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Review Subject - Chain of Fire

Boy, has it been a long time since I published a review. The end of December, was it? Anyway, I'm back to publish a review (For now, my schedule will still be packed until a few days into February. X-X). This time, I'm going to do a (short) review on a game that just made it on the front page recently, called "Chain of Fire". It's a chain-reaction type game that consists of lighting men and trees on fire, telling them where to run, and hoping they spread the flames to others. Sound fun? Great.

MUSIC: (5/10) - Let me just say this now: The title page music on this game is HORRIBLE. It's about a seven second loop of the most annoying music ever. The music in-game, however, is a little better. It consists mostly of light drum-beats. The music is very unobtrusive on the gameplay, which is good, but it is also not very memorable.

Graphics: (9/10) - The graphics aren't amazing on their own. Just simple. However, the factor that gives this game such a high graphical score is the ability to change what color the flames in game are. I've never seen that in any other game, and it's a great feature. You can customize up to three colors in the flames (Core color, middle color, and outside color), and as you can see above, I really went crazy with that tool. The flame-editor has every color imaginable, and I'm sure you'll spend quite some time tinkering with the color of fire. ;D

Difficulty: (8/10) - Chain of Fire's difficulty is great -- It never gets too hard. If it does get too hard for you to meet the goal, there's always a "free play" mode where there is no "goals" to restrict you in each level.

Gameplay: (8/10) - Gameplay is just awesome in this game. Click a stick-man, point him in the right direction, and watch the fire spread!

Controls: (10/10) - Mouse. 'Nuff siad.


Well, there's my (albeit short) review of the great game "Chain of Fire". This is a must-play game for those who like chain reaction games like "Boomshine". It's at least worth a glance for everyone else.

Until next time I can squeeze in more time into my schedule,


---------Play Chain of Fire here!-------

Friday, January 30, 2009

Two Rooms Walkthrough

Here's my simple walk-through for Two Rooms. I only wrote the important parts. For the first couple levels, just follow the colors. The guide assumes you're at least reading the intro to each level. Buttons and switches are the same thing, just wrote two parts separate. There's also a hint located in game if you don't want to follow the below guide. Good luck and hope you enjoy you're 20 points, 2 new badges, and a new card!

RR=Right Room
LR=Left Room

Level 1.
Hit the green button in the left room.
Go into goal in the right room.

Level 2.
LR: hit the green button
RR: hit the orange button
LR: hit the purple button
RR: Goal!

Level 3.
RR: Green button
LR: Blue Button, Goal!

Level 4.
RR: Move next to orange stop button. (easiest if you park to the right)
LR: Orange button
RR: Orange Stop

Level 5.
LR: Green button , Purple button.
RR: Green Stop, Orange button.
LR: Goal!

Level 6.
LR: Purple
RR: Purple Stop, Green
LR: Goal!

Level 7
RR: move as far up to the orange wall as possible
LR: Green, Orange
RR: Goal!

Level 8
RR: Get both items, solve the LR by holding down and adjusting left and right.
When LR is in Goal. move all the way to the right (LR cursor will be all the way to the left). Go up.

Level 9
RR: Grab all the blue balls. Be quick like ninja. Goal!

Level 10
LR: Blue, Orange, Green.
RR: Purple
LR: Goal!

Level 11
LR: Purple
RR: Blue (Try to do these as close together as possible, move starting points closer if need be)
LR: Goal!

Level 12
RR: Move crate down in front of blue wall's path
LR: Blue, Pink, Goal!

Level 13
LR: Orange
RR: Move crate into path of green wall, Pink.
LR: Green
RR: Purple, Goal!

Level 14
LR: Push crate all the way to the right
RR: Push crate down
LR: Pink
RR: Goal!

Level 15
RR: Hit blue switch and move next to the Green switch.
LR: Move out of the blue blocks way and around the bottom island. Return to where you were spawned, but not the blue wall should be on your right.
RR: Hit the Green switch when the blue wall enters the transparent middle wall, move up to the pink wall.
LR: wait for the green walls to pass, then move up to the Pink Switch.
RR: Goal!

Level 16
RR: Move between the orange and green walls. DO NOT! grab the shrinking item or move the crate.
LR: Green switch, move out of the way, Orange switch.
RR: of the 3 crates, move the top one up, the right one right, and the bottom one down. get the shrinking item then get the purple switch.
RR: Up through the blue, Blue Switch, Goal!

Level 17
LR: Move the crate onto all the switches in any order. Be careful to leave yourself room to work.
RR: Goal!

Level 18
LR: Brown Switch (2nd from bottom), Orange Switch, (bottom) Green and Blue, ( Top 2 on left),Be sure to wait until all walls have a clear path. Move crate into path of pink wall
RR: Pink Switch, move back to bottom of room
LR: Grab shrinking item, Purple switch, Blue Switch
RR: Final Switch
LR: Goal!

Level 19
RR: Move up to pink switch
LR: Blue switch, Green switch
RR: Pink Switch, move down to the left of green wall
LR: Orange switch
RR: in through transparent orange, shrinking item, Pinks switch
LR: Blue Switch
RR: Goal!

Level 20
RR: Pink switch, all blue balls, get back on top. (if you're having trouble, just get the ones below the pink wall then get back on top.
LR: get blue balls on left 1st, then the rest
RR: Get remaining blue balls, Goal!

Level 21

RR: Move right above the transporter
LR: Without touching any switches, push the crate into the transporter.
RR: Push the crate down. Make sure the top is low enough so it won't hit the blue wall going right.
LR: Hit the Pink switch. when there is enough room for your guy to get by in the RR, hit the Pink Stop, Blue Switch
RR: Goal!

Level 22
LR: Solve as normal. move to far upper right corner. Go left until RR clears center object. ( LR should just hit curve) Press down. Goal! Press right. Goal!

Level 23
LR: Move to just above Blue Switch.
RR: Go all the way up. Go right to activate purple switch. wait for light blue wall. Navigate to goals. Goal!

Level 24
LR: Orange Switch, Blue Switch, wait for transparent part to line up with passage. Blue Stop, Shrinking item. Orange Stop.
RR: Pink Switch, Green Switch, Blue Switch, Goal!

Level 25
RR: Grab mirror item, move to just above left turn, go left all the way into wall, go down far enough, so you are touching pink wall, go right.( This will trap LR guy) continue down all the way.
grab switches with LR guy,( Hint: L,D,R,L,U,R,D all the way into walls) Goal!

Level 26
LR: Blue Switch,then Green and Blue Switches in bottom corner. Follow Blue wall, wait for blue wall to hit purple button. Hit pink switch.Hit final Switch.
RR: Goal!

Level 27
LR: Green Switch. Move your guy onto the transporter. Once transporter passes . Move crate onto Blue Switch, Purple Switch.
RR: Goal!

Level 28
LR: Move top crate in front of Purple wall( make sure to center it, so it will clear left blocks. ove bottom crate to transporter.
RR: Move crate up next to Pink switch. HIt Pink switch. Move out of way. Check your e-mail. Grab a bite.
LR: Goal!

Level 29
LR: Purple Switch, Red Switch, Blue Switch on top.
RR: Shrinking Item, Pink Switch, Switch stop. Goal!

Level 30
RR: Purple Switch
LR: Blue Switch, Teal Switch, move to upper left corner. Wait for purple wall to stop.
RR: Move out of way of pink wall.
LR: Pink Switch.
RR: Orange Switch

Kongregate saved my life

Hello everyone! My name is Qwerty and I'm brand new to KGC. I used to be a WoW addict, but it was just taking up too much time. I quit cold turkey, but the withdrawals we're just too much. My brother suggested Kongregate, and Kongregate has been my source of fresh new content ever since.

I have been invited to try my hand at writing some guides and walkthroughs which I'm very excited about. That's it for now. Happy Gaming!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dreams Guide

"Dreaming is Believing."
Dreams, developed by DifferenceGames, will take you on a magical journey though the creativity of your imagination. In this game, you'll have to spot the differences in a girl's fantasy adventure through the vivid dreams she has during class.

Below is a directory to images of each level with red circles around all of the differences. Please keep in mind that the differences circled are found throughout all of the games, and even though I played though the game six times to find differences, some may be missing.
Level List
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
Level 11
Level 12
Level 13
Level 14

If I'm missing anything, just post a comment. Thanks for reading this guide, and I hope you get the medium badge!

Kongai Wins "Best Multiplayer" at "Best of Casual Gameplay 2008"

Casual Gameplay hosted their 2008 "Best of Casual Gameplay" awards, with categories ranging from Adventure, to Simulation, and the results are in! Kongregate members from all around participated in voting for Kongai in the Multiplayer category after jimgreer posted a thread informing everybody about the awards.

For the mutiplayer category, there were nine total possible game to vote for. The winner of this category was indeed Kongai, with both Jay is Games choice, and Audeince Choice;22% of the votes.

Hoorah to anybody who went out and voted Kongai as number 1! Check out the other categories and winners while you're at the site.

Join in the Discussion!

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Badge Difficulty Poll Results:

The results as the poll are shown below:

They're getting easier.
7 (9%)
Some are occasionaly easier than usual.
8 (10%)
They seem pretty stread.
7 (9%)
Some are occasionaly harder than usual.
10 (13%)
They're getting harder.
19 (25%)
They vary.
24 (32%)

As you can see, most of the people who voted thought that they vary, followed by one fourth of the users feeling that they are getting harder. In my opinion, they are getting easier, but as you can see everybody has very different opinions.

Our other poll ends in 13 days. Go vote if you haven't already.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kongrats to hipcheck!

I just had to make a reply to the other post by hokage. Thank you everyone who left me a shout and whisper. I've never had so many emails from kongregate XD. I really appreciate everyone's support and referrals. I really want to thank the writers on this site though who make it so popular and keep people coming back. Without our new interviewers and guide writers this site probably wouldn't have lasted much longer. So thank you everyone involved in this project and another big thanks to hokage for really helping me out with a ton of things while I'm busy with work or wedding plans. I'll try to get other guides up soon or at least an article here or there. I've mainly focused on getting writers in here lately and it has been a great help. Thanks again to everyone.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Interview With IggyShark

Hello, this is Marh! It's my first post in KCG, and I'm very excited! As many of you know, IggyShark is a senior mod, and the owner of the room Velocity.


Marh: Anyway, I'm here to INTERVIEW YOU.
Iggyshark : About what?
Marh: Er...
Marh: About your modship, I guess :P
Marh: Banned!
Iggyshark: Reverse psychology!
Marh: Lol
Marh: Anyway... I guess I'll just kind of cut to the chase.
Iggyshark: mmkay
Marh: So...
Marh: When did you first join Kongregate?
Iggyshark: Member Since: 05/04/2007
Marh: So you've been around for quite a while, then.
Iggyshark: I guess. Coming up on the two year mark I think.
Marh: Even longer than me >.> (Grrr)
Iggyshark: Really? lol
Marh: Yes, I'm 5/28
Iggyshark: 'Tis okay. One of my regs has me beat by a day.
Marh: What was Kongregate like when you started, and what was your first response to the community?
Iggyshark: Well, I started out in the lair. That should tell you the kind of environment that I first encountered
Iggyshark: Back when koko was still running the show
Marh: Lol
Iggyshark: It was nice, and I kind of got hooked fast... but when she left, things changed
Iggyshark: This was about the time I started chatting with Carados more.
Marh: Interesting.
Iggyshark: And then the darkness descended, in an attempt to drive the room back into chaos
Iggyshark: It actually worked too. We had a semi-functional community built up after a time.
Iggyshark: The admins saw this, and bestowed a modly gift to fight back the horde
Marh: Wow, that's a pretty unique Kong story right there...
Iggyshark: But I was rejected, and expelled from the tribe
Marh: Why?
Iggyshark: Mostly because it was considered cheating
Iggyshark: The lair hadn't seen a mod in quite some time at this point
Marh: Yeah, they're really anti-mod, I've heard.
Iggyshark: Eventually after a period of wandering, I was reconciled with the tribe, and began an exodus
Iggyshark: And led all that was good to a paradise known as "The Hive"
Marh: Ah.
Iggyshark: Leaving the horde to overrun the lair
Marh: The Hive was like Heaven, eh?
Iggyshark: Not the hive.
Iggyshark: I just woke up. my brain is AIDS!
Marh: Lol...
Marh: I was wondering...
Iggyshark: The hive is pretty much velocity's next door neighbor though. MST is the barney to my fred flinstone
Marh): ... O_o Cool
Marh: Okay, so when were you first modded?
Iggyshark: Argh... time questions make me angryfaiced
Iggyshark: Lemme go ask my regs
Iggyshark: They'd know
Marh: ?
Marh: Okay, so...
Marh: When you were first modded, what was your first response? "OH YAY!!!11!!11! FINALLY!", "OMIGAD I'M GONNA DIE" or "cool... D_D"
Iggyshark: "Oh crap, I have to do work now?"
Iggyshark: I believe that is the precise wording I used to email damijin back when I got my email.
Marh: LOL
Marh: How has modding compared to what you thought it would be like, before you were modded?
Iggyshark: Well, like most users I thought it would be some mystical shamanic experience.
Iggyshark: Now I realise it's just paperwork and button pushing
Marh: Yep...
Marh: That's... really well put.
Iggyshark: But I like playing the good little slave monkey
Marh: ...
Iggyshark: heh
Marh: *is in fear*
Iggyshark: PHatHome666: Iggy, i'd say it happened in 2008 from somewhere between february to june.
Iggyshark: But that is patti. And patti is unreliable.
Marh: Just like it Peanuts
Marh: Anyway...
Marh: I'm not sure if you got that... ?
Iggyshark: She the one who always moves the football?
Marh: No...
Marh: That's... Lucy, I believe.
Iggyshark: His name comes from patti mayonaise from Doug anyways.
Marh: :P
Iggyshark: Gargh! Lucy be me!
Marh: :O
Marh: Okay, here's an interesting question:
Marh: What type of mod do you consider yourself? A strict mod? A "live and let live" mod? A "let's see what happens..." mod?
Marh: Or anything else you can think of, of course.
Iggyshark: Well, my regs call me lax, pheonix thinks I'm strict, and I just keep on' keeping on.
Marh: Yeah...
Iggyshark: Lucy is a cowgirl moderator. Does what she wants.
Marh: A lot of the time people seem to think mods are always as strict one day as the next... but a lot of times it'll depend.
Marh: It's funny...
Iggyshark: Tch... tell me about it. "Do I give this guy a warning?" "Nah... too lazy"
Iggyshark: Next day I'll end up typing out a warning in essay form to the same guy
Marh: Lol... I feel exactly the same way O_o
Iggyshark: Also, my favourite reg just got an M.
Marh: So, tell us about your room?
Iggyshark: Well... "Velocity boasts lenient moderation and a higher proportion of intelligent members to mouth-breathers than regular rooms."
Iggyshark: I don't think I can say that any better.
Iggyshark: We use complete sentences, and don't put up with stupid shite.
Marh: That sounds heavenly.
Iggyshark: The regs think so too.
Iggyshark: It can get kind of flamey when random people walk in and don't observe our customs
Iggyshark: 99% of the time, it ends up with me silencing somebody for swearing at cara
Iggyshark: We do get some decent new users though, like Auric.
Iggyshark: Our most recent addition
Marh: Cool
Marh: Anyway...
Marh: I honestly think that wraps up our interview.
Iggyshark: Mmmkay
Marh: Okay
Iggyshark: Also, gimme a link when it's published
Marh: It was really nice talking to you

Congrats hipcheck!

Hipcheck, owner of KCG, is now on the Kongregate leader boards with 18240 points! I hope you all give him a hearty whisper congratulating him on this achievement, we truly are proud.

Yesterday I noticed something that left me brain dead all night yesterday, and that was the incredible spike of people on KCG at 11 p.m. eastern time last night. Our usual stats are 0 people minumum, 1 or 2 people average, and 3, 4, or 5 people maximum. During this one hour spike, the stats jumped up to 1 person minumum, 5 people average, and an incredible 14 people maximum.

I couldn't figure out what cause this. At first I thought it was my "War Series Challenge" post, but I noticed that even before I started typing it out, there were already 7 users online. Then by the time I posted the article, there were 13 people online.

I checked to see which pages people were viewing, and I was shocked by the fact that people were just looking at the homepage. I thought that perhaps there was a specific article people wanted to look at, but no, people were just on the main page. There was maybe 3 people on who were looking at specific articles.

I'm including this because I want to ask, what braught you all to KCG so late? Were you here to look at a specific article, or were you just bored?

Well anyway, comment if you don't mind sharing, and congrats agian to hipcheck!

About me

I'm JaumeBG. My real name is Jaume, and my first and second surnames start with B and G, respectively, as you see, not much imagination was required when I created my username in Kongregate. I live in Lleida, Spain. I speak English, Spanish and Catalan which is a different language inside a county in Spain.

I'm a game developer, although I only made one game and it's kind of bad... I like action games, such as Dodge, Platfrom Racing 2 or Achievement Unlocked. I'm normally in room Catalonia, which can be entered putting after the game ?room_id=38 although you'll have to speak Catalan to talk in there, so it's kind of useless if you enter it and you don't speak it... I normally frequent the forums, my favourite is the off-topic section.

Here are the entries I've done in the blog:
Death Dice Overdose
About me


Today I will try to help you get 15 more points in what ninjakiwi himself calls: “A clever puzzle game involving stacking rings.” I mean the game rings It might be clever, but it is a really easy 15 points. So here we go.

Stack rings in order (that is green, red, blue, yellow/gold) to score points. Complete the given amount of towers to finish the level and move on. You lose if a bigger or equal ring is stacked on another one.

Badge objective:
Score 100,000 points (medium, 15 points)

So. In other games 100,000 points is a lot, but in rings? Not really. This game really isn’t hard at all. In the middle cell, a ring will appear, which you have to move to a free cell, or atop another one. So what you will be doing is this:
- Green ones go to open cells
- Red ones go on green ones, or in a free cell if there are no green
- Blue ones go on reds. No reds, then go for open cells, because it’s a pain to remove from a green, then place red, and then put the blue back. Only in case of no open cells, or lack of space for a new cell place a blue on a green
- Yellow rings should be placed in open cells, and only moved to a red or green in a lack of space. Only move a yellow ring to a blue ring i fit finishes a four story tower! If you move a yellow ionto a blue the tower is finished no matter whats below the blue. If you put a yellow on a green+blue, the yellow and blue will dissappear, andyou end up with only a green.

The key to getting a lot of points is ONLY FINISHING FULL TOWERS! These guys give you 1000 points (while 3-story give you 500 and 2-story 250) but you also fill your rage meter faster.This meter will give you 30 seconds of double points, so full towers give you 2000 points. So another key to the badge is speed. Finishing more towers in the 30 seconds gives you more points.Every round requires more completed towers, but every level can be finished “perfectly”. You mostly end up pressing space until you can finish a tower, or until you cant place a ring, after which you will fix the problem and press space again.

This badge is really easier than it looks, and I wish you good luck getting it. Any other questions can be asked to me, just leave a shout. ‘Till next time



Hello everyone reading this, my name is Jeroen aka jjp4wnthug2. I’m 15 years old, male, and I live in Holland near Amsterdam. My main occupations are school,the PC (Kongregate, and sporadically Tribalwars) and the Wii. I like to play the guitar and listen to music, mostly in the metal/grindcore direction.

In Kongregate I always hang around in Achievement Addicts Anonymous. Please come visit me sometimes. My job here is to write you guides on how to obtain, mostly easy, badges in order to gain points. My First guide is on one of the “easier” medium badges on the game “Rings”. Why are you even reading this? Go read the guides and obtain some badges, have fun!


Friday, January 16, 2009

WAR Series Challenge

"War. War never changes..."
To get this ticket you need to complete three various tasks. These tasks are found in the games Hands of War, Sonny, and Talesworth Arena: Death Watch. All of these challenges are fairly easy.

Sonny: In sonny, you are assigned to reach level 5. Not too difficult for anybody who's played this RPG before, but for you newcomers, you might want to read on out Sonny Walkthough to also get the badges. I found this task easiest to complete by staying in the first zone, and continuously fighting until reaching level 5.

Talesworth Arena: Death Watch: The task shouldn't be too hard once you understand the game, you can find some tips here.

Hands of War: Simply enough, head outside your starting point, speak to the man who has a quest for you, head north, kill the evil minions, return to quest man, and that's it. This shouldn't take more then five minutes.

Five Lucky winners will receive Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the new fantasy MMORPG from Mythic Entertainment, plus a 6 month subscription. This ticket is a must for anybody who might be interested.

Check with the Challenge Rules & Eligibility first.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Minions is a game produced by Casual Collective. Casual Collective has also added other great games on Kongregate such as Flash Element TD 2 and Buggle Connect. I really like these three games designed by Casual Collective, they're really good and challenging.

Minions is a multiplayer game where you're in a team of 4, 6, 8 or 10 people against another team with the same number of players as in yours, in which, to win, you have to destroy the enemies' team's central base. The central base/tower is the base that is at the end of your screen, if you're blue it's the lowest, and if you're red, viseversa. While you are going to there you are most likely to find yourself with an enemy, which can be a computer (lowly minion) or human (which is bigger).

There are 5 different minions you can play with in Kongregate, the rest are restricted to .
Splodge (Minion 1): This minion is a very good minion to play with 'cause he's got high defense and he's easy to use, but he's got low damage. In-game this minion's special stats are Repair (which allows you to cure yourself 20hp per second during 5 seconds), Shield (it gives you +2 armor for 3.0 +0.5 seconds x every upgrade put on it) and Sight (it gives you +10 sight rate, as more sight you have, the farther you'll detect enemies).
Basher (Minion 2): I don't recommend this minion, he has very low defense, although he has medium ease of use and very high damage. But once he's as best as it can be, it's very good. This minion's special stats are HE Shells(It hurts +4.5 damage per every upgrade you put on it), Overload (attack speed +20% for 6 secs, 12 seconds cooldown) and AP Shells (makes your shots unvunerable to armor for 5 secs, 20 seconds cooldown.
Doc (Minion 3): This minion can be very good if you know how to use it, but really bad if you don't. If you're this minion, you should always go with one of your teammates. Doc's special stats are Repair All (Repairs all allied units within 70 metres +1 by 30 hp +6 for 3 secs per upgrade), Far Sight (increases your unit's sight range to 50 metres +5 for 5 secs, 15 secs -0.5 per upgrade) and Engine (permanently increases doc's speed by 3.5 kph +0.2 per upgrade).
Stinger (Minion 4): This unit's health is very low... Stinger's special stats are Stun Bolt (a hitting projectile that stuns the enemy for 2 secs +0.1, 20 seconds cooldown -1 per upgrade), Glue Bomb (Slows enemy movement by -26% +6 and attack speed by -20% +5 per upgrade, Lasts 5 secs, 20 secs cooldown) and Boost (increases your attack by +15% +4 and speed by 4.5 kph +0.9 per upgrade, for 5 secs, 20 secs cooldown).
Shouty (Minion 5): Shouty has medium defense, ease of use and attack, but if he attacks with a missile, it's devastating. This minion's special stats are Missile (Missile with 30 damage +6 per upgrade and 130 metres range, ignores armor, 6 secs cooldown), Mortar (Long ranged weapon with 30 damage +9, 150m range and a 40m radius +5 per upgrade, 20 secs cooldown) and Reload (Instantly reloads the missile and mortar, 60 secs, -4 per upgrade cooldown).

There are 3 different stats for all minions, and 3 special stats for your type minion.
Ease of use:
The higher it is, the faster it'll respond to your actions.
The higher it is, the harder it'll be for your enemies to kill you.
The higher it is, the faster you'll be able to kill your enemies.
Special stats:
These sats, are the stats that only your type of minion has, as explained above.

Time left:
You have 30 seconds to choose your minion.
Teammates and enemies:
The blue minions, in this case, are your teammates and the red minions are your enemies, it change be the other way round. In-game you'll have to kill the opposite colour team and help your team.

In-game view
Who am I?
You're the one who has a yellow surrounding on it.
Unit's levels:
The more you kill your enemies the more experience you'll get. When you change level, you can upgrade a special stat.
Main tower:
To win the game, you have to destroy the opposite colour tower, remember to protect yours aswell!
When your health reaches 0, you die and you start again.

Random Game

I'm posting about a random game everyone should play. I'll post these every so often just becuase I can. Death Row is an interesting game made by Fizzy. He is the make of many games and is a great developer. Death Row is an interesting game about a relationship between you and a prisoner named Hector Van Daemon. You have 14 days to save him before his execution by proving him innocent or reforming him enough to get him out of his sentence for terrorism. You interact with Hector and try your best to get him free. Buy him things, make him work, even play games with him. Just remember that at the end of 14 days he gets the noose. So just have fun with this random game and check out Fizzy's other games.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dodge is a game released by moogoat which has only made this single, but good, game. His website is here.

You have to dodge every shot your enemies do which is aimed to you, but you're fast enough to dodge them. You're not supposed to just dodge them and that's it, you're supposed to moved around, gather some of their shots and then go in direction to an enemy to destroy it.

There are several types of enemies in-game. As they have no given name, I gave each one the name I seem it looks like.
NOTE: When I put how many shots are required to destroy an enemy, I mean red shots, green shots are way more effective and might require half than red.

Yellow Kite
Yellow Kite goes to the position it wants to go directly and then it stops, doesn't move from it, and shoots you.
How many shots to destroy it?: 2

Blue Egg
Blue Egg can move while it shoots you. It doesn't stop and it's always aiming at you to try to make you get hit.
How many shots to destroy it?: 3

Green Suicide
Green suicide goes directly to a spot, wait for a few seconds and explodes making you get hurt if you're close, it also throw its own shots which are green and faster. Try to destroy them before they explode.
How many shots to destroy it?: 2

Purple Square
Purple squares teleport to a different location and release 3 missiles, the more purple they are, in lease time they'll throw their missiles and teleport.
How many shots to destroy it?: 2

Orange Sniper
These enemies go to a place and then they stay alone, after that they shoot, not one shot, 2! Some of their shots (orange) will not follow you though, so watch out for those.
How many shots to destroy it?: 3

Important levels:
Level 3: Blue Egg comes in.
Level 6: Green Suicide comes in.
Level 9: Green Suicides come by teams of 4 and they explode, with no other enemy you just have to dodge.
Level 10: Purple Square comes in. / You get the Illudium Phosdex badge (Easy) for completing the level.
Level 12: Green Suicides and Purple Squares both suicide themselves all the time.
Level 13 and 14: Short but intense levels, full all the time with lots of enemies to destroy.
Level 15: 10 Purple Squares at a time are waiting to explode and kill you.
Level 16: Orange Snipers come in.
Level 18: Orange Snipers are the only enemy there is.
Level 20: There are 2 waves of each kind of enemy then 3 final waves of them all. / You get the If you can dodge a wrench... badge (Medium) for completing the level.

Badges and Challenge guide
Getting out of Dodge Challenge
To require 100,000 + Points you should complete 13 levels playing kind of well. Stoneheel Totem will be given to you once you end your match, having won or lost.

Illudium Phosdex Badge (Easy)
The first 10 levels are easy except 9 and 10, which are a bit harder than the rest, but still easy.

If You Can Dodge a Wrench... Badge (Medium)
It gets really hard towards the end, remember to heel yourself the few last levels! Tip: Go Counter-Clockwise all the time, you won't get hit a lot.

Can't Touch This Badge (Hard)
You have to destroy 100 enemies in a row without getting hit by any shot, if you don't, it'll start back from zero again. Tip for medium badge also works here.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Maze Stopper 2

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while I've just been way too busy. But I wanted to direct all of you to Mr. Rubix's guides to Maze Stopper 2. There are too many to post up here but here is the link.It will get you five stars on all the level. So that means following these walkthroughs will get you all 3 badges and a nice 50 points. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New polls! Go go go!

New Polls!
I put up some new polls for you guys to participate in. The first poll is asking for how you feel about the difficulty of badges, and the second asks how often you feel loot challenges should occur. These polls will be lasting a while so you guys have time to change your answers if you want.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Many job openings left!

KCG is continuously growing, but as we grow we need more people on the team to keep the readers occupied. If you direct your attention the the job openings section, you will see that we still have another interview spot open as well as three guide writing positions.

Anybody interested in these positions should speak to either me or hipcheck about getting the job.

Good night all~

Interview with Marh

A new interview with an awesome moderator,Marh, is here for you all! 8D

Thanks for take your time to participate in this interview Marh! ;D
Marh: Oh noez!
hokage4354: It's okay, I won't hurt you. xD
Marh: O_o *whimper*
hokage4354: So, you're a moderator, eh?
Marh: Indeed.
hokage4354: How long have you been moderating on Kongregate, and have you done any off-kong moderating?
Marh: Nope. I've never been a mod off Kongregate.
Marh: And I was modded on Aug. 8th. I remember the date :P I was jumping up and down for so long...
hokage4354: You must've been pretty excited about it then. ;D
Marh: Yes, I was :P
hokage4354: How did the actual mod experience compare to your prior opinions and joyful anticipations about becoming a mod?
Marh: Umm...
Marh: It was different. My experience as a mod has brought on a lot more duty and expectations from users and fellow mods than I expected.
Marh: I also though owning a room would be a lot easier.
hokage4354: If you could own a room, would you?
Marh: I own one.
Marh: It's called Didactic Fractals, it's co. modded by aenh and it's doing pretty well.
Marh: It's also the official room of Didactic Fractalism.
hokage4354: That's good to hear- so how long do you plan on remaining a mod? Owner of Didactic Fractalism?
Marh: Oh... I've never really though about it.
Marh: I guess when it's time.
hokage4354: One last question...
hokage4354: Do you liek mudkipz? : P
Marh: Yes I do.
Marh: Very much.
hokage4354: Good to hear. ;D
hokage4354: Well thanks again for this interview!
Marh: Awesome!
hokage4354: Indeed....
hokage4354: Would you liek a c00kie?
Marh: Sure thing.
Marh: Better not be poison.
hokage4354: *snicker*
hokage4354: ^ ___ ^ ;;
Marh: *falls dead*
Marh: Damn you...
hokage4354: aaaaannnndddd- CUT!
hokage4354: PERFECT!
hokage4354: Interview complete
hokage4354: It was serious, and entertaining at the same time
hokage4354: don't ask why I said "cut" like some wanna-be movie director
Marh: Why do you "cut" like some wanna-be movie directer?
hokage4354: Ya know what...
hokage4354: I don't really know.
Marh: Lol

Interview with Vitaly

Interview with Vitaly

Q: First of, Hello, and thank you for Putting in time to do this interview.

A: Hello, I always glad to answer players' questions ^^

Q: So first question, what chat rooms are you usually in (on Kongregate) so that fan can talk to you!
A: Usually I don't even read chat, I even don't play games too much, just have no time for them. I play only some unusual, logical, interesting or beautiful games like Zlich, Adventures of Reemus, Submachine and my own games - when testing them. But the chat room which I usually in is Games Workshop.

Q: When did you start making games?
A: About 4-5 years ago. Of course, my first games were just first try, so I didn't put them anywhere. The first "real" game was Endless War published in July 2005, after 8 months I completed Endless War 2 which was my first success.

Q: What do you think the biggest challenge was starting out, and if so any advice?
A: The biggest Kongregate challenge? I just don't know %) didn't try new challenges.

Q: So obviously one of your most successful games Feudalism II and Endless War Series, what are your favorite parts of it, what part would you add, and what would you take out?
A: They are all favorite ;) Of course, I like the last games (F2 and EW3) more than others because they have more features, but overall they all are important for me. I wouldn't take out anything from these games, but have some things to add: maybe another magic system and bigger map for Feudalism and some stealth missions and (of course!) more guns for Endless War.

Q: Is there any new games that are in the making that you wish to tell KCG about it first (or second)?
A: I'm working on Endless War 4 now. Most graphics for the game is done, and at this moment I'm working with menu, guns and code. Don't expect much from the fourth part - it will not become a revolution: just another Endless War :) Some new guns, new enemies and changed graphics - I didn't want to spend half of a year for fixing game what isn't broken. There'll be less missions, only 12, but each mission consists of three maps, not one as before. So the game isn't smaller.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Loot Challenge!

Well, another Loot challenge is here! This time, the grand prize is a Playstation 3 and a copy of the movie "Pineapple Express"! The game you have to play to earn your ticket is Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3. All you have to do to earn your chance to win is get an award on seven different songs. What are you still reading this for?! Get playing!

Best of luck to all entrants! :)