Sunday, November 22, 2009

A New Day and Age: 6 More Writers!

Before I get into the big announcement, I would like to give all of you a big "Happy Late Thanksgiving!", as I go and celebrate my birthday today. :D

As many of you may have noticed, KCG has been pretty active lately, with some new faces posting articles for once. After searching for writers for a few days, I found a great bunch of people who were ecstatic to be joining the team. So, without any further waiting, here are the new writers for KCG!

“Umm, I’m winwinwe. I like to write, and I have done so in a few other situations but the blog I wrote on got canceled. Let’s hope this one doesn’t. Anyway, the interests I haven’t talked about above are drawing, parkour, and psychology. If you have any things you’d like me to write for remember that if it interferes with KCG, I may not be able to do it very fast. You can contact me at”

"Hey! Sellyme here. You may call me “Awesome” for short though. Anyway, I love playing games, and writing guides is ideal for me, because I like helping people out, and I have ALL impossible badges on Kong. Yes that includes the recently badged Tower of Greed. (Shotgun writing a guide for that). My room on Kong is Feed the Ducks, and don’t be afraid to come in for a chat."

Well… My name is Hoodwinked. Call me Hood or Hoody, but absolutely not Winked. It is a pet peeve. Also, I play soccer and love meat. The two are not connected, I don’t believe… Anyways, I’ve been on Kong for over a year, and I am going to enjoy writing for KCG."


"I would like to do mostly guides, I am just an average writer but my guides will be mostly tips and images. I am an avid Kongregate gamer(thus the level 43) and enjoy the Kong community."

"I’m GHEZ119, I hang out in “The Vortex”; people can refer to me as “George” if they want, and I aim to write/record guides. Once I get rid of this horrible lag by un-installing a LOT of stuff xD Thanks for the opportunity."

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