Sunday, September 14, 2008


General Use:
Anex is an amazing character, but unfortunately, she's one of the most underrated characters. Anex performs the best in long-range decks because she can threaten with Power Toss and Boomerang Chakkra. In my opinion, it's like having a Yoshiro-Cain hybrid at far, and with access to amazing items like Valkyrie's Charm and Sharpening Stone.

Suggested Items:
Valkyrie's Charm: Using Valkyrie's Charm improves some of her matchups. Power toss becomes the same speed as some death rays (which may or may not be desirable), and boomerang beats out a lot of other long range attacks.
Sharpening Stone: Considerably improves her good matchups and can help against some of her harder to beat matchups. A crit Power Toss will easily take out 90% of the cast in a single hit.

Noted Matchups:
Unfortunately, I can't think of any. If anybody would like to pitch in, go ahead and post a comment. I'll add it here and give credit.

Other Random Stuff:
When Anex uses Power Toss against the opponent's last character, and if that character uses a move that's slower than Power Toss, then their move gets "canceled" by Power Toss's effect. Also applies to Ashi's Power Swing.


hipcheck said...

Real good review. I totally agree on everything. I like this layout. Great job dude.

Re4beast said...

great job. I think my pathetic kongai deck might actually be better because of this.