Friday, July 17, 2009

15 Totally Bad-ass Collab Submissions

Hey you. Yeah you. You know that weird thing in the forums called the 'collabs'. No? Go to the sleek, black header on Kongregate and go under 'community', there you will find a link to the darn coolest thing since sliced bread. The Kongregate collabs where are artists and developers can share their art and music by submitting it here.

Pretty cool, huh? It gets cooler. Here we'll be going over 15 of the most bad-ass art in the art collabs right now. Sit back and watch as you become less and less manly in proportion to these pictures.

Remember to click the images for full size.

Take note, this is in no order.

#15 Zombie Slayer

by backburner

Ever felt annoyed about something ridiculously small, like not getting enough sleep or being late to something? Yeah, well this girls battling zombies armed with a single base-ball bat. This image is pretty darn cool.

#14 Chimera Blast!

By ZeroOptix

What’s cooler than a fire-breathing snake, or a lion with a second goat head. Oh yeah, maybe a lion/goat with a fire-breathing snake tale?

#13 After The Siege Movement

By Kvlticon

A cool war scene, with tremendously awesome detail. The soldiers look like they’re in some serious business.

#12 Throat Bleeder

By Furi0usGe0rge

Basically something you would never want to see in your live ever: A skull with a long, disgusting tongue, and best of all, a spiked mo-hawk.

#11 Kongai Pirates

By BenoHooley

This is where I shamelessly endorse Kongai. Despite being Kongai - which is cool off-the-bat, I think the most badass part of this is that fact that they’re pirates, and pretty cool pirates to say the least.

#10 Evil Teddy bear (a.k.a. “JESUS CHRIST IT’S EATING MY FACE OFF”)
By Sasms

The thing is, this is not particularly amazing, unless you look at it for a little while. The eyes, the teeth… you’re lying to yourself if you think you don’t want to curl up into fetal position this very second.

#9 Votom Attack
By Kashan

Yeah, does this even need a description. Look at that amazing detail, any man in this world would pay their right leg for this suite. (I mean, this suite is so awesome it probably comes with a leg for you.)

#8 Venom

By Tapersteve

Really, Venom is one of the coolest supervillians, whether or not you like Spider Man. He pretty much makes up for how lame Spider man is and more, and this speed painting does a great job of capturing how awesome - and creepy - he is.

#7 Exoskeleton

By Hb_Sukima

More “suite-jealousy” right here, this picture is like Transformers, but less lame.

#6 Dot Destroyer of Timelines

By richpixel

Oooh, richpixel! I know what you guys are thinking, anyway. “What’s so badass about a stubby robot ball?”, “This is just an attempt to seem witty and clever!”

Yeah, well, cah you destroy timelines? No.

#5 The Tank

By Deriaz

The name gives it away. “The Tank”? You’re not going to be in any fights with the name “The Tank” unless your opponent is the Hulk or something. But the Hulk is a wuss compared to The Tank.

#4 Impaler

By Chalzi

This is about as creepy and disgusting as it gets, and as “creepy and disgusting” is obviously pretty awesome, I had to include this. Next time you’re having a bad day, think about how much worse it could you. You could be being devoured by this thing.

#3 Sylph (a.k.a. “Flying Sky Dragon of Awesomeness”)

By gabrilandia

I think the main reason of why this is considered “bad-ass” is simply because of how absolutely amazing this looks. One of my personal favorites.

#2 Warlord

By Kvlticon

One of Kvlticon’s best pieces, and that’s saying quite a bit, as I had to make it a priority to check each image to make sure it wasn’t him, so this article wouldn’t be filled up with images by him. There isn’t much to say about this image, besides it’s tremendous impact, and how much you wish you wanted to have painted that right now.

#1 The Mighty Mutant Gopher

By Jindo

What can beet a giant gopher with boxing gloves, and a pink too-too? This is another one of those images where a description really isn’t needed, because everything bad-ass about this is right in front of you.


hokage4354 said...

Epic article- I loved it.

Marh said...

Awww, thanks. It took quite a long time to make; simply finding the images, writing the article, and the worst part: transferring the images to Blogger. :P

But yeah, seemed to have turned out well.

PlatinumIce said...

Great article! Original too!

The one thing that disappointed me is that the list was all "drawings", and not "designs", or "abstract", or things of the sort.

Marh said...

I don't really see much that would be considered "bad-ass" about fractals or abstract drawings. I plan to do more of these in different sections, though.

hipcheck said...

this was awesome. Great job Marh!

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