Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kongai Wins "Best Multiplayer" at "Best of Casual Gameplay 2008"

Casual Gameplay hosted their 2008 "Best of Casual Gameplay" awards, with categories ranging from Adventure, to Simulation, and the results are in! Kongregate members from all around participated in voting for Kongai in the Multiplayer category after jimgreer posted a thread informing everybody about the awards.

For the mutiplayer category, there were nine total possible game to vote for. The winner of this category was indeed Kongai, with both Jay is Games choice, and Audeince Choice;22% of the votes.

Hoorah to anybody who went out and voted Kongai as number 1! Check out the other categories and winners while you're at the site.

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greg said...

This is a topic I obsess over quite a bit, so I'm glad to see that the data isn't too skewed in one way or another, at least according to this poll.

I'm pretty sure I started making badges a little easier over time, but once I noticed that, I tried to rein them back in a bit. So those new to Kongregate may say that they're getting harder, but more senior members may have a better sense of the average, and claim that they're getting easier as a whole.

Obviously my goal is to keep things pretty consistent, but that's really hard to do.

hipcheck said...

Yes greg. Being a senior member IMO i don't think badges really have the same difficulty they used to but I am still glad to see one on any game whenever it comes out.

hokage4354 said...

Thanks for commenting on our poll greg, and I have to agree with you.

Since the newer members are usually "casual" gamers who play on more simple flash gaming sites (Without badges or a general profile build), They'd automatically think that badges are a tedious task without taking the time to think it through.

Opposite, older members are experienced flash game "experts", where they can acquire the badges within a few days.

Don't worry about it though greg, it's a "mind fuck" to get all of the badges perfectly equal in difficulty to the type of badge they are, but then again everything wasn't meant to be perfect. Not to mention you have to work with whatever stats the game you choose provides, in which certain stats are easier to achieve than others.

(Ex. Players who enjoy endurance games such as "Frantic" might achieve all tasks similar to that, but have difficulty with strategic games such as "Monster's Den".)