Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kongai Version 1.9 Released!

Sorry about waiting to post this (Juju was broken), but the Janitor's Guild finally got to implementing Kongai version 1.9! Here's a summary of the changes:

Cornelius, hp reduced 80->75
Cornelius, Pilebunker's 25% crit removed. Replaced with 25% proc to deal 20 soul crushing dark magic damage so that it does not have a chance to instant kill so many characters on turn 1.

Marquis, Blood Burn effect now decreases damage and resistances by 3 instead of by 2.
Marquis, Vampiric Touch hit rate up 96%->98%
Marquis, Life Drain hit rate up 90%->94%

Rumiko, Eviscerate damage down 20->18 (Weakens the Eviscerate, rest, repeat loop.)

Yoshiro, Rising Dragon damage down 25->24

Higashi, Open Palm chance to interrupt up 25%->30%
Higashi, Open Palm energy down 40->35

Amaya, Physical armor up 2->3
*(needs bug fix) Amaya, Shadow Curse and Shadow Wrath hit fleeing enemies (still hits benched enemies, too)
Amaya, Shadow Wrath damage up 12->14

Onimaru, Sword Flurry hit rate down 95%->94%
Onimaru, Double Slash hit rate up 90%->98%
Onimaru, Double Slash now has 25% chance to disable range changing next turn. *(needs bug fix)

Juju, Staff Strike replaced with new move: Curse of Juju. 25 energy, 3 speed, deals 20 damage at the end of next turn, ignores enemy resistances. Close/far.

Ubuntu, hit points down 80->75

Zina, hit points down 75->70
Zina, energy gain from innate down to +30 rather than +40.

Andromeda, Trueshot hit rate up 97%->100%
Andromeda, Trueshot energy cost down 55->50
Andromeda, Crippling Shot damage up 15->20

Anex, Boomerang hit rate up 90%->100%
Anex, Boomerang proc rate (on hits fleeing) down 100%->90% (note: above two changes together are strictly more powerful than before)
Anex, Chakkra Slash slows enemy's next attack by 4 instead of by 3 and lasts 2 turns instead of 1 turn.
Sharpening Stone crit rate +25% rather than +30%

What do some of these changes mean for our characters? Quite a lot, actually. Here's a little insight into some of the changes.

Cornelius now dies to Voss's Double Slash move if she uses it twice. His pilebunker crit is replaced by a damage proc. Now, when pilebunker hits that 25% to proc, it will only one-hit kill two characters in the game, both of who can easily avoid Pilebunkers.

Yoshiro has a similar change now. He can no longer one-hit kill a couple of characters.

Rumiko's change weakens her close-range game, but she's intended to be a long-range character anyway.

Juju's new move is really interesting. It definitely improves his matchup vs Cornelius (which used to be a horrible matchup for him) and now he has an almost-always avaliable option for damage against any character.

Andromeda's Trueshot is arguable one of the weakest death-rays in the game, and it's great to see that it got a buff. Now that it's down to 50 energy, an enemy will have to get close twice in order to avoid it. Also, it's at a 100% hit rate now instead of a lower hit rate, so those soul-crushing 3% misses won't happen anymore.

Marquis is one of those characters where a miss could really hurt because then you're down HP and energy. Fortunately, he now has a better hit rate.

Well that's about it. It's probably going to take a while for the new updates to settle into people's minds, so the new beat-everybody's deck won't probably come for another week or so.

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hipcheck said...

Wow thank you for keeping us up to date with all the new versions and changes. I am also glad you added your own opinion at the end. Well done.