Friday, July 3, 2009

A guide to: Micro Olympics

Here's a guide to the game Micro Olympics by microsheep. A game in which its goal is to acquire the maximum distance possible with your aircraft by modifying its speed and height with several objects such as soda thrusts or skis. You can also call a frog called Freaky, buy extra gun powder and decorating your plane.

Guide to the game
Best speed: In order to get a lot of distance and points, one of the main keys is the speed. Always aim for a speed close to where you see the yellow dot in the image at the left.
Soda thrust: This allows you to fly higher into the sky once you use it.
Skis: These allow you to bounce off the water once you're close to it.
Call Freaky: If you call him, it works the same way as the Skis, but it's better.
Gun powder: Buying this will allow you to travel more distance in every try.
Decoration: This will give your plane more distance automatically, 250 or 500 metres more, depends if you buy this once or twice.

Important tips
Soda thrust: Use all your Soda thrusts just after being shot by the cannon in every level.
What to buy after each level: This is the order in which you must buy them 'til you run out of money:

Those 2 tips are very important, and by doing them both, you'll get both badges, the Flight Apprentice Badge (Easy - 5 ₧) and the Aerial Master Badge (Hard - 30 ₧).

Order in which you must use your bought objects
This order is the same as the order saying what to buy, excluding the items that can't be used.

More help?
If you need more help, or would like to see what I've written here in a video, then go here:

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