Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gravitex 2 - Review

No that wasn't a typo. And with just those 8 words you could probably guess. "Gravitee rip-off". Well yes, that is partially true. But, with a newish concept, better graphics and lots more stuff to aim for, this could eclipse Gravitee itself.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are smooth and futuristic, quite like Amberial's and makes the game look professional and sleek. Some of the most original graphics I've seen in a game as of late. Gloss makes EVERYTHING better.

Concept: 8/10
It's a great concept, but to be fair, it was just stolen from Gravitee. Although with new ideas such as walls that instantly break your ball, and planets with negative gravity, this wasn't really that much of a change, although it was much better than I expected.

Music/Sound: 10/10
With a nice soundtrack that fits the art style, this is perfect for the game. And the fact that it has a mute button, a sad rarity among games today, just adds to the score here.

Difficulty: 10/10
While not overly difficult, this game was not redundant due to the interesting and mind boggling possibilities of where you could actually get the ball to go. Level 40 just astounded me at how complex it looked, but how easy it actually was. If you can work out these puzzles easily you won't have a problem until about level 75. However after that, once you think you can do it all, the difficulty gets very high so you can actually have a challenge

Other: 10/10
One of the things that set this game apart was that you unlocked levels by collecting an amount of 3 coins each level, and you only need about 2/5ths at the start and more and more until the end, yet you are never required to get anywhere near all of them, allowing you to just skip any annoying levels. Of course, if you are a purist like me, you wouldn't be able to stand leaving those last 20 coins unearned. I also loved how you didn't have to get them all at once, you cou8ld just come back and get the single one you missed last time. It even has specific numbers for you to set the Power and Angle so you don't have to go pixel-hunting.

Overall: 9/10
Considering I gave Gravitee an 8/10, that is a pretty good score for a clone. I recommend playing this game purely for the fun of watching the ball go through incredibly small spaces that you wouldn't think possible. All that without the hours of pixel-hunting that Gravitee takes, and you're in for a fun gaming session.


AbusedZebra said...

Hey, I'm just gonna give you the advice that Hokage gave me. Try not to give games perfect ratings in categories too much. Try to give just one at the most. Make sure that a feature is truly great and absolutely flawless before giving it a perfect rating. No game can be perfect.;)

GHEZ119 said...

Heh, I'll agree to that. Although Gravitex 2 IS awesome, I don't think it's worthy of that much.

Anonymous said...
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ljrules95 said...

2/5 Not much explaining to back up your points.