Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gravitex 2 - Review

No that wasn't a typo. And with just those 8 words you could probably guess. "Gravitee rip-off". Well yes, that is partially true. But, with a newish concept, better graphics and lots more stuff to aim for, this could eclipse Gravitee itself.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are smooth and futuristic, quite like Amberial's and makes the game look professional and sleek. Some of the most original graphics I've seen in a game as of late. Gloss makes EVERYTHING better.

Concept: 8/10
It's a great concept, but to be fair, it was just stolen from Gravitee. Although with new ideas such as walls that instantly break your ball, and planets with negative gravity, this wasn't really that much of a change, although it was much better than I expected.

Music/Sound: 10/10
With a nice soundtrack that fits the art style, this is perfect for the game. And the fact that it has a mute button, a sad rarity among games today, just adds to the score here.

Difficulty: 10/10
While not overly difficult, this game was not redundant due to the interesting and mind boggling possibilities of where you could actually get the ball to go. Level 40 just astounded me at how complex it looked, but how easy it actually was. If you can work out these puzzles easily you won't have a problem until about level 75. However after that, once you think you can do it all, the difficulty gets very high so you can actually have a challenge

Other: 10/10
One of the things that set this game apart was that you unlocked levels by collecting an amount of 3 coins each level, and you only need about 2/5ths at the start and more and more until the end, yet you are never required to get anywhere near all of them, allowing you to just skip any annoying levels. Of course, if you are a purist like me, you wouldn't be able to stand leaving those last 20 coins unearned. I also loved how you didn't have to get them all at once, you cou8ld just come back and get the single one you missed last time. It even has specific numbers for you to set the Power and Angle so you don't have to go pixel-hunting.

Overall: 9/10
Considering I gave Gravitee an 8/10, that is a pretty good score for a clone. I recommend playing this game purely for the fun of watching the ball go through incredibly small spaces that you wouldn't think possible. All that without the hours of pixel-hunting that Gravitee takes, and you're in for a fun gaming session.

Support hokage4354

Some of you may know, but many of are don't- I'm working on becoming a Flash Developer. Myself and a developer for MainFrame_Games joined together and began working on a game for the Stride Gum Contest. Since we're a brand new group, Everlasting Games, we need as much support as we can get from you guys. You can read out blog here, where you'll be kept up-to-date with everything that's going on. You can also go there to gain early access to some of our future game releases.

Thanks for the support everyone~

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Forest Temple- Review

The game Forest Temple begins simply as all games do, with a loading screen, but not far after that, I think I got sick of the game.
After the load finishes, and you click that button, you're treated to what some people may call music. Take a good listen, for it sounds novel now. And it should sound novel throughout your game. The music seems to change every couple of levels or so, I don't know if it's tied to the "three types of levels" mechanic, but it's a change that I'm happy to have.
Anyway, the premise of the game is simple, navigate your two elemental buddies(One composed of fire, one of water) through a world filled with harms such as traps of fire, water, and mud (For some odd, yet to be explained reason, mud kills them both). The team mechanic isn't a new one, however, this game put it's own spin on it. Being able to control [b]both[/b] characters at the same time. And this is the main draw of the game, surprisingly, the developers managed to pull it off into some very fun puzzle and action levels. Yeah, I know there was something about 'three types of levels', but there's really two, fortunately, that's okay. Graphics...everybody loves graphics...Save for these ones. They really don't match anything I'd expect from Armourgame's quality, they look like something that a really underpaid, annoyed artist would do, and that's just the backgrounds. The two main characters look quite...err...cartoon-y, not the good type of cartoon-y that hearkens you back to an age where the world was simple and forgiving, the type of cartoon-y that has to grow on you a little while before you ready to look your protagonists in the face. Which is hard to say considering someone probably spent a lot of time on their design, but it must be said.
Now, let's talk about the game-play a little more. Puzzles are kinda fun, Action also. But dividing the levels into parts feels like a very arbitrary decision, I suppose it was made so some people can aim down action/puzzle paths, but it sounds better to just combine these two parts together to make a delicious sandwich of gameplay (Note: Do not attempt to eat sandwich of gameplay).
Another odd decision about the gameplay that I wanted to speak about would be the fact a even a little, itty, bitty mistake can ruin the entire level. Which is most certainty *not*okay.
The control themselves are..okay, I guess, but I still dislike the bounciness of the characters and how stilted the jumps and general movement feels.
Now, any good game, flash or otherwise, should be addictive. If you haven't found the pattern that I've made during this review, I'll spell it out here. It's not. Now...on to the list of grievances and positives
  1. Multi-character control!
  2. Long...can take up an afternoon
  3. Music remains fresh
  1. Feels like a chore to play
  2. Doesn't feel too pretty on the eyes
  3. Controls are...well, much less than stellar
  4. Arbitrary decision in design
  5. Not much of a story here captain. (Seriously, it's not like it explains itself. A spirit of water and one of fire don't just randomly meet and decide to help each other get diamonds)
  6. Can take an afternoon...only if you're really patient
Now, for the final score. With the positive over the negatives (3/6), you get a general idea of where I'm going. I'd say it's a 6/10. Some people will like it, but they'll have to get over some major hurdles.
~Still trying to beat level 4..Winwinwe

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A New Day and Age: 6 More Writers!

Before I get into the big announcement, I would like to give all of you a big "Happy Late Thanksgiving!", as I go and celebrate my birthday today. :D

As many of you may have noticed, KCG has been pretty active lately, with some new faces posting articles for once. After searching for writers for a few days, I found a great bunch of people who were ecstatic to be joining the team. So, without any further waiting, here are the new writers for KCG!

“Umm, I’m winwinwe. I like to write, and I have done so in a few other situations but the blog I wrote on got canceled. Let’s hope this one doesn’t. Anyway, the interests I haven’t talked about above are drawing, parkour, and psychology. If you have any things you’d like me to write for remember that if it interferes with KCG, I may not be able to do it very fast. You can contact me at”

"Hey! Sellyme here. You may call me “Awesome” for short though. Anyway, I love playing games, and writing guides is ideal for me, because I like helping people out, and I have ALL impossible badges on Kong. Yes that includes the recently badged Tower of Greed. (Shotgun writing a guide for that). My room on Kong is Feed the Ducks, and don’t be afraid to come in for a chat."

Well… My name is Hoodwinked. Call me Hood or Hoody, but absolutely not Winked. It is a pet peeve. Also, I play soccer and love meat. The two are not connected, I don’t believe… Anyways, I’ve been on Kong for over a year, and I am going to enjoy writing for KCG."


"I would like to do mostly guides, I am just an average writer but my guides will be mostly tips and images. I am an avid Kongregate gamer(thus the level 43) and enjoy the Kong community."

"I’m GHEZ119, I hang out in “The Vortex”; people can refer to me as “George” if they want, and I aim to write/record guides. Once I get rid of this horrible lag by un-installing a LOT of stuff xD Thanks for the opportunity."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dragon Age: Journeys Help

Well, here it is. I couldn't include the basics and all that jazz for fear of making it too large. It's already pretty big, and a fully inclusive one would be at least double the size. I hope it's okay for my first Blog Post xD

Dragon Age: Journeys Basic Walkthrough

So, this is my first walkthrough. Pretty impressive, huh? :D

Anyway, this isn't a technical walkthrough, with precise information for every battle and whatnot, if you find someone willing to make that, he'd probably die playing the game. THIS is the basic tactics and plans for playing the game, and beating it on Hard, whilst acquiring all the badges.

Also, a final note, this is what worked for me, and some variation may happen. Don't follow this guide like a Bible, just use it to nudge you in the right general direction.

Anyway, first off, your character. I was a Human Rogue, although I don't think the Race makes a massive difference. You'll want Stealth straight away, and that's all that's important really. I also initially picked Below the Belt, but I used it once or twice to try it, and never again. After this, you want to get Deadly Strike. Then, when you hit Level 4, get the next Stealth Skill. At Level 5, get the one after Deadly Strike, and then, at Level 6, get the one after Below The Belt.

Now, you know what to do with your Rogue (I finished the game at Level 6.), but do you know how to use him? That's what I'm here for :)

Equip him with the strongest melee weapon you can find. And a decent bow for back-up.
Your basic tactic is to pummel them long-range with a bow, until they approach you. After that, step back, use Stealth, step back to them and attack. Hopefully, you'll get a Backstab damage bonus for being Stealthed. That's the whole point of Rogue, you use your skills to get massive buffs. Plus, this is FREE, because you always get discovered after an attack, and don't use it over the duration of the enemy turn, when it subtracts the Stamina.
For Armour, I suppose you could try Heavy, I stuck with Medium, but I don't see why not.

Now, for Ardum. He's the primary mage of your group, and, as such, the main healer. Good fun for him. Equip him with the strongest staff you can find that has decent stat boosts, and items boosting his “Creation Spellpower”, or just general spellpower or Mana.
His aim in the game is basically to keep your team-mates alive by constantly healing. Especially the Rogue.
You'll want this guy to have Revival for the final fights, and I also got the two at the very top. His most valuable asset is his Healing, so don't be afraid to mix it up if you want, as long as you keep Revival.

Alas, Martine was poor, IMHO. She came in useful when you got her, if you used her Passive Skill (Shortcut Key 3, Precision Strikes or something like that) before attacking, but it's not worth the large amount of Stamina really, as it's pretty rubbish.

Now we come to Ryanth, the Bard. You definitely want him in your team towards the end. What he lacks in Attack Power and his feeble amount of Glancing Blows, he makes up for with his skills, or, really, one of them – Pinning Shot. He's an archer at heart, so make sure one of his Weapon Sets is a decent Bow, and fire this away on those bosses when you're taking out their minions. It lowers their movement range drastically for a few turns, allowing you to easily out-run or out-manoeuvre them.

In case you're wondering, the Bard is the guy standing by the Inn in the main part of town, that always says he has no time for Strangers. Once you hit a certain point, he'll become available to talk to and recruit.

So, that's the tactic. You might be wondering about some of the harder battles.

Since I'm so nice, I'll tell you the tactics as well as I can remember them.

The first difficult battle is the 2 Alpha Genlocks. These are especially annoying for 2 reasons.
1 – That stupid rock throw attack they do, which is ridiculously over-powered, and random.
2 – You have to fight the Emissary IMMEDIATELY afterwards.

Once you kill one Alpha Genlock, and get the other down to relatively low health, keep your distance and heal up, ready for the Emissary. Kill him at Range, then proceed to the next fight.

Now, for the Emissary, that foul scum that did so slay your father. Show no mercy, attack constantly with your Rogue's Stealth, heal him up with Ardum, and attack from range/near with Ryanth/Martine.

Once this is done, you have 3 more “difficult” fights. The 3 ogres guarding the Darkspawn Machines. What's that I hear you say? “Urgh?” Actually, they're not that bad. Well, the bottom left and bottom right caves aren't.

The basic tactic is:
1 – Pinning Shot with Ryanth on the Ogre.
2 – Kill his minions with stealth/range.
3 – Stealth ambush him with range from Ryanth, and keep healing your Rogue.
4 – When Ardum needs to refill his Mana, use the skill you got after Deadly Strike to incapacitate the Ogre, whilst Ardum uses his potion.

The top right one, however, is much worse. 2 Alpha Genlocks and an Ogre. You might want to save this one 'till the end.
You have to get quite lucky, I'm afraid.
It's the exact same tactic as the other two, just with stupid interference from those Alpha Genlocks rather than easier enemies. You'll want Ryanth alive until those are gone, even if he dies fighting the Ogre. (meatshields FTW?) Then Stealth Attack the Ogre repeatedly, incapacitate him once so Ardum can cast Revival on Ryanth if you want, and keep up the attack until he goes down. And there you have them, all the badges :)

I hope this helps. If you encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to contact me on here, or, preferably, on Kongregate, via my Profile – “GHEZ119”. Thanks for reading :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Walkthrough for "Tower of Greed"

This is my first guide! SQUEEEE!

Well, to start off with, you need the controls. Now, as you SHOULD be playing on Kong, you can just scroll down, but I'll save you the time

Arrow Keys or WASD to move
Space or J to jump/confirm
Shift or K to use item/cancel
Enter or P to pause
M to mute

Anyway, first off, the easy badge and card. You should be able to get these in one run. I recomend trying to get all the gems for the first 3-4 floors, and if you can't, just play through it a few times to get used to the levels, as they repeat. If you find a bag with a blue thing on it, pick it up to get an item. There are 4 items.

Skull (grey): Kills any enemies on screen, and about an inch allowance on the top and bottom.
Shield (pink): Makes it impossible for enemies/spikes to knock you back. Not very useful.
Gem magnet (green): Attracts all gems on screen, also with a 1 inch allowance.
Hourglass (yellow): Stops time for roughly 5 seconds.

The first time you get each item, use it quickly, to get a trophy each. If you pick up an item bag while you have an item, you will get another trophy. If you use a gem magnet or a skull on nothing, you will get another trophy each. Run into an enemy with frozen time = yet ANOTHER trophy.

Anyway, you should get 25k by about floor 11. If not, you won't be able to leave until floor 15 anyway, so you have plenty of time. After every 5th floor there is a row of 6 Blue gems, so you should have at least 12 by then. I had 28, so it's not hard to do.

So, the hard badge. Actually considerably easy, considering that you can get your first 10-15 trophies in 10 floors, and there are at least 20 that can be accomplished by nothing but getting an item, an timing its use. Check out the trophy page and target each one specifically. If you are good you can get 50 within an hour. If you have trouble, just stop trying to get gems, and go up normally. You should be able to reach at least floor 50, just don't get greedy. By the time you get that high though, you will have collected a lot of gems/floors/item uses for your overall total.

The impossible is actually considerably easy in comparison to others, you just need to know what you are doing. Just follow my protips and get used to the level pattern and it should be cake.

PROTIP 1: Green = $50, Blue = $500 and White = $5000. Don't let that suck you in however. When going for cash, green gems are still worth a lot. Also, never go the for white gem on the staircase like portion of the level. You can't survive unless you get an hourglass powerup. It's not worth it.

PROTIP 2: If you are about to get a new power-up, just use the one you have already. It counts towards a trophy set.

PROTIP 3: Speed is NOT of the essence. If you are going faster than the scroll is, just relax. You will probably just jump into an enemy and not be able to recover if you keep jumping off-screen.

Anyway, that's it for now, see you all next badge set! (Or maybe even sooner o.o)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Copy Cat

"Monkey see-Monkey do"- This is the golden rule throughout this game. Copy Cat is a puzzle game in a style much similar to Factory Balls 2. You'll be using different stencils and color combinations to duplicate the image on the right, onto the empty portrait on the left. Packed with 30 levels of tricky artistic re-creations- Picasso would be proud.

Gameplay: 3.5/5
<- That is why I'm not an expert at puzzle games! I thought this game was very enjoyable and relaxing. A nice mood is set, until you begin bashing random letters on your keyboard because you cannot complete a certain level. But fear not, young grasshopper, help is provided in the game for the weak of brain-power. Even people who aren't huge 'puzzle-game' fans got a good laugh out of this game, screwin' up trying to solve the puzzles.

Visual: 2.5/5

Is that .JPG quality images I see? I mean, come on! The game's pretty centered around art, yet you save your in-game images as low JPG quality? For those of you that aren't aware, .JPG is one of the least recommended image types for smaller images since it lowers the quality drastically. Another thing that bothered me was the actual paintings that you create in this game. They seem too simple for me- They're lacking a point of interest for me.

Difficulty: 3.5/5
Fun? Yes. Difficult? Yes, to an extent. Like I said- you're either the kind of person who "headkeyboards" while playing this, or you're the kind of person who laughs at the simplicity of the puzzles (Although, I doubt you won't be challenged at all). Regardless, this game provides a good time, and offers puzzles of varying difficulty.

Overall: 3/5
I wasn't too impressed by this game, despite the ba-jillion things that show throughout the game talking about how great the game is. The artwork is just not impressive! Who saves an art game's art as JP- oh, I mentioned that already. Well hopefully you all learned a valuable lesson today kids. That's right- never do drugs!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Rate KCG" Poll Results

As always, people dash for the one and five star ratings without considering the "inbetweens" more. Regardless, I thank you all for sharing your opinions about KCG, and I hope you all stay tuned for what's to come. ;P

Ultimate Assassin 2 --Review

I have a thing with words. No. Not like an 'affinity' to words or something, whenever I say some words, they strike me as either good or bad.

Now you may be asking how this relates to my review...thing is, I start every review by saying the title of the game out loud while playing it. I can't help it, it's a reflex that I gained from writing comics (You use it to get ideas). Let me get to the point, I like this title, even though the words for the title can be seen as a random throwing together of random things (As is common with flash games).

Okay, now that that's out of the way, time to navigate the main parts of the game. When the game loads, you're treated to a nice menu screen of your little murderer with his back against the wall breathing heavily with a knife. The use of light and reflection really stand out, especially in a flash game.

The tutorial doesn't explain much besides the basic game functions , again, this is one of those games where you must learn how to play by playing. Although the first mission does a nice job of helping you into the waters. The difficulty may ramp up a little soon for some.

And that's it, no story, no explanation of why you can run fast and turn invisible, you're just an assassin in an assassin's world. Now a lot of this review teeters on the fact that I expect a few things from a flash game, the same I'd expect from a full-fledged one.

Anywho, last little gripes...
  • No story
  • Special moves may make it easy for some...
  • ...Yet for those who don't use them after a bit, you're in for a world of toughness
  • Can't kill those guards
  • From what I've seen, those guards aren't all too intelligent (Seriously, I leave Bloody footprints, and you can't follow them? And you shoot me and leave a pool of blood, yet you don't continue shooting?)
In my opinion, this game is somewhat good, but has quite a few things to hate 6/10
The game

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review--Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 2, These words should give you a good idea of how good this game is.
The game begins with a semi-tongue-in-cheek introduction of the world you explore....Well, to be exact, the game begins with a beautiful picture of our heroes fighting their enemies, complete with blood, dash, and dazzle (Quick point: The game itself took a little long to load, by my connection is obviously not yours).So graphics, obviously good

After the small mound of text, you're dropped into the game, again, the guides are available easily, making this game a bit more accessible than the rest. After your first few fights, you get a feel for the game, knowing when to attack, and which attack to use (Which is good, considering how many actions are available from the onset), Then you get your first boss. Now, if you're on the easier difficulty settings, you'll DESTROY this guy, yet on the harder settings, you need tactics. Smooth curve, Epic Battle Fantasy Designers. You can still be confused, but you'll eventually settle down into a successful pattern Subtle attempts as comedy are either hit-or-miss depending on your preferences, Which is OK.

Now, the mini-game based on the main character's partner is...well...grindy. You could easily amass thousands of monies (hint: off-screen ranged attack), or you could just get bored and stop midway. I think that the money you get is somewhat too little for the time you put in, which is a big annoyance when you need things bad. I also think the prices are a little much (1000$ for an ether and water of life).

Now the thing that brings it all together, your want to play the game. In my opinion, I didn't want to play the game as much as I wanted the achievements, which is bad. The sum of the game's parts should be higher, but I don't think they are.

8/10 So close, but a little far away from perfection

Take Something Literally - A Literal Walkthrough

          Take Something Literally is a great game in which the rules are simple. Take every hint that you are given literally, no exceptions. This wonderful combination of simplicity and abstract thinking is great on its own, but it is further appreciated due to the fact that this game also has a badge to boot.

This is a Badge: Medium (15 points) - Complete 10 puzzles.

The badge is easy to get and the game is great. What else can I say? Well, I can give you a walkthrough I guess. ;)

Level 1: To remove
There will be a block in the middle of the game that says 'to remove' on it. Simple enough. Click and drag it outside of the game box.

Level 2: Read that
You are met with a blank screen (other than the "Read that" heading). Move your cursor around in the game box until you see your cursor change into the 'word highlight' tool you normally see in Word or Notepad. When you see this cursor, click and drag backwards until you see the hidden message, "Hit spacebar 10 times". Do just that.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Interview with damijin

Hey everyone- it's been a while since we last posted an interview- but I managed to get one with famous developer and former Kongregate employee damijin!

hokage4354: Howdy damijin.
damijin: Hiya
hokage4354: So, you're the developer behind the brilliant Pyro series?
damijin: It's not that brilliant. It did very well for our first game, but by the standards of the great games out there, it's very mediocre
The design itself is strangely enough based on Bloons. I wanted to make a game like Bloons using a fireball, and it occurred that throwing darts at balloons is similar to throwing fireballs at torches.
The physics and theme make it seem quite different, but it's really Bloons, in all of Bloons pixel hunting glory (especially in the harder games of the series).
hokage4354: It really is a great game though.
damijin: Thank you.
hokage4354: So great that it even got badges....
How did you feel when that happened?
damijin: Because the Kongregate community only really cares about badged games, and because the revenue share for developers on Kongregate is so high... I felt like I just made a lot of money.
All in all, they earned $2,000 a piece just on ad revenue share.
Granted, unlike most games we got 50% share, since we were sponsored by Kongregate. A lot of games only get 35%.
But it's just... yeah... if you get badges on Kong, it's a massive boost to your game's total earnings.
Aside from that -- I to this day have not earned the impossible badge in the original Pyro. I think it's insane that anyone can, but kudos to those of you with more fortitude than I.
hokage4354: Do you have any plans on continuing the series any further?
damijin: Eventually we'll do Pyro III, which will feature significant upgrades to gameplay. More physics, so that when you hit a crate you not only light it on fire, but can knock it off a ledge and send it falling onto a torch. Other ideas are objects teathered by ropes that can be burned to make the object fall, and just... general stuff like that to make it more interesting.
Also a graphical update.
And we'll try to make sure the level editor remains easy to use, even with those new features.
hokage4354: Sounds pretty awesome.
Earlier this year you posted a thread about your next project, Starfall: 2312. Is that game still being worked on?
damijin: We worked on Starfall between Pyro and Pyro II. It was intended to be completed before Pyro II. Unfortunately the project stalled because our original vision for it was too large, with too much content, and we simply couldn't get it finished fast enough to have the game make good revenue.
Since Arkatufus and I are a full time flash game team, we needed to cut our losses and do Pyro II instead of finishing it.
After Pyro II, we intended to return to it, but we concluded that it would still be too much work to make it a good investment. We've started a new project, but since this Stride Gum competition came out, we decided to enter a smaller version of Starfall into it where you play until you die and try to get a high score.
It has no levels or bosses, but it is better than letting our game go to waste. It'll be called Starfall: Survivor, and we'll launch it in the first half of December.
hokage4354: Can't wait to see that be released- What type of game is it going to be?
damijin: Starfall is a forward scrolling shooter along the lines of Frantic, but the movement is a bit more realistic, and you can dodge attacks by barrel rolling as they are about to hit you. It's done in a 3d engine so that the further away the enemies are, the smaller they get.
It has a pretty unique look to it.
Doing barrel rolls? 3D engine? Are we talking about starfox here? ;P
damijin: The game and style are inspired by Star Fox. The gameplay is more like a normal shooter than the obstacle-course Star Fox gameplay, but the opening 3d sequence is very much borrowed from the starting cinematic in Star Fox for the SNES.
The "Scramble" scene, I think it's called -- where you launch out of the mountain. In our version you launch out of a large carrier into space though
hokage4354: This upcomiing games sounds pretty cool, but what about future releases after this one? Do you have any concepts or designs made?
damijin: I'm also working with An Lieu (Ge.Ne.Sis) and David Robinson for the design of their entry to the Stride Gum contest. It's currently titled "Bear Rampage Island" and you play a mutant/cyborg bear created by a mad scientist that charges through an island resort park and brutally destroys the vacationing populace.
While rampaging, you dodge pits, crazy giant bear traps, and military helicopters (that you can swat out of the sky with your giant bear paw.)
After this contest is over, we'll all get back to work on our biggest project ever, which was started back in September. This has been a little break from that.
It's an online card game, and it's going to rock, but I can't say much more than that yet.
Unlike the other card games you might be used to, our game will allow trading, have avatars that you can advance, and hundreds of rare, uncommon, and common cards to collect.
hokage4354: It sounds like it's going to be epic! It seems like we're all out of time, but before we go I need to ask one final question...
damijin: Sure
hokage4354: A question so devasting, that it has even made the toughest men break into tears and scream like little girls...
damijin: Mmhmm...
Sugar gliders or pygmy hedgehogs?
Hey, uh, damijin, you there buddy?
damijin: I got bored during the windup to that question
and took a nap
Sugar Gliders all the way.
I almost made a Sugar Glider bomber game where you drop bombs strapped to the belly of your Glider hero and destroy the terrible hedgehogs that infringe on your land.
hokage4354: You sould have. ;)
Well, thanks for your time damijin.
damijin: You're quite welcome.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Full Moon Walkthrough

Here's a quick walkthrough for Full Moon:

Level 1:
Click on the Rabbit 4 Times, in order to make him reach the Ground Level, and take the carrot!
Level 2:
Click Owl 3 Times [Right-Side on the tree]. Once the Pear is visible, Click it, to get it!
Level 3:
Click on all of the Bulbs/Lights from the start (Left-Side), Except the middle one:
X = Click
0 = Don’t Click
Once Apple is visible below the last Bulb/Light, click to take!

Level 4:

Click on the Tree [Right-Side] 3 Times, when a leaf falls down touching the acorn, click the Acorn right after it touches the acorn. Hopefully, the Acorn will land on the leaf once it’s on the water. Then, quickly click on the Rock right in the middle of water, to clear the leaf’s way. Once done, the Rabbit will take the Acorn!
And remember that that leaf comes every 3rd Click on the Tree, and make sure the Acorn lands on the leaf when the leaf hits the water!
Level 5:
Move your Cursor [the White Arrow you move with your Mouse] over the Balloon, and keep it there. As the Balloon starts to move, also move your Cursor, and keep moving it on the Balloon, until the Rabbit takes the Apple!
When Cursor is on the Balloon, the Balloon’s size will increase. Once it’s huge enough to lift the Rabbit, it’s starts moving slowly up. Then it suddenly heads Between Left & Up [North-West], and when it’s near the Tree on Left-Side, it will start heading Between Right & Up [North-East]! And it will keep heading that way, until the Rabbit grabs the Apple.
Level 6:
You see those two Rocks on Left-Side [on the Ground - small & big]! Drag the Small one where the Rabbit is, and the Big one where the pear is. Perfect Balance - the Rabbit will grab the Pear!
Level 7:
You can see 5 Bulbs/Lights on the Black Wheel. Click all of them, and then turn the Wheel Counter Clockwise [Search Google Image] by holding your Mouse on the Right-Side of the Black Wheel, and then drag it Counter Clockwise as a circle to Left!
Spin the Black Wheel until you only see 6 Turned Off Bulbs/Lights [Black], and you don’t see any of the Bulbs/Lights you turned On from the other side. Then,
turn On Bulb from Left to Right - 1, 2, 4 & 6! Once done, turn the Black Wheel Counter Clockwise a bit more, so that you see another Turned Off Bulb/Light, Right to the Bulb/Light nr. 6 - turn that one on, and the 3 Main Bulb/Lights will be turned on. Finally take the Acorn!
And if you don’t follow my order, you’ll maybe get lost. And there are 2 or 3 Bulbs/Lights that will turn Red once they are turned On, so be careful or you might just ruin everything. But, once you know which Bulbs/Lights are Red, you can easily turn all the others on!

Level 8:
Move your Cursor at the Bottom of the screen, and then on the Owl on Bottom of the Tree. From that point, really slowly move your Cursor to the Top. At some points between the bottom and top, you’ll notice that the Owl [Bottom/Top] will be gone! Once that point is revealed, keep your Cursor on the point, and slowly move your Cursor to the Left. Don’t lost track of the point where the Top/Bottom Owl is gone, and once you’ve found the Point where the Left/Right Owl also disappears, the Cursor will change into a Hand. That means there is a button at that point, click the button to get the Apple - or simply read the following!
You see that the Rabbit is thinking of an Apple. There is a big bubble, inside is an Apple. And for that big bubble, there are 2 small round ones. Move your Cursor between the first round bubble circle, and the end of rabbits ear! Slowly move your Cursor from that Point and to the Middle of the Tree (don’t leave the x-axis = Left/Right). When you’re at that point, slowly move your mouse around that point, and hopefully you’ll find the button
Level 9:
There are 5 Points, the 1st one is above the Left-Side Bulb. And the 5th one is above the Right-Side Bulb = P1 - P2 - P3 - P4 - P5

P = Point
P1 = Point 1
P2 = Point 2
P3 = Point 3
P4 = Point 4
P5 = Point 5

here are Owls on P2, P3, P4 & P5! Move Owl on point P2, then P3, then P4, and at last P5. Then click on the Owl at P1, then P2, and then P3. Click on P4, then P3, and then P2. To active those 2 Bulbs/Lights, click Owl on P4 & P5!
Once done, take the Acorn!
Level 10:
You see the Tree above you. Well, it’s fake! It’s actually clouds - 2 Clouds!
Drag both of the Clouds above you, far away. Quickly take the Apple on Tree above you [Right-Side of the Tree], to take the Apple!
Level 11:
Look at the Owl’s Eyes, and you’ll notice that some of them are closed. Click on the Bulbs/Lights below the Open Eyes!
X = Click
O = Don’t Click
Once done, another Bulb/Light will be turned On, and below it - an Acorn. Take the Acorn!
Level 12:
his one is quite challenging, so please follow me as much as you can
The Adult Rabbit = Big Rabbit
The on in Middle of Big & Small = Middle Rabbit
The Child Rabbit = Small Rabbit
And I’ve added some letters after each 6 steps (first one is only 5 steps), just to make it easy for you to follow!
Big Rabbit = B
Middle Rabbit = M
Small Rabbit = S
Click on the Follow Rabbits:

- Small Rabbit
- Small Rabbit
- Middle Rabbit
- Small Rabbit
- Small Rabbit
- Middle Rabbit
S - S - M - S - S - M
- Small Rabbit
- Small Rabbit
- Big Rabbit
- Small Rabbit
- Small Rabbit
- Middle Rabbit
S - S - B - S - S - M
- Small Rabbit
- Small Rabbit
- Middle Rabbit
- Small Rabbit
- Small Rabbit
- Big Rabbit
S - S - M - S - S - B

Level 13:

This one may look pretty hard, but is really easy. If you do something wrong, press the Owl to restart!

If you do ONE small wrong step, you might wanna restart!
20 x 4 [20 Columns + 4 Rows]
X = Click
O = Don’t Click

O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O = Don’t touch this Row
O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O = Don’t touch this Row
Don’t touch Row 2 & 3 - and start at Row 1, Column 2. From that point, just count 3 to Right, and then click on that bulb. Do this until you’re turned all of the Bulbs on Row 1, On (which will also make 2nd Row’s Bulbs turn On)! Once this is done, do the same thing with Row 4. Start Row 4, Column 2 - and count 3 to Right each time you’ve turned On a Bulb/Light!