Saturday, September 27, 2008

Marquis Le Morte

Hey, it's been 4 days. That's, like, what, a couple internet years? Time for a new post.

General Use:
Marquis is a somewhat hard character to use. Using him properly requires that you predict your enemy correctly because a lot of the time you're going to be in 50ish/50ish situations. His low HP means that mistakes could really cost you your character. Marquis is generally a close range character, but has very cheap and efficient range changes. At far, he can Teleport back in. What's great is that his Teleport is speed 6, so moves like Higashi's Chi Blast and Anex's Boomerang Chakkra won't hit unless Teleport doesn't proc (or, of course, Anex slowed Marquis down). Once he's at close, though, he can threaten with Vampiric Touch or Life Drain, both which heal him and deal out considerable damage. The moves cost a lot, however, so watching energy is really important. With Marquis, you're usually either low on HP or energy, but usually not both.

Noted Matchups:

vs Tafari: This is probably one of Marquis's closer battles and usually depends on both player's prediction skills. Marquis can't swap out to get 20 HP back, and Tafari can't do much against Marquis with Poison Darts. At close, Tafari can kill Marquis with Ambush in one hit, so it's important that Marquis has enough energy to move back. It's especially threatening when Tafari uses hide at far, since if Marquis closes in, Marquis now has to change back to far if he wants to live.

Suggested Items:

Necronomic Tomes: Makes Marquis's attacks more threatening. The extra heal for Marquis is always welcome with his low HP.
General's Insignia: Same as above, except this is guaranteed to give 4 extra damage each move.

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