The KCG Team

          Brandon "Hokage4354" Lugo
          Brandon's history with Kongregate Collective Guides (Originally KCCG) began in September of 2008 when he met the admin at the time, hipcheck. The two became friends quickly and he proved himself to be a worthy game guide creator as well as a game reviewer for the blog. After about a month, hipcheck appointed Brandon as an admin because he had become too busy to run the blog single-handedly.
          Through months of work Brandon worked to make KCCG the #1 resource for all things Kongregate. During this time period, the name of the blog was changed to Kongregate Collective Guides, and a majority of the site's content was created. Hundreds of game guides and reviews received tens of thousands of views during the blog's most active time frame. Eventually, due to a lack of personal interest from both him and the writers, KCG became inactive in 2011.
          Brandon has since returned with the goal of making KCG even better than it once was. The blog's December, 2013 relaunch features a complete rework of the blog from the ground up, with plenty of new features and improvements. Brandon plans to work diligently to find contributors for the blog who share the same goal of making KCG, yet again, the #1 resource for all things Kongregate.

Game Reviewer
          Hamuka found Flash games at the ripe age of 8, and has been obsessed with them ever since. He signed up on Kongregate on 2011, and  participated in the forums around that time, too. He made a short-lived review blog in summer 2013, which he abandoned due to lack of time.
          He came to write on KCG as a game reviewer in December 2013. Today, he’s commonly found playing forum games, or in chatrooms raging about how bad he is at a tourney game.

Game Reviewer
          On a fateful day in late 2008, DragonArcherZ met Kongregate for the first time when he wanted to play the Undeads in Warlords: Call Of Arms. Originally joining to collect achievements, soon he became part of the community, in particular, the Forum Game Forums. He hasn’t turned back since coming here and endlessly thanks the undeads for bringing him here.
          DragonArcherZ decided to join KGC in December 2013 to contribute to the project as a new experience and to write random things about random games. Nowadays he is a nomad, moving chatrooms along with forum members and chatting while playing games.

Guide Creator, Game Reviewer
          Kadleon is a flash gamer, forum gamer and a community member. He joined kongregate in July, 2008 on his previous account. He enjoys playing games, whether flash or forum, and loves the community. He found the forum aspect of Kongregate in 2012. He usually resides in the Forum Games Forum, while often frequenting the other forums as well. He’s a tea drinking extraordinaire. One last piece of information about him is that he likes experimenting with anything he comes across.
          He joined Kongregate Collective Guides in December, 2013 in order to further his attempts to contribute to the Kongregate community while still not being part of the main operation.

Adrian “MyGreenFrog” Froschauer
Guide Creator, Game Reviewer
          Adrian plays flash games since the day he actually has something better to do for university or work. He signed up on Kongregate in 2012 and tried to find some small game developer teams in the community that he could work with as a writer. He’s trying ever since …
          In late 2012, Adrian wrote his bachelor’s thesis on narrative structures in computer games and developed an interest in writing about games. Now he plans to become a games journalist. He joined KCG in January 2014.
Guide Creator
          Helltank discovered when searching for a game called Anita’s Odyssey. He lives in Singapore and is a very active Forum Gamer. He is well-known in the Of Guards and Thieves chatroom and game.
          Nowadays, you can usually find helltank badge-whoring, frantically playing OGAT or trash-talking in chatrooms. If the ChatGames room ever comes back from the dead, you can be sure Helltank will be there.

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