Saturday, January 31, 2009

Review Subject - Chain of Fire

Boy, has it been a long time since I published a review. The end of December, was it? Anyway, I'm back to publish a review (For now, my schedule will still be packed until a few days into February. X-X). This time, I'm going to do a (short) review on a game that just made it on the front page recently, called "Chain of Fire". It's a chain-reaction type game that consists of lighting men and trees on fire, telling them where to run, and hoping they spread the flames to others. Sound fun? Great.

MUSIC: (5/10) - Let me just say this now: The title page music on this game is HORRIBLE. It's about a seven second loop of the most annoying music ever. The music in-game, however, is a little better. It consists mostly of light drum-beats. The music is very unobtrusive on the gameplay, which is good, but it is also not very memorable.

Graphics: (9/10) - The graphics aren't amazing on their own. Just simple. However, the factor that gives this game such a high graphical score is the ability to change what color the flames in game are. I've never seen that in any other game, and it's a great feature. You can customize up to three colors in the flames (Core color, middle color, and outside color), and as you can see above, I really went crazy with that tool. The flame-editor has every color imaginable, and I'm sure you'll spend quite some time tinkering with the color of fire. ;D

Difficulty: (8/10) - Chain of Fire's difficulty is great -- It never gets too hard. If it does get too hard for you to meet the goal, there's always a "free play" mode where there is no "goals" to restrict you in each level.

Gameplay: (8/10) - Gameplay is just awesome in this game. Click a stick-man, point him in the right direction, and watch the fire spread!

Controls: (10/10) - Mouse. 'Nuff siad.


Well, there's my (albeit short) review of the great game "Chain of Fire". This is a must-play game for those who like chain reaction games like "Boomshine". It's at least worth a glance for everyone else.

Until next time I can squeeze in more time into my schedule,


---------Play Chain of Fire here!-------

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