be about wave 17 or something, maybe more ]
- Try to upgrade the sub machine gun ( strength to full and 2 or full upgrade clip size )
- Finish the upgrade of Scavengers
- Level up the Assistant to level 3
- When you have money, buy the Steyr AUG and try to upgrade strength clip size and later reload.
- Now upgrade the Assistant to level 5 and aids, Myxamatosis, RAGE and Fortify Motel to level 3
- Keep the cash for a few waves and buy the XM134 Mini gun and upgrade strength
- Now just upgrade all you can, first aids and myxamatosis, later RAGE, Fortify Motel and later Builders ( Aren’t so important )
- Kill the final Boss easily

I recommend not to buy all the guns because you lose all the money and maybe have problems.

And a few videos:

First Boss Walkthrough

Second Boss Walkthrough

Third Boss Walkthrough

A last tip, Enjoy the game ;D

That's all for today, have a nice day!,


A new writer, konquake ( the old quake )

Hey!!! It's me, quake ( on kongregate, konquake ) and first of all, thanks to all the writers of this site to bring me the opportunity to write some articles of games.

Now I should present me, I am Iván , A guy of 16 years of Madrid, Spain, who loves the games and other stuff like computers, programming ( I want to learn ) and I just to help you the most I can.

Well that's all for today, If sometimes you see in this text some mistakes or something, just talk with me, I don't bite ( Probably my english isn't the best ).

Have a nice day and good gaming! =D


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Civiballs is the newest game with badges. The game consists in getting coloured balls into the baskets of the same colour by cutting chains. It's developed by King.com, a team of developers which also brang us such games as Splitter or AirBattle.

There are 3 different countries which have 10 levels each. You'll see these civilizations' architecture and sculptures too.

I enjoyed playing this game. I liked the graphics, the sound and everything else too. I also thought that the way you can be any 3 civilizations and you can start by any is great. But what I didn't like, was that it seems like a kiddies' game more than for a website with people from 13 to 50. There should be more action. The good thing was that this concept is new and hasn't been done before. I voted a 4 / 5.

Thanks to Tasselfoot we have 3 video walkthroughs to each one of this game's civilizations:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Review -- Grey Matter

Ninety Percent less generic!

Okay. I'm here to review a game that most of you probably skipped over, Grey Matter. Grey Matter is made by the same developer who brought us some very famous Flash Game titles such as "Meat Boy", "Aether", and "Coil". Yup, you guessed it: Edmund. Let's start the review...

Graphics: (10/10) -- Great. Just great. I don't think I could have asked for better graphics out of a Flash Game. The highly monochromatic color scheme adds a lot to the gameplay, and really creates a good mood. Some of the best explosion I've ever seen in a Flash Game happen right here, In Grey Matter, when you die. Phenomenal. (Albeit Lag-Prone X_X)

Sound: (5/10) -- I might have loved the graphics, but I can't say I loved the sound in Grey Matter. The graphics, as stated above, really compliment the mood of the game. However, the sound takes away from the mood, and really sets the game back a bit. I was almost disappointed when I turned up my volume to hear this. This game is supposed to revolve around a psychological aspect, and when I kill an enemy I hear glass shattering? It just doesn't click with me. The music is not great either.

Controls: (7/10) -- Controls are pretty tight, aside from the "slow down" button. Arrow keys to move, space for a boost, shift to slow down. I hardly ever use the "slow-down" function anyway, though, so it doesn't really matter to me.

Difficulty: (9/10) -- The game starts you out with generic enemies which only fire one bullet every so often, and slowly works you up to long "germs" which are almost like electric eels, with killer tails, and more enemies afterward. (I haven't played too far into the game, I suck at it horribly. XD)

Gameplay: (9/10) -- Generic top-down shooter, where you move your person around and shoot enemies. There's a catch, though. You ARE the bullet, to an extent. Your goal is to crash into enemies, and avoid their projectiles. If you kill three of the same type of enemy, you form a "combo" and a line connects the three fallen enemies, forming a triangle. Anything in the area of that triangle is killed. Pretty original, in my opinion.

Overall: (5/5) -- I just love this game. I just think it's so great, and has such an awesome mood to it. Controls are good, and the difficulty, gameplay, and graphics are all amazing.

Definately worth a play, if you haven't played it already. You won't be disappointed.



Friday, April 3, 2009

Neverending Light Walkthrough

If you are looking at this I am asuming that you have played the game before and maybe you didn't get all of the sprite droppings. Well here is a video on how to get them all. What is most important is that you get the first 10 before the lights go out otherwise you will not be able to get 49.


Exorbis 2 Walkthrough

Exorbis 2 is the latest badges on Kongregate, and our buddy MrRubix was kind enough to make us an excellent guide for the game. He has walkthroughs for levels 1-50, levels 51-90, and levels 91-100.

On the forum he also posted a complete guide full of level guides for every level plus bonus levels. Thank MrRubix if you use his guide, he did a great job with it.

Special Thanks to:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jade Lemon Figurine: A Kongregate April Fools!

Today, the new game Smatch (Secretly created by members of Kongregate on a newly created account for the special occasion.) has been given a special card for April Fool's Day! The game also has a 4.97 rating, which I'm sure was edited by Kongregate for an even bigger April Fool's joke.

Make sure you get this special edition card, since it's been the only one this year! Challenge ends tonight, and happy April Fool's Day everybody!