Tuesday, September 16, 2008

*Throws Confetti*

Yay, KCCG has a new writer! Ahh, but whom!? The anticipation is killing you, too! Squeeee, it's just too much! Ahh, wait.. You already saw my name? Bwah, ah well.

Heh heh, that's a rather short introduction for me actually. I like to write long posts (Thoroughness is something I keep on top of my list) so expect that from me. Also, I like to use 'Pro Words' as you might call them. EX: Cognivity, Regal, Boroque, Pseudo- (Etc.)
I'm rushing, which also means I may make typos. If I do then don't worry, I doubt the world will end in a calamity of rolling heads and vampire orgys.. It's just a transition =o (Also I would appreciate any major typos, or sentences that didn't make sense, or parts of the paragraphs that could have been moved elsewhere reported to me. I will do this from time to time.)
And this ends my first (Ever!) blog post of any sort since it is far past my bedtime and Gramma i getting kinda PO'd at me ^^ Later all, hope to write alot more soon!

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