Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Review: Whiteboard Tower Defense

Whiteboard Tower Defense can be found Here!
Audio:Well no music, just talking in it. Gets annoying after 2 minutes. Menu squeaking is awful.
Graphics:Not half bad. It's very whiteboard. Enimies look creative and the towers are, well they're the normal everyday tower.
Gameplay:Not much gameplay. It's a TD, there rarely is any. It could be improved.
Originality:It's whiteboard. That is the most original thing in the game. Same style as Desktop Tower Defense. There is nothing original about TD games anymore.
Difficulty:It could just be me, but I find that this game has a small amount of hard levels in easy and normal. It's kind of layed out in a few different places.

Overall:3.0 An OK game to play.

Tips:Juggle. Make a long path and when the enemies are close to the end, delete a tower near the start and block the finish. The enemies will be forced to go back through the maze.

Interview with Danielben

This is the interview that I had with our developer of the week danielben. I asked him a few questions regarding his new games. Here it goes.

Hi Hipcheck!
I'm doing almost perfectly!

1. What was your motivation behind making your games?
My games are deeply influenced by whatever is happening to me at the moment. At that time I was reading Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics and I felt touched by "The Distance of the Moon", so several days later the picture of the game pops up while I was listening to music. The camera mechanic was something I thought some time ago, but didn't find really compelling applications for it until then. Storyteller was born as a consequence of I wish I were the Moon and Trials... it originally used a camera too, but then I realized the game didn't need it, and drag and drop was more efficient. I really like to make games in which you manipulate objects to have interesting effects. I guess my "core game", the game that represents myself (but haven't found yet), will have that kind of gameplay.

2. How long did it take you to make each game?
If you take into account when I had the idea of the different elements, I'd say almost a year. But from when I had a clear view of the game until implementation, not more than two weeks each.

3. Did you make the games solely on your own?
Yes, but I got encouragement from people I love. Being a lone wolf makes you a little needy for affection.

4. Do you plan on implementing Kongregate's API to either games?
I released the games on Kongregate to see what happens if I expose my experiments to gaming communities. It's been fun to watch the reactions, and I wanted for as much people as possible to try out the game, but I'm not trying to make money or be a classic in Kongregate. I don't depend on that at all right now. So when I considered implementing the Kongregate API, I realized that I would only do it to get to more people. But many people tend to play games for the badges, and then I would attract people that play for badges, who are going to hate to have to play a game that has weird gameplay. So I opted not to. I dislike artificial rewards like badges, too. They are a symptom of what's wrong with today's games.

5. Do you plan on making anymore games?
Of course! I still have a ton of thing to try. If I could prototype as fast as I come up with ideas, I'd have a hundred games already. I'm working on a bunch of prototypes that might or might not get to be full games. I'll get back to work on them as soon as I get back from Japan (where I will present at SOWN).

6. Add any comments you would like people to know.
I am making experimental games for many reasons. One of them is to take risks other developers are unable to. Another is to prove that you can make very very small games, and still provide a worthwhile experience. I seriously think that games that force you to be seated for a long time are actually insulting you. They are telling you that your time is worthless; and the sad part is that longer games usually force developers to spend a lot of time making the game too! So everybody loses. Experiences are not measured in time, they are measured on intensity. The positive reaction of Moon on Kongregate is telling you that players want to play meaningful games, to have a meaningful life.


Monday, September 29, 2008

The Several Journies of Reemus Chpt.1 Guide

This guide brought to you by ~Iceburg116~
M-hm, it has been out for a while now, don't complain. At least we have a guide for you, yah? =D
This is a game on par with Johny Rocketfingers and other point-and-click games. You find the object, get the item, use it later or immediately to solve a dilemma and lead your heroe(s) through to the end. Reemus Chpt1 Is a bit more fun than the average ones, which seem to dull and bore me.
Reemus has TWO Medium badges! (Hurrah!)
"Cheesy Escape Badge" - Medium (15 points) - Escape via mouse
"Flying First Class Badge" - Medium (15 Points) - Escape via bird
I'll tell you how to attain both of these at the end of the guide =)

First stage, your being chased down by a sort of Werewolf creature, and your pal Reemus doesn't quite make a jump and is grasping a root for dear life. Well, your stuck (Or not) and need help. Ha, lucky for you KCCG is here! =) Just follow these steps and we'll get you those sweet 30 points from those two Medium Badges ;)t then one of the lily-pads in the water below it, then click the new device and combine it with the bucket. Click Liam and let him go down the waterfall (Weee!!) Afterwards click the Big Fish's tail and the plant at the very top left corner of the screen. Click the bucket and your done with this area!
Next area; Inside The Castle (Part 1); There are so many things to do in so many ways here, but it's real easy. Click the Axe to cut the chain on the well and the wooden barrier on the door (3 times) Click the Wheel on the cart and let it fall, then click the steel rod the wheel came off of and click it into the odd socket on the stone wall. Click the wheel then the chain then the wooden block sticking out of the door to attach it, click the wheel once more and your done!
Next Area; Inside Castle (Part 2); Here you have to get past the werewolf, more of a mini game this is. Click the pulley on the rope once to move the towel, click the feed in the sack next to the chicken on the small Bizarre Hut, then click the chicken. (Aww, poor chickeh =/) Then click the skinned uncooked chicken that was under the Hut's cover. Click the towel at this time and when the Werewolf starts freaking click the rope next to it's tail. Then the Barricade guarding the door. Yay, we're almost done!
Next Area; Inside Castle (Blacksmith); When in the new area click the door twice. When you go in, click the dull sword and put it in the fire and let the Hammer sharpen it a bit. If your good you can do things at once now. Start the Whetstone wheel and put the sword on it while letting spear head be taken off by the clamp on the same Wheel. Use the sword to hack off the lamp next to the door and use the wax on the spear and the hook from the thing holding up the lamp on it. Take it and click on the ceiling, you are now two stages away from the end!
Puzzle: Turning Wheel. There are three tabs you can turn, two are easily seen one in minuscule. Put the Raven on the top and put the Red behind him. I have forgotten what time of the day it looks like but turn it until it activates (Pull the lever in the corner each time just to be sure) Yay one more area left!
(By the way, if you've played The Visitor, don't those lil' buggers in the cutscene look like him?)
Next Area; Wizard/Chef's Quarters; OK, this is where our skillz come into action.
Click the box on the shelf and pour the contents into the Cauldron and take the spoon off the birdcage. After this the two endings are going into play... (A note ahead, if you mess up any of the potions you can dispose of them in the tea pot on the shelf's bottom right corner)
Cheesy Escape Guide: Slight Brain lap on this one but there is cheese on the shelf and a jar with Blue Jam (Or goop?). Click the Jar twice after clicking the Cheese and put it on the ground. Mix the colors yellow and blue then click the mouse, afterwards click red and blue to mix and feed it to the mouse. That SHOULD be it, I kinda blazed through it and the Bird ending before writing down what I did. I'll correct it if it's wrong.
Flying First Class Badge: Make Green potion (Yellow and Green) then take the cheese and put it on the ground. After having a flying rat (Wow..) put another piece of cheese on the lever behind the cage. Also use the Purple (Red Blue) potion on the plant to enlarge it and open to crucial parts for the Bird Ending. Use Orange (Red Yellow) on the plant to cause popcorn to explode out of it O_o' Click the cup that came from the secret passage and put the noodle in the cauldron to make a rope, use the rope to catch the bird and use the enlarge (Purple) potion on it for the bird ending.
(Once again, I'll check over typos later, stuff always seems to come up that causes my timing to be horrid.)

Developer of the Week

Our developer of the week this week is danielben. He has made two great games. Storyteller and I wish I were the Moon. Both are funny and simple. They each deserve a medium badge. Both of these games have great stories each with various endings. Try to find them all and crown yourself king/queen of puzzles. They really aren't that hard but at least you can pat yourself on the back in approval. I am trying to get an interview with danielben to hear his side of these games. I will keep everyone posted. Here is also a walkthrough from COCAK for I wish I were the Moon.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Warlords Heroes

This is a separate video showing what i do in more detail. I recommend using this video in case you don't get what I am doing in the game. The youtube video has annotations explaining what I am doing. Good Luck



We know have a forum, mainly for the writers so we can communicate better and establish what is being done. It is at http://kongccg.freeforums.org/.Guests can sign up too and post suggestions if you want. But as far as writers go, this is what I'll be looking at to see who has dibs on what and the timeframe it will be done in. Hopefully this will help some communication.I'll also put a link on the side.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Marquis Le Morte

Hey, it's been 4 days. That's, like, what, a couple internet years? Time for a new post.

General Use:
Marquis is a somewhat hard character to use. Using him properly requires that you predict your enemy correctly because a lot of the time you're going to be in 50ish/50ish situations. His low HP means that mistakes could really cost you your character. Marquis is generally a close range character, but has very cheap and efficient range changes. At far, he can Teleport back in. What's great is that his Teleport is speed 6, so moves like Higashi's Chi Blast and Anex's Boomerang Chakkra won't hit unless Teleport doesn't proc (or, of course, Anex slowed Marquis down). Once he's at close, though, he can threaten with Vampiric Touch or Life Drain, both which heal him and deal out considerable damage. The moves cost a lot, however, so watching energy is really important. With Marquis, you're usually either low on HP or energy, but usually not both.

Noted Matchups:

vs Tafari: This is probably one of Marquis's closer battles and usually depends on both player's prediction skills. Marquis can't swap out to get 20 HP back, and Tafari can't do much against Marquis with Poison Darts. At close, Tafari can kill Marquis with Ambush in one hit, so it's important that Marquis has enough energy to move back. It's especially threatening when Tafari uses hide at far, since if Marquis closes in, Marquis now has to change back to far if he wants to live.

Suggested Items:

Necronomic Tomes: Makes Marquis's attacks more threatening. The extra heal for Marquis is always welcome with his low HP.
General's Insignia: Same as above, except this is guaranteed to give 4 extra damage each move.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Argue (About Everything)

 It seems that Kongregate sent out their second wave of Argue (about everything) invites.
This email is to welcome the second wave of testers into Argue!  Those of you who have tried it before might want to pop back in and see what new changes have been made, too.

Thanks for volunteering to test the Argue (About Everything) Beta release.  We're now ready to get you crazy, argumentative people in there and arguing!  The game is almost complete, but there are just a few features missing, and probably some bugs, so if you find any technical problems as you're playing, please hit the little bug icon at the top right of chat and report it to us.  We'll make sure it gets fixed before release.

If you got this message in your e-mail, you can go play the Argue beta right now.  By the way, yeah, Roger Bankus is pretty much done with this game.  Right now it's at a level of polish where some other game developers would consider it okay to release. In fact, I think it's good to the point where I can put a review up :D

Unfortunately, since the game is in beta and is one of Kong's Premium Games, I can't spoil the entire game.  All I can say about this is that the game is like Rock-Paper-Scissors over a small landscape.

The graphics are very well polished.  The menu interfaces are clean and attractive.  However, there's only 4 different sprite images that go on the board, so unfortunately, the actual battle graphics may get boring after a while.  Of course, this game is still in beta, so Roger may decide to change any of the graphics at any point.
Games are basically 1v1 RPS on a large scale.  Unfortunately, games don't last very long (I've had games that only last 30 seconds), but they're still fun.  It's not a mindless game, where mindless clicking should work, requires some mental and physical dexterity.
Like most games, I turn off the audio.  Unfortunately, that means that I can't give a fair review.  There is in-game music though, for those who are curious.
This game takes a very simple concept, RPS, and turns it into an entirely new, fun, and enjoyable game.

In a nutshell:  Very short games, but enjoyable gameplay and polished graphics.

Monday, September 22, 2008

This Post Does Not Exist

Nothing to see here people, move along.


Hey everyone. I was just wondering to all of you have been voting on our polls, if you've answered "It Doesn't Matter" to the video question what does that mean to you. Do you not want video guides, do you want them whenever, or what. Please just leave a comment telling me what you mean. Thanks. This will help us understand what you want so we can give it to you.

Sonny 2 screenshots

Long time we heard about Sonny 2? Here's some screenshots which I got from a site!
The first picture is the battleground for the first zone, and the other picture is zone 1. A prison.
Who knows what will happend? It might get our this mouth or by christmas. It will sure be a good christmas present for Jesus. ( If he plays Flash games ) And Sonny 2 has three classes. Biological, Hydraulic and Psychological. Those sprites are from zone 1.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thing-Thing 4 Weapon Briefing

-Guide made by: Iceburg116-
So, want to beat the next Thing-Thing game to hit Kongregate but stuck? Well, luck day, cause I'm here for you!
So here's the base of it, if you have never heard of the Thing-Thing series. It's a side-scrolling bloody kill-'em-all shooter. Rather fun and enjoyable but not something you want the children around.
Badges you ask? Why, yes, Kong has some badges for Thing-Thing 4, and here they are:
"Taste Of Blood" Easy 5 points - Kill 50 Enemies then finish the level; My input, real easy truthfully. Just shoot, smash, and fight your way to this badge. Shouldn't take anymore than 10 minutes.
"Kill Drill" Medium 15 points - Kill 88 enemies with the Melee Weapon then finish the level; Not really hard to attain but killing someone with a Lead Pipe takes a while. Tip: Shoot someone three or four times then Melee them, it still counts as a Melee Kill. =D
"Live And Let Die" Hard 30 points - Not real hard, parse, but it does take time, you need to beat all 28 levels to earn this sucker. Tip: Make friends with any weapon you like, especially the hidden ones. The hidden areas will get into in a second, however.

Weapon list: (There are too many names so I'll just say the types and any weapon that stands out)
Pistols - Good, but won't do a whole lot for your killing spree. The 1911A Is good if you have plenty of ammo and only a few enemies.
Magnums - I love 'em but there are not enough of them. .44 Viper and Desert Eagle are all you'll find here, but are extremely powerful. So, noting this I suggest killing anyone who has this first (2nd if someone else has a shotgun) because they will make your screen go red so fast faster than most other weps.
SMGs - You'll like 'em, until you go full-auto. They shoot accurately for a bit then things go south (Or north) and the bullets spray across the ceiling and walls, not actually touching the enemy. Good as a back up, but with short controlled burst of 1 - 4 shots it may be favorable.
Shotguns - You will love or hate these. If you want to get the Hard badge, you'll want to love. Their ammo is 12 Gauge and will tear through an enemy with it's 5-bullet spray with extra shots still flying. Plenty good to have, but not for the entirety of the game. You may find yourself keeping the first one yo get, if you're good, though.
Grenade (or)[Flechette] Launcher - You fire them, they go boom. But if you hit an enemy directly instant kill (Not for Hades), also the Flechette Launcher will shoot Spikes after detonation, which will severely damage all enemies around the last radius. Yes, even you.
Automatic Shotguns - A SMG-Shotgun hybrid, they auto spray shotgun shots but with MUCH less accuracy at a much higher rate of fire. I personally do not like them, but you may pick one up for yourself by all means if you want to test it.
Gauss Weapons - These are pistols and shotguns mostly. They do not stop on one enemy but will continue through ALL of them. The Shotgun is one of the hidden ones, so by all means keep this. This is one of the two weapons that can tear Hades' up in a few shots.
Special Weapons - Here be the Brain Drill, Universal Bean Cannon, Laser Canon, and N.U.K.E., Weapons that are beautiful to fire off in an enemies face, but slightly tricky to get. To get these plus others who's weapons names I have forgotten (Excludes the Bean Cannon and N.U.K.E.) is simple more or less. Chances are that on your first play through you'll have missed this. You'll be in an area that is mostly just a long walkway with a girder on the ceiling or the ground. On the roof will be a red alarm light, which you must shoot or Melee to break, which causes the Girder to open. When it is open you need to go in there (duh), find a Key Card in the area the Girder opened, and walk up to a steel door that looks surprisingly, a lot like the girder, after having the key card to open the door and be able to take these God-Send weapons.
The first one will have the Shotgun, if you do not make you say "DUZ WANT" then you will have a hard time in the next few rooms. There are two other weapons but these aren't vital, take if you wish though.
Now, sadly, I have forgotten what are in the Second and Third rooms other than a Desert Eagle Magnum (One shot to the head = instant Death on regular difficulty) and the Laser Cannon and the Gauss Shotgun. These latter two are NEEDED to kill Hades' last form, so take it unless you feel you want a challenge.
Note on the secret area: The last two are too high for regular jumps, try walking forward and at the apex of your jump back-flip, it should allow you to reach the ledge that was formed newly by the opening.

Mini-Boss: Helicopter
This is.. Kinda hard.. You will have a HK-21 at your disposal (Infinite ammo while in this fight) and you have one small target next to the back rotor, square shaped and it kinda sticks out. Shoot this (absurd number here) times to cause damage to the Helli and eventually it'll fall.
Tips: During the first stage (It'll only drops bombs) Stay to the left or right side of the screen dependent on the Helli's location and avoid the bombs. A full barrage from these will kill you on Hardcore, and I think on Regular mode will kill you or severely damage you.
2nd stage (Main Rotors are flaming) Your opponent will bring out a Chain Gun and continue to drop bombs. A full barrage of the bullets will kill you, and so will the bombs. Keep out of the blast radius of the bombs and keep moving while having a steady bead on your target.
3rd stage (Rear rotor is flaming) Same as before but this is a little tougher, she will move more often, shoot more often, and bomb more often. In Hardcore this is TOUGH, but on regular mode it just needs a smidgen of skill. Same strategy as before until the whole Helli explodes and starts to fall to the street.
Gratz, you just killed the Mid-game boss =)

Final Boss: Hades
Ehh, not too tough if you got the Laser Cannon/Gauss Shotgun earlier on in the game. I'd take the Laser Cannon, just for the power and width of the shot over the Spray-and-Pray tactics famous to all Shotguns. The first part is easy, just shoot him three or four times and he's down. The second part (Where the Arachnid legs sprout from his back) does get tough, he will swipe at you with these newly formed ligaments and shoot you with his patented Hades' Rifle. Keep near him, but not too close or far or his legs will 1-hit-KO you. Just fire away and voila', you have taken down the final boss and attained the Hades Rifle! (If you picked it up)

Other notes: The two elevator levels are hard, yes, but don't give in! Keep it up, it'll end eventually I swear! If you need to try walking forward and at the apex of your jump back-flip to reach the teleporters where the mercenaries spawn.
The White Soldiers and the Black Soldiers are tough, yes, but they can only take so many shotgun rounds to the face. =)
Keep between the enemy and his barrel, he may still fire but where the bullet comes out won't touch you! Plus, this is good for Melee Kills as well.
The part right after Hades is endless, yes. You are meant to lose. But by all means keep shooting away Last-Stand style if that's your game, you might get a Kong Hi Score if you kill enough.
Hardcore mode is much tougher, therefore all kills take longer and you get killed WAY easier. Visit the Armory before each Level when you continue.
I myself have never reached the N.U.K.E. but I glitched the game (Not a good glitch, mind you) and have seen it. It's raw, but due to the glitch it could not fire.
The glitch, when I got it, was die right AS you walk into a new area. This happened to me going into the Genetic Research Lab while being shot with a .44 Viper Magnum at absolute Red. I had every weapon but the ammo said "Und." for Undefined and would not fire. Even weapons I picked up had "Und." ammo, even though the bullets showed topped off. Don't do this glitch, you can only use the Lead Pipe and that will -not- kill Hades =/

If I find anything else of importance or you want me to add something I'll see what I can do to edit it.
And forgive my typos, I lagged majorly today and sometimes the text wouldn't show, so I will fix that when I spot it. I can't proof-read right now because this took much more time than I previously had hat it would and am running short of seconds.
Hoped I helped you all out!
Update: ~Spell checked and re-read! All, if not most, of the typos are abolished. If I find more I'll check into it again ^^

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kongai Version 1.9 Released!

Sorry about waiting to post this (Juju was broken), but the Janitor's Guild finally got to implementing Kongai version 1.9! Here's a summary of the changes:

Cornelius, hp reduced 80->75
Cornelius, Pilebunker's 25% crit removed. Replaced with 25% proc to deal 20 soul crushing dark magic damage so that it does not have a chance to instant kill so many characters on turn 1.

Marquis, Blood Burn effect now decreases damage and resistances by 3 instead of by 2.
Marquis, Vampiric Touch hit rate up 96%->98%
Marquis, Life Drain hit rate up 90%->94%

Rumiko, Eviscerate damage down 20->18 (Weakens the Eviscerate, rest, repeat loop.)

Yoshiro, Rising Dragon damage down 25->24

Higashi, Open Palm chance to interrupt up 25%->30%
Higashi, Open Palm energy down 40->35

Amaya, Physical armor up 2->3
*(needs bug fix) Amaya, Shadow Curse and Shadow Wrath hit fleeing enemies (still hits benched enemies, too)
Amaya, Shadow Wrath damage up 12->14

Onimaru, Sword Flurry hit rate down 95%->94%
Onimaru, Double Slash hit rate up 90%->98%
Onimaru, Double Slash now has 25% chance to disable range changing next turn. *(needs bug fix)

Juju, Staff Strike replaced with new move: Curse of Juju. 25 energy, 3 speed, deals 20 damage at the end of next turn, ignores enemy resistances. Close/far.

Ubuntu, hit points down 80->75

Zina, hit points down 75->70
Zina, energy gain from innate down to +30 rather than +40.

Andromeda, Trueshot hit rate up 97%->100%
Andromeda, Trueshot energy cost down 55->50
Andromeda, Crippling Shot damage up 15->20

Anex, Boomerang hit rate up 90%->100%
Anex, Boomerang proc rate (on hits fleeing) down 100%->90% (note: above two changes together are strictly more powerful than before)
Anex, Chakkra Slash slows enemy's next attack by 4 instead of by 3 and lasts 2 turns instead of 1 turn.
Sharpening Stone crit rate +25% rather than +30%

What do some of these changes mean for our characters? Quite a lot, actually. Here's a little insight into some of the changes.

Cornelius now dies to Voss's Double Slash move if she uses it twice. His pilebunker crit is replaced by a damage proc. Now, when pilebunker hits that 25% to proc, it will only one-hit kill two characters in the game, both of who can easily avoid Pilebunkers.

Yoshiro has a similar change now. He can no longer one-hit kill a couple of characters.

Rumiko's change weakens her close-range game, but she's intended to be a long-range character anyway.

Juju's new move is really interesting. It definitely improves his matchup vs Cornelius (which used to be a horrible matchup for him) and now he has an almost-always avaliable option for damage against any character.

Andromeda's Trueshot is arguable one of the weakest death-rays in the game, and it's great to see that it got a buff. Now that it's down to 50 energy, an enemy will have to get close twice in order to avoid it. Also, it's at a 100% hit rate now instead of a lower hit rate, so those soul-crushing 3% misses won't happen anymore.

Marquis is one of those characters where a miss could really hurt because then you're down HP and energy. Fortunately, he now has a better hit rate.

Well that's about it. It's probably going to take a while for the new updates to settle into people's minds, so the new beat-everybody's deck won't probably come for another week or so.

This post brought to you by EsIeX3

Friday, September 19, 2008

Best Set In Kongai: Results

Before I start, I'd like to welcome all the new writers. I'm looking forward to reading all your posts :)

Anyway, thanks to everybody who voted in our poll. The results were:

Tiki villagers
9 (13%)
14 (21%)
24 (36%)
Martial Arts
19 (28%)

The results, IMO, are hardly surprising. Vampires, who came in first, are some of the most common cards seen in many decks. People like them because they deal out a lot of damage and consist of characters that fight well at close range. The Martial Artists came in second. The Martial Artists have Yoshiro, who is probably the most used finisher character, and Rumiko, who can deal out lots of damage and switch out. The other Martial Artists aren't used quite as often as Rumiko and Yoshiro, because it seems that people think that the other cards are pretty weak (especially Amaya and Onimaru). The Amazons followed in third. Many people like to have versatile characters who are useful at both ranges. The Amazons are generally single-ranged, which is most likey why only 1 out of every 5 people think they're the best set. Villagers came in last probably because they're niche characters. They're not really general-purpose fighters, but rather characters brought in for certain moments in the game.

This message brought to you by EsIeX3, and thanks again for all the votes!

Light-Bot Walkthrough

          Here is a guide to Light-Bot which has two badges on it now. An easy and a hard. This will get you both badges and the Jade Figurine. This game was very fun because it makes you think like a programmer. But if you really don't want to and just want the 35 points then feel free to use this guide.

M=Move: First Command on the List. Moves forward your bot 1 square.
TC=TurnC: Turn Clockwise. Second cmd. Turns Clockwise on same square.
TCC=TurnCC: Turn Counterclokwise. Third Command.
J=Jump: Makes your bot jump on one square up/down and forward.
L=Light: Lights up your Bot. You have to light up all blue squares.
F1: Alternative Function1. Order commands on the Funct.1 Slot.
F2: Alternative Function2. Order commands on the Funct.2 Slot.

Level 1
Main Method:
M, M, L.

Level 2
Main Method:
TC, M, TCC, M,M, M, M, TCC,M, L.

Level 3
Main Method:
M, J, J, M,TCC, L, M, L,M, L.

Level 4
Main Method:
M, J, J, M,TC, M, M, M,M, M, L.

Level 5
Main Method:
J, F1, F1, J,J, J, L.
M, M, M, TCC.

Level 6
Main Method:
F1, TC, F1, J,TC, F2, TC, TC,F2.
M, J, J, L.
M, M, M, M,M, M, L.

Level 7
Main Method:
F1, TC, M, TC,F1.
L, M, L, M,L, M, L, F2.
M, L, M, L,M, L, M, L.

Level 8
Main Method:
J, F1, F1, F1,F2.
M, L, M, M,L, TC, M.
M, L, TC, M,M, L.

Level 9
Main Method:
J, TCC, J, F1,F1, F1, F1.
J, L, M, L,J, L, TC.

Level 10
Main Method:
F1, F2, L, TCC,J, TCC, F1, TC,J, J, M, L.
M, M, M, J,TCC, J, J.
TCC, J, TCC, M,TC, J, M, M.

Level 11
Main Method:
F1, F1, F2, F1,F1, F2, F1, F1,F2.
L, M, L, M,L, M, L, M.
TCC, J, TCC, F1,F1, TC, J, TC.

Level 12
Main Method:
M, J, L, F1,F1, F1, F1, F2,F1, F1, F1, L.
J, L, J, L,J, L, TC.


New Navigation And New Writers

Last night on Kong the staff updated the navigation bar. Check out what Emily says here http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1/topics/21093. Personally I love the new navigation. It will be hard to get used to after being with the old way for over a year. But I do think that it is a great change that will really help everyone out, especially n00bs.

Also we have two new writers with us now. Yeknomssa and Kristen. I hope everyone welcomes them to the team. We'll be able to bring a little more structure with this amount of writers now. And thank you to everyone else on the team who is lsted in the right panel. Keep up the good work everybody.

Kaleidoscope Reef walktrough

Hi guys! This is my first walktrough! And the game is:

Kaleidoscope Reef!

Now many of you have played Anika's Odyssey a well made game by Trickysheep. Now he made another fantastic game.

The first part:
Now in the beginning you must drag plankton* to one of the three rocks, make sure the plankton stands up like a real flower. Drag polyps** to the planktons to make it to a beatiful sea plant! Blue polyps for blue planktons, red for red and yellow for yellow. Easy, huh? The level will be done when the meter gets full. And if you drag a yellow polyps to a red plankton it will not turn into a sea plant. Keep creating sea plants and watch out for dangerous fishs. (*Plankton is those flower looking things) (** Colourful things flying in the water)

The second part:
Oh noes! An ugly black slime monster! Can it stop you from saving the reef? Let's hope not. The monster will disapper anyway. Remove some black slime from the big rock so you can create beatiful sea plants. I explained the most what to do in the first part, so look there if your brain forgat what I told you. Once the meter is full you will complete the level. Also there will be a fish that has a really long mouth and are eating polyps in it's way!

The third part:
In this level there will be poisoned gas lecking from a barrel. If you get one of the skulls in a plankton it will die. So watch out! Just keep creating sea plants and watch out for the gas! And look out for the big grey fish. Just click at it to make it disapper, but it can come back.

The fourth part:
You really want that badge, eh? Anyway, this level is just to keep creating sea plants. And click on the fish with sharp teeths and the mini octopusy to avoid getting the polyps eaten. And the fish with sharp teeths might spitt out some poisoned gas from his mouth so click him away fast!

The fifth part:
In this level it will only be blue polyps, huh? But it still falls red and yellow planktons. You must drag some blue polyps to that hole with lava in the middle to the left! And if you wait a few seconds it will get out up near the archor but as a yellow polyps! If you drag it to the hole again it will be a red polyps! One plankton might look orange but it still wants a red polyps to make it a sea plant. There is a sea fish that looks like an ocotopusy, so click it away.

The sixth part:
More black slime! Remove some to create some sea plants. No polyps? Just click on the mussles under the rock and some polyps of each type will get out. And there will a really big ugly fish in this level. Just keep clicking it away so it doesn't eat your polyps. Also, there's a poisoned gas barrel too. You can scare the fish away with the gas when the fish opens his mouth. A green plankton is in this level, counts as yellow polyps.

The final part:
Ewwwwwwwwww!! This black slime monster again! Okay, this monster can do the following things: Shoot poisoned gas on the planktons you have planted, burp out poisoned gas. And spitt out black slime. Keep focusing and avoid the attacks he does. Be quick. After a few sea plants planted, a fish with come with a yellow mouth. Make sure it doesn't come near your planted sea plants because it can eat them up! Click him away as quick as you can! And when the meter is full, it will come that plant cannon and shoot some balls in the black slime monster and the monster will explode! Finally the reef is saved! Kongrats! You just got yourself 15 Kongregate points and a beatiful badge!

Walkthrough: Planet Defender - Apocalypse Mode (13 Easy Steps)

          Well for my first walkthrough here on KCCG, I'll be covering Planet Defender in Apocalypse Mode. I first wrote this guide up on the Kongregate forums (Link) and it seemed to help many people.
          The base strategy was devised by Phyra and was first posted in this thread. I decided to rewrite the guide a little and post some screen shots in hopes that it will help those who are having trouble getting this badge. I also have a video of this strategy in action, available here. Comments are welcome, it may not be a perfect guide, but it works pretty darned well.

Step 1

          Just like breakfast, the first few phases of this guide are the most important meal of the day. If you mess up or lose a cannon, its easy enough to restart. It may suck to lose 5-10 minutes of work, but that's better than the time and/or money hole that replacing lost turrets will put you in for the remainder of the game.
  1. Build 3 Ion Cannons In the top row
  2. Build 1 Bunker below the middle Ion Cannon

Step 2

           Your population is still low at this point so its better to build structures as you get the money.
  1. Build 2 Bunkers in the top row, 2 spaces in on each side
  2. Build 2 Ion Cannons in the top row, on either side the left Bunker

Step 3

          When upgrading your cannons its always best to go from most health to least. This will draw attacks away from damaged Cannons as the enemy attacks your "most dangerous" structures.
  1. Upgrade the 3 middle Ion Cannons 1x
  2. Research Adv. Economics

Step 4

          Did you forget what I told you about upgrading your Ion Cannons from most health to least? Well remember it again.
  1. Upgrade the 3 middle Ion Cannons 1x (Now Lvl 3)
  2. Place 3 Economy Centers in the last row

Step 5

          Now that you've got some money rolling in, its time to bring out the big guns. Missile Complexes are best at their highest upgrade level (which is 3). Because of this, it is almost always better to fully upgrade a Missile Complex before placing another.
  1. Research Nuclear Fusion and save your money
  2. Place 2 Missile Complexes in the first row, upgrading them 2x

Step 6

          Time for the rich to get richer...and more guns.
  1. Place 4 more Economy Centers in the bottom row
  2. Sell the top right Ion Cannon, replace with a Missile Complex and upgrade 2x
  3. Sell top left Ion Cannon, replace with a Missile Complex and upgrade 2x

Step 7

          Over half way there. If you've made it this far, you've got a lock on beating Apocalypse mode (barring any user error or acts of God).
  1. Sell both Bunkers in the top row
  2. Place Bunkers in the second row, 1 space apart
  3. Place Missile Complexes in the empty spots in the top row and upgrade them 2x

Step 8

          Pesky enemy missiles killing your population? Well, have we got a deal for you...
  1. Research Adv. Energy
  2. Place 2 Missile Complexes in the middle row, upgrade 2x
  3. Place 2 Missile Defenses in the bottom row, upgrade 1x

Step 9

          More money, more power.
  1. Place 2 Missile Complexes in the middle row, upgrade 2x
  2. Place 4 Economy Centers in bottom row

Step 10

          Now that you've got some population, let's make sure they're amply protected.
  1. Upgrade all Bunkers 1x
  2. Upgrade 3 Economic Centers 1x
  3. Place 2 Missile Defenses in the bottom row
  4. Place 2 Missile Complexes in the middle row, upgrade 2x
  5. Upgrade all Ion Cannons 1x (now max)
  6. Upgrade remaining Economy Centers 1x

Step 11

          With a nicely bloated military budget, you can buy just about anything...
  1. Research Planet Shield
  2. Upgrade all Missile Defenses to max
  3. Upgrade all Bunkers 2x (now max)

Step 12

          Time to turn up the heat.
  1. Replace all Economy Centers with Missile Complexes, upgrading to max as you go

Step 13
  1. Win.
          Okay so its not exactly a step, but 12 easy steps sounded too much like an AA meeting.

          I hope you enjoyed the guide and that it helped you get a new badge and 30 points. If you had problems, let me know, I'd love to make the guide 100% fool-proof.

New Writer, Reporting for Duty

Hello KCCG readers, I've graciously accepted an invitation from hipcheck to join the team. I've written a few walkthroughs in the past and I hope to be a valuable member here. If anyone has specific requests, feel free to contact me. I get busy sometimes, but I''ll try my best to keep up on new games and helping everyone get a few more badges ticked off their list.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Duck, think outside the flock

Duck, think outside the flock:


Level 1 -Guide the duck to the eggs with the cursor.
Level 2 -Click on all of the ducks.
Level 3 -Keep track of the duck with arrow, then click.
Level 4 -Click on purple duck.
Level 5 -Guide duck to eggs, direction of movement is inverted.
Level 6 -Collect white eggs, don't touch purple eggs.
Level 7 -Click top left duck, bottom left duck, top right duck, bottom right duck, then middle duck.
Level 8 -Collect eggs in order from small to biggest.
Level 9 -Collect white eggs with inverted mouse controls.
Level 10 -Click duck in 4th row, 3rd over to the right.
Level 11 -Keep clicking on ducks to move them in a circle where their color matches ring color.
Level 12 -Keep track of the duck with the arrow above it's head.
Level 13 -Collect 3 small eggs, then 3 medium sized, then 3 large.
Level 14 -Click bottom left duck once, top left duck twice, and top right duck twice.
Level 15 -Drag the big duck away, then click on little duck.
Level 16 -The strategy to finish level 16 is to hit the third duck in each side (marked with a "0") in any order:

X X 0 X
0 X X X
X X X 0
X 0 X X
Level 17 -Rotate the right ring until a yellow duck is 1 space away from the middle. Rotate the left ring until the purple duck is one space away from the middle. Send the purple duck on the into the purple ring and then rotate the left ring until the middle space it open again. Send the yellow duck to the yellow ring and set up the ring to that there's a yellow duck on the right ring ready to go into the middle ring, and a purple duck on the left ring ready to go into the middle ring. Send the purple duck in to the purple ring, then rotate the left ring, and send the yellow duck into the yellow ring.
Level 18 -The vertical directions are inverted to your duck will still properly go left or right, it's just up and down that's backwards. Collect the white eggs and avoid the purple eggs.
Level 19 -Keep dragging out the ducks until one isn't facing you, click on that duck.
Level 20 -Click on the duck in the 2nd row, 1st column.
Level 21 -This time the horizontal directions are inverted. Same thing, collect white eggs, not purple.
Level 22 -This is a matching game where your ducks remaining eyes and colors have to match. You pretty much have to find pairs of ducks that look alike. Here's a all the sets of matching ducks going formatted like this. (duck 1 row, duck 1 column/duck2 row, duck 2 column) : (1,1/1,4) (2,1/1,4) (3,1/2,4) (2,3/2,4) (2,4/3,1) (3,2/4,4) (2,2/3,4) (2,1/3,3)
Level 23 -Drag out 3 ducks from the middle. Then drag 3 miniature ducks from those (6 total), click on the 3 ducks not facing you.
Level 24 -This is a level I do not have a strategy for, just do things in a pattern, meaning do anything you do to one side to the same piece on the other side.
Level 25 -This is tic-tac-toe and the strategy for quick win is go middle, then bottom right, then top right, and for a fatality go bottom left.

I hope this guide helped some people with the badge, and if anybody has a strategy for that level I couldn't find one for please post them. Good night. ~Hokage4354

Vanessa Voss - Card Guide

Sup guys, EsIeX3 here to do the Vanessa Voss guide.

General Use:
Voss is almost completely different from the other vampires. Half of her moves are light attacks, and her main move is fairly fast (but still powerful). Unlike the other vampires, she has lots of light defense and no dark defense. This leaves her vulnerable to other vampires, but makes her amazing against some villagers and amazons. However, her innate gives her a bonus against characters with high dark defense, which makes her okay against most vampires.

Her two most used moves are Double Slash and Radiance Burst. Double Slash, along with her innate, can deal lots of quick (speed 8) damage for only 30 energy. Radiance Burst attacks all enemies in the deck. There's two gotchas for using RB, however:
1. Damage is calculated separately for each character.
2. It will not hit a character that's switching out.
Voss has two other moves which aren't that widely used. Ray of Light is mostly just there to threaten enemies at far so they're forced to move in. Feast of Blood is occassionally preferred over Double Slash when Voss needs HP or Voss needs a guaranteed kill against someone with no moves quicker than 5.

Suggested Items:

Blood Vial: To be honest, Voss is probably one of the least versitale characters when it comes to items. Blood vial is almost universally used except maybe in 5-card matches. Voss is fragile, so she really benefits from being able to heal herself on the bench faster.
Ring of Curses (5-card only): It's useful in 5-card because apparently Attack-all-enemies cards are all the rage these days.

Notable Matchups:

vs Cornelius: Yesterday (9/17), the new 1.9 Kongai update went up, meaning that Cornelius got two nerfs which really affects his machup with voss. With the new update, Voss is almost guaranteed a win. Cornelius can no longer one-hit-KO voss with pilebunker, and it only takes 2 Double Slashes to kill Cornelius.

Like always, if anybody has any matchups to post, go ahead and post them.

Warlords : Heroes (Gladiator Guide) -By ThirdParty

Here is a quote of ThirdParty's excellent guide for Warlords: Heroes , Gladiator mode.

Here’s an account of my game and the tactics I used.

I chose the orc PC.

(1) I faced an enemy with a sword and shield. I stood at a safe range, hit him, backed out of range of his counterattack, and repeated. Won with essentially no damage.

(2) I faced an enemy with a dagger and shield. I used the same tactics as against the sword and shield. This time I took some damage, since one of his counterattacks is too fast to safely back away from, but I still won with over half my life left. I think which counterattack he uses depends on which range you attacked from; you want him to use the creeping-under-shield-cover attack so you can safely get back away. The PC is just a hair faster than him, so with patience it’s possible to get back to the good range if too close.

(3) I faced an enemy with two swords. I hit him repeatedly with my retreating attack, taking essentially no damage. (Could do this blindfolded, if you had to: just hold down the back and attack keys.)

(4) I faced an enemy bowman. Ignoring his puny arrows, I just walked up and whacked him. He would kick if I got too close, but this wasn’t any more damaging than the arrows.

(5) I faced an enemy sorcerer. I mostly used the same strategy as against the bowman, but I took care to block if he threw too many attacks at me at once, and I kicked if he teleported right on top of me. (I foolishly paused after the fight in order to jot down my notes. Don’t do this: a stray skybolt hit me during the pause, weakening my health against the next enemy.)

(6) I faced an enemy whirler. I just held down my attack key; he picked a range that was comfortable for both of us, and we stood there trading blows until he died. (Another blindfolded win. I’ve had this tactic work against level 9 whirlers, but beyond that it’s probably ill-advised.)

(7) I faced an enemy with a halberd. I kept myself generally in a guarding position, and every time he walked past me I would kick and slice before resuming the guard.

(8) I faced an enemy with a two-handed sword, just like mine. I kept myself generally in a guarding position. Every time he attacked with an overhand swipe, I counter-attacked with a slice. Every time he lunged, I counterattacked with a kick and then a slice. Not hard. (Thanks again, saneiac: I didn’t know how to beat this guy until I read your guide.)

(9) I faced another enemy with a two-handed sword. Same tactics as before, but it felt even easier this time. Occasionally I would swipe twice during my counterattack, just to make the battle go faster.

(10) I faced an enemy with a spear and shield. I jumped in close, and then used a kick-swipe-repeat rhythm.

(11) I faced another enemy whirler. This one moved around more than the previous one. I fought him using almost the same tactics I used against the halberdier: stay guarded, kick as soon he comes within kicking range, swipe, and then go back to guard.

(12) I faced another enemy with a spear and shield. Unlike the previous spearman, this one tended to move around a lot and use somersaults whenever I got in close. This was by far the toughest battle. I managed to squeak through using the same tactics as against the mobile whirler: stay guarded, take opportunities to kick and slice, and then return to guard.

(13) I faced an enemy with a flail. This is easy: just jump in and use a kick-swipe-repeat rhythm, like against the first spearman. The flailer is very slow, so you’ve got a wide margin of error for your timing. I didn’t even take damage except for a mistake with my initial jump.

I got the badge, and the cycle repeated: there are exactly thirteen enemies. The enemy with the sword and shield was still easy (which suggests to me that the best enemy to start with, if just going for the badge, would have been the guy with the dagger and shield; or you could try starting with the mobile whirler). The guy with the dagger and shield defeated me with almost half of his life left; clearly I need a different tactic for dealing with him. I’ve tried blocking his fast counterattack, but that leaves me at the wrong range with no good way to get back.


Hey everyone. This is more for my writers than anything else. But i wanted to put a little more backbone and support into KCCG. I would like to have updates normally.

Challenges- The two challenges can be taken by whoever wants tham as long as they get done in a day or two.

Videos- re4 has uploaded a great video for scope. TY. I would like to have a walkthrough video at least once a month, but I will make a poll so people can vote on how often they want one. So re4 can you show the others how to make a video please?

Comics- I would like Ice to work on the plot of the comics if thats possible. And comminicate with hokage on the drawing of them. I would like to have a weekly comic on no specific day. That way we have people coming back at different days.

In essence I would like to have a post a day. I am still trying to recruit more writers to do plain game reviews, walkthroughs, badge guides, and more. I will always help if anyone needs me in any field. Right now my focus is on building the site and then attracting readers and getting writers. Email me with any questions or if anyof this will be a problem. Or just leave comments here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

*Throws Confetti*

Yay, KCCG has a new writer! Ahh, but whom!? The anticipation is killing you, too! Squeeee, it's just too much! Ahh, wait.. You already saw my name? Bwah, ah well.

Heh heh, that's a rather short introduction for me actually. I like to write long posts (Thoroughness is something I keep on top of my list) so expect that from me. Also, I like to use 'Pro Words' as you might call them. EX: Cognivity, Regal, Boroque, Pseudo- (Etc.)
I'm rushing, which also means I may make typos. If I do then don't worry, I doubt the world will end in a calamity of rolling heads and vampire orgys.. It's just a transition =o (Also I would appreciate any major typos, or sentences that didn't make sense, or parts of the paragraphs that could have been moved elsewhere reported to me. I will do this from time to time.)
And this ends my first (Ever!) blog post of any sort since it is far past my bedtime and Gramma i getting kinda PO'd at me ^^ Later all, hope to write alot more soon!

Scope: First Blood

If the video is not clear enough.This video is on youtube and should have a better resolution. Also the youtube version has annotations in case you don't know whats going on.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hi everybody, I'm new to the team!

Hello everybody! I am just joined the team today and I was really happy to see hipcheck approved of me joining. I'll probably write a review on the next card to be released and get active here. I play Kongai a lot so I also might post some strategies and tips.

Thank you for reading this guys.


New Writer

My name is re4beast on kongregate and i am the newest member to the KCCG writer. Please request any game I can help with. I can make videos as well as written walk throughs.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


General Use:
Anex is an amazing character, but unfortunately, she's one of the most underrated characters. Anex performs the best in long-range decks because she can threaten with Power Toss and Boomerang Chakkra. In my opinion, it's like having a Yoshiro-Cain hybrid at far, and with access to amazing items like Valkyrie's Charm and Sharpening Stone.

Suggested Items:
Valkyrie's Charm: Using Valkyrie's Charm improves some of her matchups. Power toss becomes the same speed as some death rays (which may or may not be desirable), and boomerang beats out a lot of other long range attacks.
Sharpening Stone: Considerably improves her good matchups and can help against some of her harder to beat matchups. A crit Power Toss will easily take out 90% of the cast in a single hit.

Noted Matchups:
Unfortunately, I can't think of any. If anybody would like to pitch in, go ahead and post a comment. I'll add it here and give credit.

Other Random Stuff:
When Anex uses Power Toss against the opponent's last character, and if that character uses a move that's slower than Power Toss, then their move gets "canceled" by Power Toss's effect. Also applies to Ashi's Power Swing.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Card Sets

Well to start off, I'd like to say that it's nice to see that this blog is finally coming back up :)

Anyway, if you haven't noticed, hipcheck put up that fancy new poll on what you guys think the best card set is. Here's each of the sets summarized:

Martial Artists:
Yep, the martial artists. Generally, the martial artists are pretty quick characters with medium-ish damage. Pretty standard characters if you ask me.

They're closer to range-specialists than any of the other card sets. In their unfavorable range, they usually only have moves useful for rangedancing. If they're at their favorable range, though, their attacks are damn powerful. They arguably have some of the best items in the game.

Tiki Villagers:
This group is more of a specialist or niche group. Each character does something really different. The characters are focused a bit more on chance than in other sets.

Yeah, the vampires. They're generally fairly slow but powerful and versitale. They have access to items that keep themselves alive, and even if they don't use them, some of the vampires have life drain attacks.

So, which character set should you use? It depends on how you want your deck built. For example, if you want a power deck, you should build it around a certain range with Amazons and possibly some villagers. A general-purpose deck will usually include vampires and martial-artists. Gimmick decks will always contain at least one villager. Depending on what kind of deck you want to use, one set will always be more powerful than another, but in general, all the card sets are pretty much the same.

An Honest Sand Dollar Challenge

Hey there it's hipcheck. Just wanted to give you an update on a weekly challenge. This is the honest sand dollar challenge. You need to earn a total of 10,000 credits in SandStorm Racing. This really isn't all that difficult because you don't have to save them all up. You just need to have accumulated 10,000 points through the entire game. There are also two badges for this game. There is an easy badge requiring you to get 5,000 credits. And a medium badge wanting you to beat the last level.


Don't worry about your credits because by the time you finish the game you will have the easy badge and card. So you go through training and learn how to drive your little car. Then you move on to a three lap track which is not very difficult at all. One of the only things I can suggest would be to go back to a race you know for sure you can win to get some credits. You want to spruce up your car as soon as possible. It has 8 levels you can upgrade it to. Also the only other thing I can really tell you is to do a test run of each map to get a feel for the track. You will find some spots where you don't have to do all the turns and can drive strait through. Also you will find out that you don't need to go in between the posts, but try to get as close to them as possible.

That's all for know enjoy your card and 20 points.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Three Challenges

There are now three challenges up on kongregate for now. The Kongai challenge is back where you can earn Mind Reader's challice. The Necronimicon and earn Anex. And Sandstorm Racing where you will earn Stoneheel's Totem. also kongregate has added a card album viewer in your profile. This is the biggest help to any user. All stats and moves are shown in this album. Make sure to check it out.

Back in The Saddle

I've been meaning for some tiome now to get this back up and running so tofay is the day. I will put that poll to good use and put up a new one. I am also looking for dedicated writers who will make posts every other day or so. Email me if you are interested. I have no limit on writers so please feel free to jump in.