Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review--Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 2, These words should give you a good idea of how good this game is.
The game begins with a semi-tongue-in-cheek introduction of the world you explore....Well, to be exact, the game begins with a beautiful picture of our heroes fighting their enemies, complete with blood, dash, and dazzle (Quick point: The game itself took a little long to load, by my connection is obviously not yours).So graphics, obviously good

After the small mound of text, you're dropped into the game, again, the guides are available easily, making this game a bit more accessible than the rest. After your first few fights, you get a feel for the game, knowing when to attack, and which attack to use (Which is good, considering how many actions are available from the onset), Then you get your first boss. Now, if you're on the easier difficulty settings, you'll DESTROY this guy, yet on the harder settings, you need tactics. Smooth curve, Epic Battle Fantasy Designers. You can still be confused, but you'll eventually settle down into a successful pattern Subtle attempts as comedy are either hit-or-miss depending on your preferences, Which is OK.

Now, the mini-game based on the main character's partner is...well...grindy. You could easily amass thousands of monies (hint: off-screen ranged attack), or you could just get bored and stop midway. I think that the money you get is somewhat too little for the time you put in, which is a big annoyance when you need things bad. I also think the prices are a little much (1000$ for an ether and water of life).

Now the thing that brings it all together, your want to play the game. In my opinion, I didn't want to play the game as much as I wanted the achievements, which is bad. The sum of the game's parts should be higher, but I don't think they are.

8/10 So close, but a little far away from perfection


hokage4354 said...

It was a decent review. Welcome to the team.

Hoodwinked said...

Good job. ;) I hope my skills are as great as yours.