Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From the Doctor's Office: The Great Siege

It's been a long weekend. My vacation didn't pan out due to car troubles and I decided to go into work. Needless to say, I had lots of time on my hands. So what better way is there to kill some time than fueling the war machine? Dive into 15 battles with your loyal troops, who await your command. Along the way, you'll develop a sprawling village into a glorious city and command post for your warring genius.  Sounds great, right? The Great Siege (Presented by ttback) isn't a terrible passtime,  but it has a few flaws that really hinder it from becoming something great. So let's get to it and dissect this game together:

Gameplay: 3.5/5  Most every one I've talked to has compared this game to Epic War in some way or another. The concept is the same in both games; Defend your castle with a manually controlled armament, and build troops to fight incoming enemies. You can upgrade your defenses and catapult with gold and resources you collect throughout the battles. Once you build it, you'll have access to a Market, where you can turn your hard earned cash into points or resources. This will help you build up your defenses even faster. The main issue I had with this game was how slow paced it was. For about half of the battles, enemies will walk slowly, while you can easily fire at them with your catapult, which can be controlled by arrow keys or mouse. I wasn't a fan of the menu system either. You have to open up a menu that obstructs the entire playing field to choose what allies to recruit or command, which can make battles take even longer. All in all, the game is fine, but just difficult to play at times due to it's interface.

Visual: 4/5  The graphics on this game really captivated me. I'm a sucker for bright colours and pretty buildings, and the Great Siege delivers just that. The City you build from the groud up looks great and each building it detailed quite well. As you upgrade your catapult, it literally tansforms each time. The missles you shoot change, as well as the wall defending you in battle. At full upgrades, they look beautiful. The enemies don't look half bad either, though they have choppy movements at times and many of them look very similar. 

Audio: 4/5 The music in this game is quite good. I'm fond of the music when you're looking down on your town, which is probably the best music in the game. Enemies make cartoony noises when they attack, but at least each one has its own noise. The game has a mute feature, but it mutes both the music and the sound effects together. Not a major issue, but sometimes, you just want one or the other. 

Difficulty: 3/5 I'd say that the game doesn't really pick up until level 10, out of 15. Meaning, you've got only 5 really challenging battles. Before level ten, the game is a real grind. You're simply shooting enemies with a catapul over and over, sending an occasional troop when necessary. The Great Siege has very little replay value because of this fact. Those last five levels can be tricky, though, if you don't have everything fully upgraded. Ideally, I'd like more content. 15 battles really isn't enough the serious gamer. Though if you're looking for a more relaxed War game, The Great Siege is perfect for you.

Overall: 3.5/5 Let's face it: We've all played war games before. And a lot of them are similar. The Great Siege isn't particularly the greatest one, but it's far from the worst. If you've got some spare time, it's worth a play. Just don't get too frustrated when you have to send your same Elf Warrior into battle again and again and again.

Well that's all for now. I'm gonna be tackling Orbital Decay next, the other game I played over this weekend. And after that, I'm open to suggestions. Let me know if you'd like to see a game reviewed, I love playing most anything. Until next time, KCG,


Kong Score: 3.93/5

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