Friday, January 30, 2009

Two Rooms Walkthrough

Here's my simple walk-through for Two Rooms. I only wrote the important parts. For the first couple levels, just follow the colors. The guide assumes you're at least reading the intro to each level. Buttons and switches are the same thing, just wrote two parts separate. There's also a hint located in game if you don't want to follow the below guide. Good luck and hope you enjoy you're 20 points, 2 new badges, and a new card!

RR=Right Room
LR=Left Room

Level 1.
Hit the green button in the left room.
Go into goal in the right room.

Level 2.
LR: hit the green button
RR: hit the orange button
LR: hit the purple button
RR: Goal!

Level 3.
RR: Green button
LR: Blue Button, Goal!

Level 4.
RR: Move next to orange stop button. (easiest if you park to the right)
LR: Orange button
RR: Orange Stop

Level 5.
LR: Green button , Purple button.
RR: Green Stop, Orange button.
LR: Goal!

Level 6.
LR: Purple
RR: Purple Stop, Green
LR: Goal!

Level 7
RR: move as far up to the orange wall as possible
LR: Green, Orange
RR: Goal!

Level 8
RR: Get both items, solve the LR by holding down and adjusting left and right.
When LR is in Goal. move all the way to the right (LR cursor will be all the way to the left). Go up.

Level 9
RR: Grab all the blue balls. Be quick like ninja. Goal!

Level 10
LR: Blue, Orange, Green.
RR: Purple
LR: Goal!

Level 11
LR: Purple
RR: Blue (Try to do these as close together as possible, move starting points closer if need be)
LR: Goal!

Level 12
RR: Move crate down in front of blue wall's path
LR: Blue, Pink, Goal!

Level 13
LR: Orange
RR: Move crate into path of green wall, Pink.
LR: Green
RR: Purple, Goal!

Level 14
LR: Push crate all the way to the right
RR: Push crate down
LR: Pink
RR: Goal!

Level 15
RR: Hit blue switch and move next to the Green switch.
LR: Move out of the blue blocks way and around the bottom island. Return to where you were spawned, but not the blue wall should be on your right.
RR: Hit the Green switch when the blue wall enters the transparent middle wall, move up to the pink wall.
LR: wait for the green walls to pass, then move up to the Pink Switch.
RR: Goal!

Level 16
RR: Move between the orange and green walls. DO NOT! grab the shrinking item or move the crate.
LR: Green switch, move out of the way, Orange switch.
RR: of the 3 crates, move the top one up, the right one right, and the bottom one down. get the shrinking item then get the purple switch.
RR: Up through the blue, Blue Switch, Goal!

Level 17
LR: Move the crate onto all the switches in any order. Be careful to leave yourself room to work.
RR: Goal!

Level 18
LR: Brown Switch (2nd from bottom), Orange Switch, (bottom) Green and Blue, ( Top 2 on left),Be sure to wait until all walls have a clear path. Move crate into path of pink wall
RR: Pink Switch, move back to bottom of room
LR: Grab shrinking item, Purple switch, Blue Switch
RR: Final Switch
LR: Goal!

Level 19
RR: Move up to pink switch
LR: Blue switch, Green switch
RR: Pink Switch, move down to the left of green wall
LR: Orange switch
RR: in through transparent orange, shrinking item, Pinks switch
LR: Blue Switch
RR: Goal!

Level 20
RR: Pink switch, all blue balls, get back on top. (if you're having trouble, just get the ones below the pink wall then get back on top.
LR: get blue balls on left 1st, then the rest
RR: Get remaining blue balls, Goal!

Level 21

RR: Move right above the transporter
LR: Without touching any switches, push the crate into the transporter.
RR: Push the crate down. Make sure the top is low enough so it won't hit the blue wall going right.
LR: Hit the Pink switch. when there is enough room for your guy to get by in the RR, hit the Pink Stop, Blue Switch
RR: Goal!

Level 22
LR: Solve as normal. move to far upper right corner. Go left until RR clears center object. ( LR should just hit curve) Press down. Goal! Press right. Goal!

Level 23
LR: Move to just above Blue Switch.
RR: Go all the way up. Go right to activate purple switch. wait for light blue wall. Navigate to goals. Goal!

Level 24
LR: Orange Switch, Blue Switch, wait for transparent part to line up with passage. Blue Stop, Shrinking item. Orange Stop.
RR: Pink Switch, Green Switch, Blue Switch, Goal!

Level 25
RR: Grab mirror item, move to just above left turn, go left all the way into wall, go down far enough, so you are touching pink wall, go right.( This will trap LR guy) continue down all the way.
grab switches with LR guy,( Hint: L,D,R,L,U,R,D all the way into walls) Goal!

Level 26
LR: Blue Switch,then Green and Blue Switches in bottom corner. Follow Blue wall, wait for blue wall to hit purple button. Hit pink switch.Hit final Switch.
RR: Goal!

Level 27
LR: Green Switch. Move your guy onto the transporter. Once transporter passes . Move crate onto Blue Switch, Purple Switch.
RR: Goal!

Level 28
LR: Move top crate in front of Purple wall( make sure to center it, so it will clear left blocks. ove bottom crate to transporter.
RR: Move crate up next to Pink switch. HIt Pink switch. Move out of way. Check your e-mail. Grab a bite.
LR: Goal!

Level 29
LR: Purple Switch, Red Switch, Blue Switch on top.
RR: Shrinking Item, Pink Switch, Switch stop. Goal!

Level 30
RR: Purple Switch
LR: Blue Switch, Teal Switch, move to upper left corner. Wait for purple wall to stop.
RR: Move out of way of pink wall.
LR: Pink Switch.
RR: Orange Switch

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