Monday, July 27, 2009

3D Logic 2: Stronghold of Sage Walkthrough

Hello everyone! I'm finally back from vacation and am posting my first piece of work. It's 3d Logic! Again? This newer 3D Logic features a nice calming background, a timer, story, and more puzzle cubes. Ugh. >.< Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Level 11 Level 12 Level 13 Level 14 Level 15 Level 16 Level 17 Level 18 Level 19 Level 20 Level 21 Level 22 Level 23 Level 24 Level 25 Level 26 Level 27 Level 28 Level 29 Level 30
Enjoy your new badge and 30 points!

Play 3D Logic 2 Here!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kongregate's Most Wanted (Badges that is...)

Hey, AbusedZebra here. I've done some research, and these are the games that Kongregate wanted to have badges the most. I believe most of them have API so, Greg if you're reading this, give the people what they want!

Pixel: by agame

This is a game that I would've chosen. Pixel is a game in which you control your ship to shoot all kinds of baddies. Every time you shoot, you lose HP. Doesn't sound very fun does it? But wait, every time you kill an enemy they release colored pixels everywhere. When you collect these tiny little pixels, they shoot at your enemies and give you more HP. This game starts out relatively easy at first, but as you progress towards the end it gets harder. As you do better in the game, you can unlock new ships that do different things. This is definitely one of my favorite games.

Run Elephant Run: by ArmorGames (jmtb02)

Run Elephant Run is a fun little game where you are an elephant on a journey from Hollywood to Africa to find your wife. Playing on easy mode will make you feel like a pro at the game, but a you progress to insane mode you will want to smash the keyboard in anger. This is the game you you if you like a challenge.

Tower of Greed: by EpicShadow

In Tower of Greed you are an um... well I don't know what you are. You are trying to escape the Tower of Greed while getting as much loot as possible. There are two modes in the game: Arcade and Survival. It is always different, so you can keep playing it over and over again and not get bored. This is a really fun game to play when you have some time to kill. I, for one, am addicted to the music.

Rabbit Wants Cake: by ArmorGames (jmtb02)

In this quite fun and original game you help the little rabbit get cake. It already sounds fun, doesn't it? You have to record your actions without really seeing where your walking session ends. Some levels are quite difficult. There is a lot of trial and error in this game, so I hope you have patience. After completing a level you get a funny little comment. It's just some extra motivation for you to keep on getting that cake.

Little Wheel: by fastgames

The robotic city has lost all power after a disaster in the main power generator. It is now 10,000 years later. You are a robot brought back to life by a lightning strike. Your mission is to bring the city back to life. During your quest to do so, you encounter a wide variety of puzzles. If you're looking to try a game that is different from the rest, play Little Wheel!

Red Remover: by TheGameHomepage

Red Remover was the game that badges were wanted the most on. In this game you have to knock all of the red shapes off of the level while keeping all of the lovely green shapes from falling. There is also blue shapes, but it doesn't matter if they stay or not. But wait, that's not it. There is also four planes of gravity. the way that the shape's face is pointed is the way it will fall. This makes it tricky occasionally. This is a highly recommended game to play if you haven't already.

But now it's time for you to vote! Please take a minute to answer this poll.

Vote in my poll!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

From the Doctor's Office: Crunchball 3000

          So I had been going along working on a review for Rabbit Wants Cake, minding my own business, when, out of no where, brawny, cyborg-esque men in rainbow suits invaded my Kongregate homepage, boasting the chance to win an Xbox as well as The Bigs 2. Really, I've never won anything in my entire life, so I didn't think twice about it and went on playing Rabbit Wants Cake. These flamboyant meat heads weren't pleased. They gave me wet willies, tied me up at recess, and threatened to take me to Principal Stuffedshirt's office if I didn't play ball with them. Thinking of the horrific entendres of the phrase "Play Ball", I was at wits end and had no choice.

I don't remember much about playing Crunchball 3K (By DJStatika) but this is merely a mental trigger caused by whiting out periods of sheer terror from my memory. When I came to, after playing for a few rounds, I woke up with this terrible taste in the back of my throat and the inability to speak English, probably from all the teeth being knocked out and internal brain bleeding. So what exactly made this game so bad? Well, in all honesty, I think a better question would be "What does this game do right?".

Gameplay: 1.5/5 When you first start up Crunchball, you get to do some really fun things, actually. First, you get to name all the players in your team. If you look closely at my screenshot, I named my forward Trent ActionMandible. You also get to choose their individual stats and their team colours, as well as the formation they used in game. This drew me into the game a bit. I couldn't wait to run around a field with guys named Big McLargeHuge and Beef Thighmaster. Unfortunately, they lived up to every expectation I set forth for them and their really comical names. When you pick a formation for your team, first off, they should really warn you that you're really just picking a starting formation. After the initial scramble, your team will be about as organized as a bunch of toddlers on crack and espresso. I guess that's not even a direct metaphor because your entire team lunkers around like they have untied shoes and head trauma. What I really enjoyed was the fact that both teams had goalies with ADD. I could've sworn they were both off picking posies in the locker room as I scored goal after goal, or was being annihilated by the other team. I've also got a huge bone to pick with the rules of this game, but I'll talk about that in the Difficulty section. After you win a round, you get to "Upgrade" your team. There's better boots and weight training to get your team supposedly running faster or passing better. I didn't notice any difference at all from the upgrades. And what's this? If you don't feel sick enough from playing this game, you can use steroids or bribe your opponent. Oh goody! Sports simply aren't sports without chemical enhancement or tossing money around. Never forget that, kids.

Visual: 3/5 Sadly, this is the game's best feature. Maybe you were lucky enough to have one of these things, but Crunchball 3K reminds me of one of those old electric hockey tables from the eighties. You know, the one you had to put about sixty D size batteries into to set it up, and even then it worked like they were only half charged. The characters look like they're cut from scrap cardboard off of a Lucky Charms box (Not to mention that they all look identical), and the lines on the field represented the grooves on that hockey table more than an actual grid. Not that, you know... You actually needed a grid. However, the menus looked nice and were pretty workable. That's why this is such a good stat. As far as visuals go though, I have a hard time addressing lag. Some people have been getting serious lag issues and I can't imagine that making any sports game look pretty.

Audio: 2/5 The opening and menu screens had this great loop that kept reminding me what game I was playing. After hearing "Crunchball Three Thousand" spoken to me endlessly, I rejoiced at the mute feature. The in game music was just as dull and repetitive too. As far as sound effects go, you get this pretty dull "Ooof" noise every time you deck a player in the back of the head. Seeing as how they were dressed, I was expecting "That tickles!~" to come out of the mouth of every player on the opposing teams. Also, is the ball metal? It made this "Clang" noise every time it collided with a wall. No wonder these players have brain damage. If this is what future sports are going to be like, I say we take action now to save the heads of our children.

Difficulty: 1.5/5 Ah, okay, I want to make this clear right now: This game has no rules. There's no goalie's box, meaning that you can stand right next to the goal and shoot, making it ludicrously easy to win, or horrendously hard to defend yourself. Secondly, you can break the spines of players not holding the ball. Angry at how bad this game is? Go take your frustration out on Dean Johnson of the Hell's Rainbow's team until he gives you his lunch money. I swear no one will care, trust me. Finally, the AI is a serious train wreck. It seems like your opponents are being coached by Tom Landry himself and have the tact of a thousand General Tzo's, whereas your team's smartest AI player has the IQ of a cup of Cream of Broccoli soup. So really, it's you versus a bunch of lunk heads that can stop you at a moment's notice and could probably bash your skull in with the ball without the slightest reprimand.

Overall: 2/5 Hit the showers, Crunchball. And make sure you use extra soap. This game would be a heck of a lot better with some finer tuned AI, better looking character sprites, and some sort of rule system. I can't stand sports games that are just like the Thunderdome. Except with Crunchball, it's Twenty men enter, no man leaves.

Ah, finally. Back to Rabbit Wants Cake.


One final note: I didn't slam this game to get people to stop playing it so that my odds of winning the contest were better. I slammed it because it was a really, really bad game. Play your three career wins and get the hell out of there. Enough said.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Bigs 2 Big Slam Challenge

"Strike three- You're OUT!"
It's been quiet some time since out last loot-challenge, but we're in for a special treat this time! Crunchball 3000 is the game chosen by the sponsor for the loot challenge- in which your goal is to complete 3 campaign games. Aside from the Loot-challenge, this game was given four badges- an easy, two mediums, and one hard.

1 Grand Prize winner will receive an X-Box 360 along
and a copy of "The Bigs 2"
4 Runner-Ups will receive a copy of "The Bigs 2"

The Bigs 2:
It’s the last stop. The final destination. The big show. It’s where dreams born in backyards are finally realized. Where the fences are farther. The grandstands are larger. And the spotlight is brighter. It’s where thieves run faster, pitchers throw harder and the sluggers go deeper. Where the bats are bigger, the spikes are sharper and the comebacks are harder to swallow. It’s where home runs are ruthian and fastballs catch fire. It’s where a monster lurks in left. Where bombers terrorize the night. And where the confines aren’t always so friendly. It’s the bigs. And everything about them just got bigger.

Check with the Challenge Rules & Eligibility first.

Friday, July 17, 2009

nanoTank Walkthrough

Tasselfoot's walkthrough for nanoTank.

Levels 1-10

Levels 11-20

15 Totally Bad-ass Collab Submissions

Hey you. Yeah you. You know that weird thing in the forums called the 'collabs'. No? Go to the sleek, black header on Kongregate and go under 'community', there you will find a link to the darn coolest thing since sliced bread. The Kongregate collabs where are artists and developers can share their art and music by submitting it here.

Pretty cool, huh? It gets cooler. Here we'll be going over 15 of the most bad-ass art in the art collabs right now. Sit back and watch as you become less and less manly in proportion to these pictures.

Remember to click the images for full size.

Take note, this is in no order.

#15 Zombie Slayer

by backburner

Ever felt annoyed about something ridiculously small, like not getting enough sleep or being late to something? Yeah, well this girls battling zombies armed with a single base-ball bat. This image is pretty darn cool.

#14 Chimera Blast!

By ZeroOptix

What’s cooler than a fire-breathing snake, or a lion with a second goat head. Oh yeah, maybe a lion/goat with a fire-breathing snake tale?

#13 After The Siege Movement

By Kvlticon

A cool war scene, with tremendously awesome detail. The soldiers look like they’re in some serious business.

#12 Throat Bleeder

By Furi0usGe0rge

Basically something you would never want to see in your live ever: A skull with a long, disgusting tongue, and best of all, a spiked mo-hawk.

#11 Kongai Pirates

By BenoHooley

This is where I shamelessly endorse Kongai. Despite being Kongai - which is cool off-the-bat, I think the most badass part of this is that fact that they’re pirates, and pretty cool pirates to say the least.

#10 Evil Teddy bear (a.k.a. “JESUS CHRIST IT’S EATING MY FACE OFF”)
By Sasms

The thing is, this is not particularly amazing, unless you look at it for a little while. The eyes, the teeth… you’re lying to yourself if you think you don’t want to curl up into fetal position this very second.

#9 Votom Attack
By Kashan

Yeah, does this even need a description. Look at that amazing detail, any man in this world would pay their right leg for this suite. (I mean, this suite is so awesome it probably comes with a leg for you.)

#8 Venom

By Tapersteve

Really, Venom is one of the coolest supervillians, whether or not you like Spider Man. He pretty much makes up for how lame Spider man is and more, and this speed painting does a great job of capturing how awesome - and creepy - he is.

#7 Exoskeleton

By Hb_Sukima

More “suite-jealousy” right here, this picture is like Transformers, but less lame.

#6 Dot Destroyer of Timelines

By richpixel

Oooh, richpixel! I know what you guys are thinking, anyway. “What’s so badass about a stubby robot ball?”, “This is just an attempt to seem witty and clever!”

Yeah, well, cah you destroy timelines? No.

#5 The Tank

By Deriaz

The name gives it away. “The Tank”? You’re not going to be in any fights with the name “The Tank” unless your opponent is the Hulk or something. But the Hulk is a wuss compared to The Tank.

#4 Impaler

By Chalzi

This is about as creepy and disgusting as it gets, and as “creepy and disgusting” is obviously pretty awesome, I had to include this. Next time you’re having a bad day, think about how much worse it could you. You could be being devoured by this thing.

#3 Sylph (a.k.a. “Flying Sky Dragon of Awesomeness”)

By gabrilandia

I think the main reason of why this is considered “bad-ass” is simply because of how absolutely amazing this looks. One of my personal favorites.

#2 Warlord

By Kvlticon

One of Kvlticon’s best pieces, and that’s saying quite a bit, as I had to make it a priority to check each image to make sure it wasn’t him, so this article wouldn’t be filled up with images by him. There isn’t much to say about this image, besides it’s tremendous impact, and how much you wish you wanted to have painted that right now.

#1 The Mighty Mutant Gopher

By Jindo

What can beet a giant gopher with boxing gloves, and a pink too-too? This is another one of those images where a description really isn’t needed, because everything bad-ass about this is right in front of you.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Super in Town!

Hello there! I'm the latest addition to the KCG crew! The name is super, sgf, or my full username, supergiantsfan. My assigned job for now is a guide writer. My main focus is to write guides for the newer 'hard' badges that Kongregate deals out. I may just write some guides for older hard badges, as few guides have been written for the older games. That's about all I'll do for now, but may start getting more and more into further developing KCG. If you would like to recommend I write a guide for a certain game or would just like to contact me, you may leave me a shout or whisper on my profile on the Kongregate website. Now here's some 'fun' facts about me: Favorite animal: Snow Leopard. Favorite color: Take a guess. I love dragons, and collect some little sculptures and pictures of them here and there. My avatar is a dragon with my initials inside of a badge, just like Kong's. And.... that's about all I'll say. If you want to get to know me more, well.... I don't know what to tell you. So that's it! I'm glad to be a part of the KCG crew! Woohoo!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An EXPLOSIVE Review of "Fragger"

Yup, yet another title pun. Oh, and this one comes with a review, too!
Amongst all the other great games that have been released recently, (Epic War 3, How to Raise a Dragon, UPGRADE COMPLETE!, and MoneySeize) you may or may not have noticed the little shining gem that has been jumping up the leaderboards: Fragger.

Fragger is a physics-based puzzle game, which, is a bit like the hit game Pyro, released last December. In Fragger, you play a grenade hurling, baddie busting, secret agent guy. As the name would imply, the game revolves around tossing fragmentation grenades at enemies with funny faces. Your goal here is to eliminate all the enemies on screen wth grenades, but you only have a limited amount per level. Oh, and when I say the enemies have funny faces, they really do.

Hilarious, aren't they?

In all, Fragger has thirty levels to offer, three different difficulties to run through (You start beating the game on Normal, then unlock Hard, and finally Elite), eleven in-game achievements to acquire, perks to obtain after every difficulty cleared, dozens and dozens of clueless enemies, and at least a couple hours of great Fragging fun!

The gameplay, in a nutshell, is great. I didn't get bored at all whilst playing, and I was motivated enough to clear the game on all three difficulties. (Which says something, I hardly ever go back and play through a game more than once.) You'll always be having fun while playing this game, but there are a couple minor flaws. One of the most realized ones is that after you throw the grenade, it doesn't detonate until it stops rolling. The physics in the game are weird in the sense that the grenade will roll a really good while on flat ground. So, after you throw the grenade, you have to wait for it to stop rolling, then wait the second or two for it to explode. Then you get to toss another. While this flaw isn't game-destroying, it is a minor annoyance.
I played Fragger for a long while with the sound turned off. Recently, a bit before starting this review, I listened to what Fragger had to offer in terms of sound. It wasn't much. Fragger has no music (that I heard, I only played through a few levels with sound on), but it does have good sound effects. As you know, every sound effect gets grating after hearing it hundreds of times. The same goes for Fragger's sound effects. I was already annoyed after hearing the click of the grenade pin being pulled for the 30th time. Really, if you do decide to play Fragger, keep the sound down.

One of the numerous great things Fragger has to offer is the graphics. It has a great visual style that, while being 'cartoony', also has an appeal unlike most other games. It has very colorful visuals, and while the game IS violent, it's almost cute enough to make you forget that you are blowing chunks of evil henchmen against walls with grenades.

Fragger is a pretty easy game, especially on Normal mode. The only levels I found myself stuck on for more than a few tries were the last two. On hard mode, I was only challenged by a few levels, and that was because they give you less grenades to hurl in Hard mode. However, in Elite mode I was challenged a good bit, because they give you the bare minimum amount of grenades you can complete the level with, on most levels. Even so, it wasn't that hard.

As a summary, Fragger is a game that has simplistic gameplay, but is highly addicting and will keep you coming back for at least one more playthrough. It has a lot to offer, with all of it's modes and achievements. The graphics are very cute and 'cartoonish' but they are very appealing and I came to love it's style. The sound is one of Fragger's low points, with only a few sound effects to quench your music-thirst. The game is hard enough to keep you trying on a few more levels, but I never got frustrated enough to quit, and I kept playing through the game three times.

What are you waiting for? Go play Fragger, it's a great game and deserves some more views!

Walkthrough: here



On another note, sorry about not posting anything in quite a while (Now that I think about it, a month or so.). I've been gone on vacation with my extended family, with little to no internet access. I'll try to post a few things to make up for my absence. :)

From the Doctor's Office: UPGRADE COMPLETE!

Metagame. Is there any better word in the English language? There's nothing more fine than breaking the 4th wall and interacting directly with the player's playing experience. UPGRADE COMPLETE! (Brought to us by ArmorGames) is a simple game within itself, being a Galaga-esque type shooter. You build your ship and launch whatever arms you have at hand to destroy invading aliens. Catch their gold nuggets and you can upgrade your ship. However, a game like this seems exceedingly simple and treaded upon by many game designers. UPGRADE COMPLETE isn't just another shooter, but rather a game building experience. When you first start, you need to literally build your menu page and upgrade it to have the game itself, causing the player to really think about his or her choices made in game. There are some serious drawbacks to this however, which is what I'm here to tackle.

Gameplay: 4/5 Reminiscent of the game Achievement Unlocked, you'll be playing this game from the very first second. I'm a big fan of distorting the player's sense of what the game really is. Oddly enough, half of the game is played in menus (When we're talking about the metagame, that is). You'll be spending your money to upgrade everything from the games graphics to the menu buttons themselves. Since this is actually a big portion of the game, I had to be lenient on the (shooter) game itself, which is bland and derivitave. This can be overlooked, as you're building the game itself and making it better. Which is really satisfying.

Visual: 5/5 Since one of the upgradable things in UPGRADE COMPLETE! is Graphics, I had to give this game high marks in this category. As you progress and spend your money on the game's graphics, it feels like you're walking through video game history. You start with an 8-bit classic look and progress up to fully animated explosions and clouds. In the first stage of graphics, I gave the nod of approval to the "Pacman's better" comment in the vinyl-wooden frame. Even the menu gets spiffy new graphics as you update and upgrade it. This was where the game really shined through to me.

Audio: 3/5 Guitars, drums, keyboard. It's all the same music loop, really, and can easily get on your nerves after about the 5th time through. UPGRADE COMPLETE! has a mute button, but (Sticking true to the game's nature) you have to buy it. It's $900, and well worth it. If you want full game completion, you'll have to buy both sound and a mute button anyways. It's one of those moments where you're wondering why you spent so much money on a crappy music loop just to buy a button to shut it off. You buy the sound effects at the same time, so you can't mute them seperately. On any account, I was more confused than anything when it came to the audio, but you've gotta stick to the concept, which is really what this game is about. Maybe they should've added an "Upgrade Music" feature and by the time you finished upgrading it, you'd get a symphonic orchestra complete with Robert Plant on vocals.

Difficulty: 2.5/5 Hopelessly easy at best, UPGRADE COMPLETE! really lacks here. Yes, I know you're all caught up with the metagaming and building your game up from the ground, but when it comes right down to it, the game itself is hopelessly bland. Let's face it: UPGRADE COMPLETE! is amusing and interesting at first, but by the time you're upgrading the copyright material, it becomes a chore. Shooting ships again and again (With no penalty for losing, mind you) gets to be this routine that you recycle for about an hour, until you're done. Still, I reiterate that this whole "experience" itself is fun and makes you look at gaming in a new light, but when it comes to shooting the same old ships to get the same old money to do the same old things, you lose interest fast. Especially when you're just playing wave after wave to get a fully upgraded ship. Had they incorporated a Difficulty Upgrader or the ability to really alter the game's functions, I'd have given this a much better score. Creating by yourself is simply a thousand times better than upgrading in a path that the game itself gives you.

Overall: 3.5/5 UPGRADE COMPLETE! was a good game, but that's about it. Did I personally enjoy playing it? Yes, I did. Could it have been done better? Most certainly. But when it comes to metagaming, it's always the thrill of the novelty that keeps the players in. Not the content itself, but the ability to know that you're controlling a variable that most players don't get to in standard games. This being the case, I'm sure you'll have fun playing UPGRADE COMPLETE!. Just take it for what it is, and you'll love it.


Kong Score: 4.48/5

Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Raise a Dragon

          GregoryWeir, creator of many experimental games, has pulled it off again in his latest game. The art style presented has been already introduced to the public in his previous game The Majesty of Colors. Similarly, danielben's games Storyteller and I wish I were the Moon, as well as TerryCavanagh's hit game Don't Look Back, present the same style. Alike in appearance and gameplay, How to Raise a Dragon displays each at their best.

Full Guide:

ARROW KEYS: Move right and left.

DOWN + Z: Jump down through a supporting platform.
Z or Y: Jump. Press again in the air to double-jump, once you’re old enough. Press repeatedly to fly and hold down to glide when your wings are fully-grown. Also skips and closes journal screens.
X: Bite. Eat things to gain abilities.

C: Breathe. You can’t do this from the start. When you’re old enough, you may gain special breath abilities.
ESCAPE: Return to the title screen.

In this game you live through the life of a dragon, and make choices that will affect the end of the story. Your goal is to discover all of the endings for the game.

Order of Events:
Hatchlings > Coloration > Capturing a Dragon > Adolescence > Breath Powers (> Breath Acquired [Varies]) > Adulthood > Human Interaction > The Hero > Endings (Varies)

An Interview With re4beast

By request, I have done an interview with re4beast.

What is the origin of your username?: Well I am actually ranked in resident evil 4, atleast in NJ. I am pretty badass hence re4(resident evil 4) beast.

What is your favorite chat room?: Ahh the age old question. I made my home in general, but I heart DM1. Feed the ducks isnt half bad either.

Do you have a favorite game on Kong?: I tend to have some favorites before they just die on me. Take your canvas Bag to the Supermarket has to be my favorite.

Who is your favorite mod/admin?: Favorite mod has to be Annihilator. Favorite admin is AlisonClaire.

Who is your favorite normal user?: Lauren3mo <3

What is your favorite gaming console?: Favorite gaming console.....That would have to be the PS2. Cant beat the classics.

KFC or Popeye’s Chicken?: Popeyes. Only because last time I went to KFC the lady told me they ran out of chicken .

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not on Kong?: I wear a pink button up and underwear and I start singing old time rock and roll. In all seriousness, I am in a partnership with some friends back in California and we're making a series of games. Look out for it in September.

Sup?: Nuttin much. You dawg?

What would you do if Michael Jackson came back as a zombie and starting singing thriller?: I would probably sing with him. "thrilla........thrilla......"

If you had the power to give games badges, what would be the first game you would give them to?: Well Bowmaster Prelude if the API got fixed. Take your canvas bag to the supermarket would definetly get an impossible badge.

Bob Barker or Drew Carey?: Bob Barker.

If you have 2 apples, then you divide them by 0, how many apples do you have?: 42

Did you enjoy doing this interview? *Holds a knife up to you*: Very nice interview. Almost makes me wish I hadnt stopped making my interviews. ):

Friday, July 3, 2009

A guide to: Micro Olympics

Here's a guide to the game Micro Olympics by microsheep. A game in which its goal is to acquire the maximum distance possible with your aircraft by modifying its speed and height with several objects such as soda thrusts or skis. You can also call a frog called Freaky, buy extra gun powder and decorating your plane.

Guide to the game
Best speed: In order to get a lot of distance and points, one of the main keys is the speed. Always aim for a speed close to where you see the yellow dot in the image at the left.
Soda thrust: This allows you to fly higher into the sky once you use it.
Skis: These allow you to bounce off the water once you're close to it.
Call Freaky: If you call him, it works the same way as the Skis, but it's better.
Gun powder: Buying this will allow you to travel more distance in every try.
Decoration: This will give your plane more distance automatically, 250 or 500 metres more, depends if you buy this once or twice.

Important tips
Soda thrust: Use all your Soda thrusts just after being shot by the cannon in every level.
What to buy after each level: This is the order in which you must buy them 'til you run out of money:

Those 2 tips are very important, and by doing them both, you'll get both badges, the Flight Apprentice Badge (Easy - 5 ₧) and the Aerial Master Badge (Hard - 30 ₧).

Order in which you must use your bought objects
This order is the same as the order saying what to buy, excluding the items that can't be used.

More help?
If you need more help, or would like to see what I've written here in a video, then go here:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guess Who's Back

I've started to make a comeback in my role at KCG. Hokage and I are in the midst of some big improvements. We are trying to bring in some revenue to make this site sparkle. I will now be working on that first and foremost. I hope to get a lot of sponsors among other things to bring in some cash flow. This means that I am adding google Adsense back on to the page. So go ahead and click away at those pretty little pictures if you enjoy KCG. Just like Kongregate is making most of its money off of their ads we are trying to as well. So please guys try to help us out if you enjoy our articles. It really will bump up the integrity of this website.