Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Argue (About Everything)

 It seems that Kongregate sent out their second wave of Argue (about everything) invites.
This email is to welcome the second wave of testers into Argue!  Those of you who have tried it before might want to pop back in and see what new changes have been made, too.

Thanks for volunteering to test the Argue (About Everything) Beta release.  We're now ready to get you crazy, argumentative people in there and arguing!  The game is almost complete, but there are just a few features missing, and probably some bugs, so if you find any technical problems as you're playing, please hit the little bug icon at the top right of chat and report it to us.  We'll make sure it gets fixed before release.

If you got this message in your e-mail, you can go play the Argue beta right now.  By the way, yeah, Roger Bankus is pretty much done with this game.  Right now it's at a level of polish where some other game developers would consider it okay to release. In fact, I think it's good to the point where I can put a review up :D

Unfortunately, since the game is in beta and is one of Kong's Premium Games, I can't spoil the entire game.  All I can say about this is that the game is like Rock-Paper-Scissors over a small landscape.

The graphics are very well polished.  The menu interfaces are clean and attractive.  However, there's only 4 different sprite images that go on the board, so unfortunately, the actual battle graphics may get boring after a while.  Of course, this game is still in beta, so Roger may decide to change any of the graphics at any point.
Games are basically 1v1 RPS on a large scale.  Unfortunately, games don't last very long (I've had games that only last 30 seconds), but they're still fun.  It's not a mindless game, where mindless clicking should work, requires some mental and physical dexterity.
Like most games, I turn off the audio.  Unfortunately, that means that I can't give a fair review.  There is in-game music though, for those who are curious.
This game takes a very simple concept, RPS, and turns it into an entirely new, fun, and enjoyable game.

In a nutshell:  Very short games, but enjoyable gameplay and polished graphics.

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Username6 said...

Well, I was a beta tester andit was pretty fun. But for some reason when the game came out of beta, it just wasn't fun. Also, alot of users must have thought that along with me because the game flopped. Overall, my own rating would be a 3/5 because its original and has replay-ability but it's lost its appeal.