Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Warbears Walkthrough

This is a throwback walkthrough forWarbears. This was the second badge on Kong and is worth taking the time to get the 30 points.

Start off by moving Agent Lucas on top of the van and clicking the drill symbol and he will pick it up. Then move him down and over to the side of the building and click the drill again and he will lodge it into the wall. Agent Lucas can now jump on top of it, and Agent KLA can jump on top of him, and climb into the open window that leads to the bathroom.
Once he gets in, close the window behind him, and plug in his hacking device to the outlet in the wall. When that is finished, move agent Lucas off the drill he was on and click it once again so it will be tossed aside. Then release a grenade and immediately move him off the ground by getting on the van again. The grenade will explode and allow Agent KLA to

later be able to leave the bathroom (he can't right now because the cameras are still on.)

Now move on to Agent Ryoh on the roof and click to fight with the enemy bear closest to him (make sure you hit him low when his drill is high and block his hits as best you can). Then move over to the white box and click the blue circle button, he will state he needs a key, and then talk to the other enemy bear and he will give you the key. Then he realizes
you'rea war bear and you will have to kill him as well. Then open the puzzle box with th red and green boxes. Click them until all are green. But if you can get it here then press the center one.

And it will unlock. Exit the puzzle and Agent KLA will now be able to hack into the building's computers by playing a simple game of "Simon." When you've finished that click on all three options, and you will turn off the vent, turn the lifts on, and tur off the security cameras. Use Agent Ryoh and move to the far left that he can walk and have him chop down
the antenna, knock the silver ball off, and the ball will knock the bank sign over. Agent KLA can now leave the bathroom, but before he does, have him stand in front of the sink and click the water symbol three times. This will bust the faucet and it will start to flood the bathroom. Leave the bathroom and close the door behind you. Since the window and door
are closed the room will flood to the top and eventually fall through. Go ahead and stand Agent KLA in front of the first computer in the next room and hack into it yet again by playing another "Simon" game. This time, only click the vents to turn the fan back on. Now move Agent KLA up to the next floor and once he gets there, open the window he's standing
in front of, and make him use the phone. He will call for pizza delivery and pretty soon, another war bear will show up on a red scooter. This is agent steve. Once he gets off the scooter move him up the tree that he's next to, and have him aim at the door in the window, shoot the bullseye, and it will unlock that door. Move Agent KLA back down the stairs
and he can then enter that room and print off something off a printer. Move him back upstairs and stand in front of the door. Click on the paper, and the wind will carry it under the door and on the enemy's face. Immediately move Agent KLA out of the area by moving him back downstairs. The enemy bear will charge through the door and fall out of the window and

Now move Agent Steve out of the tree, and he wll see the delivery boy that he stole the red scooter from. The boy shows up and finished his delivery to the building. The enemy bears accept the pizza and the boy runs away, and the front door is wide open. Move Steve down the tree and aim at the bears and kill them. He can then go into the building and free
the hostages on the first floor. At this time go ahead and move Agent Lucas to ground level, and release a grenade, immediately get back on the van and click the arrow that is turning right. He will count down until the grenade explodes, jump and he will land on the roof. Now since the vent is back on, Lucas can release a smoke bomb to the room below him and
it will fill with gas. This causes the enemy bear to go to the window and open it. Use Agent Ryoh to chop down the bank sign on the far right, and then he can move over and he will lodge his sword into the sign. Once he's in place, Steve can now get back into the tree and kill the bear that's in the window. Once the bear is dead, Agent Ryoh will fall into the
room below that one and fight the enemy bear THERE and release the hostages on the third floor.

Agent KLA needs to go back once more up the stairs and walk past the first door, get to the second dor, and open it, because it is locked from the other side and Agent Ryoh will need to get through that door. Agent KLA can take the lift up to the next floor and attempt to turn on the mainframe computer, but will fail. Agent Ryoh needs to move left, and get scared
of the spider. He can now actually move OUT of the window to the front of the building, walk left and climb back in the building and go up the lift to the same floor as Agent KLA and he can walk over and bust the lock off the cabinet at the right of the room and turn the switch on (he can also go and cut off the hostages ropes and free them). Agent KLA can now turn
on the main computer and view what the bears are doing underground. NOW Agent Lucas (who is still on the roof) can use the lift to do gown to the second floor. Open the door to the bathroom that's fallen through the floor. Have him jump down and first open the big safe door by clicking the blue button. Then click the red button, and finish this frustrating puzzle:

Now, get steve out of the tree and get him to turn on the red scooter by clicking the white circle button/ He will ride it into the building and stop at the opened safe door. Move Agent Lucas over and click the white circle buttong and he will get on it, taking Agent steve with him. When you get underground on the scooter, you have to doge the little yellow parasites
they are throwing out the back using the acceleration and brake of the scooter. If these suckers get attached to you, they make the scooter unstable, whoch makes it difficult for Agent Steve to shoot at the bear. There are 3 or 4 bears to shoot each, each bear there are more parasites thrown. Finaly you get to the point where all you have to shoot is the trailer
and then you can drive into the enormous drill and turn it off. And voila! You're finished. Enjoy your 30 points.

Also here is a video walkthrough



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