Friday, September 21, 2007

Card Game Release Date

emily_greer posted up some info on when we should expect the card game on the Kongregate forums:

Hi guys,

Everybody keeps asking about this, and I know a lot of you expect that it’s going to be very soon. And it is going to be soon, just not next week.

Right now we think widespread official testing by invite will probably start mid-October, with the official release a month or two after that depending on how work & testing go.

Why so long? Well, it’s an awesome but complicated game, and we want to make sure it’s great before we release. The game is playable and fun now, but we’re polishing animation and UI, working on a tool to build and edit decks, a lobby, stats tracking, ranking and matching systems, starter deck, lobby chat, and match chat. And that’s not even counting some things we’d like to get in for the release, like tournaments and ways to challenge people to a match on and off the site. Nor is it counting the testing we need to do to make sure it can handle a ton of people playing simultaneously.

So be patient with us! We bit off more than we realized with this game, but it will be done or BUST. I’ll update this thread as we know more.

Cool, I cant wait! I am also very happy that instead of rushing something out the door, the Kong staff is taking their time to improve the quality of the card game. I have a feeling it will be worth the wait. :)

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