Saturday, September 29, 2007

Challenge #28: Crossing The Line

The latest challenge is out, and COCAK has posted up a guide here. The new card is the first released item of the ninja set. Caltrops punishes switching out, and could prove to be a very useful item indeed. Only 4 more cards left!

Recent Updates: Added Caltrops to ninja set.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Card Game Release Date

emily_greer posted up some info on when we should expect the card game on the Kongregate forums:

Hi guys,

Everybody keeps asking about this, and I know a lot of you expect that it’s going to be very soon. And it is going to be soon, just not next week.

Right now we think widespread official testing by invite will probably start mid-October, with the official release a month or two after that depending on how work & testing go.

Why so long? Well, it’s an awesome but complicated game, and we want to make sure it’s great before we release. The game is playable and fun now, but we’re polishing animation and UI, working on a tool to build and edit decks, a lobby, stats tracking, ranking and matching systems, starter deck, lobby chat, and match chat. And that’s not even counting some things we’d like to get in for the release, like tournaments and ways to challenge people to a match on and off the site. Nor is it counting the testing we need to do to make sure it can handle a ton of people playing simultaneously.

So be patient with us! We bit off more than we realized with this game, but it will be done or BUST. I’ll update this thread as we know more.

Cool, I cant wait! I am also very happy that instead of rushing something out the door, the Kong staff is taking their time to improve the quality of the card game. I have a feeling it will be worth the wait. :)

Challenge # 27: Overcoming Globophobia

The challenge for the last of the vampire set items is here. By completing 30 rounds of Bloons Tower Defense you can earn the Necronomic Tome! I found the best thing to do was to simply spam the first tower, the other towers were completely unnecessary.

Link to COCAK guide HERE.

Recent Updates: Added Necronomic Tome to Vampire Set.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Help find a good name!

Over in the forum there is a thread that is looking to put a name on the Kongregate Card Game.

The two given options are:



“Dark Switch”

Ick! The thread is open for anyone to post suggestions for the name, so please do. While I would rather have a different name then either of these options, my initial preference was for Dark Switch. After thinking about it for a little longer, I realized the name had nothing to do with kongregate, and I think like the original rumored name "Kongai" the new name should start with a "K". Just not Kardinal please, that name is too religious, and has nothing to do with the game.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Two Tafari

I asked Sirlin about the issue with having two Tafari cards in a deck and got this response.

r3p3nt: I’m aware of the debate. You are absolutely not intended to have two versions of Tafari in a deck. Promo cards should have same gameplay, different art for collectability, but only one of a character per deck. If the two versions of Tafari had different gameplay at PAX, that’s only because we’re in the middle of balancing him to make him more in line with the rest of the characters.


Looks like we won't have to worry about two Tafaris after all! :)

Challenge #26: 300

COCAK has posted another brief guide to the challenge here. I personally found that getting a mage with max chain and damage was pretty important. In addition it seems better to have your army not in the middle but off to one of the sides. You can check this thread for more strategies.

Enjoy the new card, only 6 more left.

RECENT UPDATES: Added Cornelius card to vampire set.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Pax Footage

Thanks to erictoledo from the Kongregate forums for the heads up. It looks like he might be posting up some more video later on.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

On PAX Cards and Multiple Tafari

Hello everyone, mrhthepie from the Kongregate forums has posted up a topic about the PAX cards here. In his post a point about having multiple Tafari's was brought up. I have posted on this issue within the forums, however would like to add my input here as well.

With regards to the PAX version of Tafari and the regular version being used in the same deck - this is a horrible, horrible idea! In a competitive game there should be no bonuses for receiving limited edition or "special" cards other then their own cool factor and uniqueness. To draw a comparison with Magic: The Gathering; if having a special edition of a card allowed for having the special version and the original card in the deck, I would imagine the Magic competitive scene would fall apart. MTG and other card games treat any promo or special cards as effectively regular versions of the cards, just as they should!

In fact I would go so far as to say that having this PAX version be used in addition to the regular Tafari would be going against some of the core ideas that Sirlin had when he envisioned the game.

"These cards are functionaly equivalent for gameplay, but they allow collectors to have something cool to collect (namely the limited edition black bordered cards)."

Disagree? Please tell me why. I feel that even if having two Tafaris is not overpowered it is still an advantage given to PAX attendees.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Challenge #25: Cross-Dimensional Cloud 9

COCAK has posted another guide to receiving the most recent card (Blood Vial) here.

Recent Edits: Blood Vial added to the Vampire Set.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Actual Game Footage Video!

This is the first video of actual game footage from the Kongregate Collectible Card Game! You can find the video and a writeup of the card game here. Although the footage quality isn't the best, you can still make out most of the action. In addition the video shows one of the characters that is still not yet released. He apparently has the ability to restore his health whenever he switches out. Anyway, go check out the video!