Saturday, January 17, 2009


Today I will try to help you get 15 more points in what ninjakiwi himself calls: “A clever puzzle game involving stacking rings.” I mean the game rings It might be clever, but it is a really easy 15 points. So here we go.

Stack rings in order (that is green, red, blue, yellow/gold) to score points. Complete the given amount of towers to finish the level and move on. You lose if a bigger or equal ring is stacked on another one.

Badge objective:
Score 100,000 points (medium, 15 points)

So. In other games 100,000 points is a lot, but in rings? Not really. This game really isn’t hard at all. In the middle cell, a ring will appear, which you have to move to a free cell, or atop another one. So what you will be doing is this:
- Green ones go to open cells
- Red ones go on green ones, or in a free cell if there are no green
- Blue ones go on reds. No reds, then go for open cells, because it’s a pain to remove from a green, then place red, and then put the blue back. Only in case of no open cells, or lack of space for a new cell place a blue on a green
- Yellow rings should be placed in open cells, and only moved to a red or green in a lack of space. Only move a yellow ring to a blue ring i fit finishes a four story tower! If you move a yellow ionto a blue the tower is finished no matter whats below the blue. If you put a yellow on a green+blue, the yellow and blue will dissappear, andyou end up with only a green.

The key to getting a lot of points is ONLY FINISHING FULL TOWERS! These guys give you 1000 points (while 3-story give you 500 and 2-story 250) but you also fill your rage meter faster.This meter will give you 30 seconds of double points, so full towers give you 2000 points. So another key to the badge is speed. Finishing more towers in the 30 seconds gives you more points.Every round requires more completed towers, but every level can be finished “perfectly”. You mostly end up pressing space until you can finish a tower, or until you cant place a ring, after which you will fix the problem and press space again.

This badge is really easier than it looks, and I wish you good luck getting it. Any other questions can be asked to me, just leave a shout. ‘Till next time


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