Friday, April 30, 2010

Shopping Cart Hero 2 Guide

How to kill the Worm & Monkey (2 Mediums)
by mastermo666

Scoring 50k+ (Hard Badge)
by me

Written guide for 50k+ (Hard Badge)
by me

1. Have everything unlocked. Make sure you use the golden cart.
2. When starting off, don't press anything for the first sign, press it about half way for the second sign.
3. Face yourself upward so that you can gain the most height possible.
4. As soon as you enter lighter-blue skies after falling a bit, use your hang glider.
5. Do all of your air tricks consecutively in a fast manner (I personally did Up N Out > Superman > Up N Out Flip > Handstand), with handstand being your last trick.
6. Keep yourself going steady while holding handstand. Try to last for as long as possible, you're going to want to end up with something around 3000 x 5
7. As soon as your glide ends, do a pole vault followed by a flip when you hit the ground (Turns it into a 4000 x 8). Do a pole vault as many times as you can until you stop.
8. ???
9. Profit.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kongregate didn't do anything special for today. (April Fools!)

Aside from the clearly noticeable censor on a continuously growing list of words, the new Kongai cards were released today! Disquised as another "Kongai Launch" rick roll, our first new Kongai card of the 2nd generation is Starbuck, the Strapping First Mate in the game Mushroom Madness 2. Along with the release of the first new card, you're now able to purchase all cards from the Pirate set! The cost per card is 20 kreds, but is reduced to 15 kreds if you purchase the entire set together (You'll save 50 kreds, or about $5).

The word censors left and right are also adding to the April Fool's Day madness. Here's the current list of censors discovered by users: (Click here for an updated list)

Kreds Price Chart

     Since Kreds are becoming such a huge part of the everyday Kongregator's life, I thought I'd make a small article to help you make your Kred purchases as worthwhile as possible.

50 Kreds
Price: $5.00
Price per Kred: $0.10
Money saved: $0.00 or 0%

100 + 10 (110) Kreds
Price: $10.00
Price per Kred: $0.09(090909090…)
Money saved: $1.00 or 10%

200 + 25 (225) Kreds
Price: $20.00
Price per Kred: $0.08(888888888…)
Money saved: $2.50 or 12.5%

500 + 65 (565) Kreds
Price: $50.00
Price per Kred: $0.08(849557522…)
Money saved: $6.50 or 13%

1000 + 150 (1150) Kreds
Price: $100.00
Price per Kred: $0.08(695652173…)
Money saved: $15.00 or 15%