Saturday, January 10, 2009

Interview with Marh

A new interview with an awesome moderator,Marh, is here for you all! 8D

Thanks for take your time to participate in this interview Marh! ;D
Marh: Oh noez!
hokage4354: It's okay, I won't hurt you. xD
Marh: O_o *whimper*
hokage4354: So, you're a moderator, eh?
Marh: Indeed.
hokage4354: How long have you been moderating on Kongregate, and have you done any off-kong moderating?
Marh: Nope. I've never been a mod off Kongregate.
Marh: And I was modded on Aug. 8th. I remember the date :P I was jumping up and down for so long...
hokage4354: You must've been pretty excited about it then. ;D
Marh: Yes, I was :P
hokage4354: How did the actual mod experience compare to your prior opinions and joyful anticipations about becoming a mod?
Marh: Umm...
Marh: It was different. My experience as a mod has brought on a lot more duty and expectations from users and fellow mods than I expected.
Marh: I also though owning a room would be a lot easier.
hokage4354: If you could own a room, would you?
Marh: I own one.
Marh: It's called Didactic Fractals, it's co. modded by aenh and it's doing pretty well.
Marh: It's also the official room of Didactic Fractalism.
hokage4354: That's good to hear- so how long do you plan on remaining a mod? Owner of Didactic Fractalism?
Marh: Oh... I've never really though about it.
Marh: I guess when it's time.
hokage4354: One last question...
hokage4354: Do you liek mudkipz? : P
Marh: Yes I do.
Marh: Very much.
hokage4354: Good to hear. ;D
hokage4354: Well thanks again for this interview!
Marh: Awesome!
hokage4354: Indeed....
hokage4354: Would you liek a c00kie?
Marh: Sure thing.
Marh: Better not be poison.
hokage4354: *snicker*
hokage4354: ^ ___ ^ ;;
Marh: *falls dead*
Marh: Damn you...
hokage4354: aaaaannnndddd- CUT!
hokage4354: PERFECT!
hokage4354: Interview complete
hokage4354: It was serious, and entertaining at the same time
hokage4354: don't ask why I said "cut" like some wanna-be movie director
Marh: Why do you "cut" like some wanna-be movie directer?
hokage4354: Ya know what...
hokage4354: I don't really know.
Marh: Lol


Sabercow said...

I lol'd. Nice interview Hokage.

hokage4354 said...

Thanks. xD

We were just having a good time. ;D