Sunday, April 5, 2009

Review -- Grey Matter

Ninety Percent less generic!

Okay. I'm here to review a game that most of you probably skipped over, Grey Matter. Grey Matter is made by the same developer who brought us some very famous Flash Game titles such as "Meat Boy", "Aether", and "Coil". Yup, you guessed it: Edmund. Let's start the review...

Graphics: (10/10) -- Great. Just great. I don't think I could have asked for better graphics out of a Flash Game. The highly monochromatic color scheme adds a lot to the gameplay, and really creates a good mood. Some of the best explosion I've ever seen in a Flash Game happen right here, In Grey Matter, when you die. Phenomenal. (Albeit Lag-Prone X_X)

Sound: (5/10) -- I might have loved the graphics, but I can't say I loved the sound in Grey Matter. The graphics, as stated above, really compliment the mood of the game. However, the sound takes away from the mood, and really sets the game back a bit. I was almost disappointed when I turned up my volume to hear this. This game is supposed to revolve around a psychological aspect, and when I kill an enemy I hear glass shattering? It just doesn't click with me. The music is not great either.

Controls: (7/10) -- Controls are pretty tight, aside from the "slow down" button. Arrow keys to move, space for a boost, shift to slow down. I hardly ever use the "slow-down" function anyway, though, so it doesn't really matter to me.

Difficulty: (9/10) -- The game starts you out with generic enemies which only fire one bullet every so often, and slowly works you up to long "germs" which are almost like electric eels, with killer tails, and more enemies afterward. (I haven't played too far into the game, I suck at it horribly. XD)

Gameplay: (9/10) -- Generic top-down shooter, where you move your person around and shoot enemies. There's a catch, though. You ARE the bullet, to an extent. Your goal is to crash into enemies, and avoid their projectiles. If you kill three of the same type of enemy, you form a "combo" and a line connects the three fallen enemies, forming a triangle. Anything in the area of that triangle is killed. Pretty original, in my opinion.

Overall: (5/5) -- I just love this game. I just think it's so great, and has such an awesome mood to it. Controls are good, and the difficulty, gameplay, and graphics are all amazing.

Definately worth a play, if you haven't played it already. You won't be disappointed.




hokage4354 said...

Great review- just wish you posted them more often.

JaumeBG said...

Your reviews are great.

PlatinumIce said...

Thanks hokage and Jaume. :D

It's nice to get a comment once in a while. :3

Keith said...

I thought that the Overall Score of a game was based on a compilation of each part that makes up the game, that being Gameplay and what not as well as the Audio.

I may be incorrect in this accusation but if not, the overall score should be a total of 30/50. Which in the traditional x/5 it would become 3/5, not 5/5.

PlatinumIce said...


No, I prefer not to average the scores of the games in my reviews, as some things take away less from the game than others. For example, if a game has horrible music, it won't hurt the game as much as having horrible controls or gameplay. :/