Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Bigs 2 Big Slam Challenge

"Strike three- You're OUT!"
It's been quiet some time since out last loot-challenge, but we're in for a special treat this time! Crunchball 3000 is the game chosen by the sponsor for the loot challenge- in which your goal is to complete 3 campaign games. Aside from the Loot-challenge, this game was given four badges- an easy, two mediums, and one hard.

1 Grand Prize winner will receive an X-Box 360 along
and a copy of "The Bigs 2"
4 Runner-Ups will receive a copy of "The Bigs 2"

The Bigs 2:
It’s the last stop. The final destination. The big show. It’s where dreams born in backyards are finally realized. Where the fences are farther. The grandstands are larger. And the spotlight is brighter. It’s where thieves run faster, pitchers throw harder and the sluggers go deeper. Where the bats are bigger, the spikes are sharper and the comebacks are harder to swallow. It’s where home runs are ruthian and fastballs catch fire. It’s where a monster lurks in left. Where bombers terrorize the night. And where the confines aren’t always so friendly. It’s the bigs. And everything about them just got bigger.

Check with the Challenge Rules & Eligibility first.


AbusedZebra said...

The requirement for the challenge was way too easy, IMO.

hokage4354 said...

I agree with you on that one. I think something such as "Win the 4th league" would have been better- since it involves more time than just 3 individual games.

I'm also not sure if you noticed- but you can get the first 3 badges purely off of 2 player mode. You only need campaign for the hard badge.

Wow Gold said...

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