Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Open Doors 2

The second version of Open Doors is here! Open Doors 2 is out, and with badges too!

You have to go through doors with your square to get to the cross to finish each of the 36 levels this sequel has.

Much better than Open Doors (1), in my opinion.
With better graphics, with a high-definition gameplay screen. It also has nice borders, doors and your character, the square, is nice too, 1.
The sound is a bit disturbing, I don't like it, it's supposed to be relaxing, but I don't like it much, 0.4.
I'd classify this game's difficulty as medium, it's very easy to get the 2 medium badges andthe card, but quite challenging to be able to finish the game, though it's not impossible either, 0.8.
The gameplay is good, like its prequel. It's simple but challenging at times, 0.8.
This game's controls are pretty much similar, or even the same, as its predecessor, but that doesn't make it be bad, as they're both very good yet simple, 0.8.
So, the total of this game's rating, is a 3.8 / 5, which makes it a good game and a good choice, but the sound wasn't that nice.

Tasselfoot gives us another walkthrough, which is greatly appreciated, like always. This walkthrough can be found on ArmorGames, or you can go here for the first video, and here for the second one.

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